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This story is a sequel to Continuity Disrupted

Herd Apple has gone through many changes in the last year, and now eagerly await the Grand Galloping Gala. Everything they could ever ask for will be there: Swordplay, arguing, torment, vengeance, titans, humans, pursuits, flights, true love, deus ex machinas!

The story starts in Alternate Beginnings, advances in Continuity Disrupted, with mature continuations of select scenes in (warning: mature) AB:BCD!

Sex tag is for relationship between human and ponies (no clop).

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“I’m immortal again!! Omnipotent again!!”

He's BACK!

Here comes the large ham! This should be good.

Well I guess not everyone would recognize Q that much. Hopefully this goes well.

It's too bad there's no Alarak tag. You'd think it'd be a more popular cross-over!


Unfortunately I didn't know of that character and had to look it up. Kinda sad when I only know him from three roles.

And cue all the mares going ballistic very shortly.

Poor Pinkie she just can’t handle a high society party. I hope she doesn’t do something rash.

Poor Rainbow Dash. This is going to be so hard for her. Spitfire is definitely being cruel to be kind. Rainbow Dash has such divided loyalties and dreams it really hurts.

Doug that was bold.

Comment posted by badninja deleted May 5th, 2019

:facehoof: Darn it Discord you did a real number on them didn’t you?

:trixieshiftleft: What is your game here Discord?

I do wonder if this will be enough? Discord is notoriously a different nut to crack.

Wow that is going to be quite the rush. I wonder how the wedding is going to go?


Oh, that wedding? Eesh.

So what is Chrysalis’' game I wonder?

I read that comment and I was, like, 'Chrysalis? When did she show up?' But it's probably from the magic color. I always saw Starlight's aura as more green, but upon further inspection it is more of a blue-green turquoise than Chrysalis' brilliant green. Edited to show that.

I can't wait until this blows up in Starlight Glimmers face. I hope it is like in the one Simpsons episode where Bart sold his soul and suddenly seemingly everyday things wouldn't go right for him.

Why do I have s feeling she just got wings but permanently lost her Cutie Mark?

“See? Everything turned out just fine!”

Oh, Twilight. When will you learn not to tempt Murphy’s law.

When it stops working, obviously. She's on a streak! You can't end on a hot streak!

Way to go Starlight, way to go. I hope she gets sent to the crazy home after all of this. I wonder if this will propel certain events into happening far sooner then they would have normally occurred?

“Wait right here!” Twilight commands. She teleports again, leaving two confused mares behind. She pulls out the Elements of Harmony, staring at the colors. What should have been an orange apple is purple! Pink balloons, purple diamond, blue butterflies, orange apple, red lightning bolt! Everything is wrong! All the colors jumbled up, with no red at all!

I think you messed up some 'wrong colors' here

Whoops; those were supposed to be the colors as they should be, instead of how they are (which was stated earlier). Blue and pink are the mixed up ones.

So where is the missing Cutie Mark I wonder?

Probably got stuck to Doug somehow

Well that isn’t good.

Love the Spaceballs reference. At least Rarity did going to plad better.

Poor Celestia she didn't get to do her whole musical number and Twilight got the job done far sooner then Celestia was ready for.

And it's one of my favorite songs, too! That and You'll Play Your Part. Too bad I cribbed it back in Continuity Disrupted.

It looks like Twilight leveled up quite a bit right now.

Doug you really should be focusing on getting your elder daughters Cutie Marks back. I think you are too passive with Starlight and she just seems to be a little off and not in the Pinkie way. Then again I bet Doug is ticked that they may have intentionally let Twilight get that book just to get into his bed.

Wow. That got kinda hot. Hopefully they can deal with Chrysalis soon so she can stop her insane plans.

So Celestia is finally getting her wish

So Doug is about to have several kids. I should feel sorry for him but he knows what he is getting into.

On a side note you may want to remove that link. Liking to Mature rated stories is heavily frowned upon on this site.

Poor Applejack. She really needs to have a heart to heart with Twilight, Celestia, and Luna. I can see Twilight leading in more of the official government functions but leaving Applejack in charge for all the rest and listening to her advice. I think Celestia and Luna are more about wanting to have foals of their own and they wouldn't want to step on Applejack’s hooves. Hopefully they can explain this to Applejack to allay her fears.

I wonder why Twilight didn't want to go meet her parents and talk with them?

Well let’s see how Chrysislis handles all of this. I think Celestia is going to regret some parts of her lenience soon.

Well it looks like Chrissy is going to be delaying her plans by a bit.

Well this just blew up in Chrysalis face hard. I hope they can save the Empire and stop Sombra.

Well Celestia certainly now knows. Plus I am willing to bet that Luna knows something is up. Poor Chrysalis, I wonder what Sombra will do to her if she gets revealed and Sombra is mad his opponent has been denied to him?

I hope that they can save the Empire and Chrysalis fails so hard it isn't funny.

So I wonder how many caught onto the slip of the tounge and are already suspicious of Cadance.

Chrysalis now may be the time to admit you have completely bucked up. She is a complete liability right now because she must pretend to be someone else and her defenders are dropping like flies because they think she is someone else.

Chrysalis F up hard

Wow and here I thought that you where going to give Chrysislis the win and pair Cadence with Doug. Now let’s see how Twilight completely wrecks Chrysislis’s plans.

I agree with Conan.

Well it looks like Twilight has a plan and I wonder if Chrysalis realizes yet that she needs to change her game or is she going to get completely out maneuvered soon?

I refuse to accept that Sombra is anything like President Scroob. Then again King Roland also used it.

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