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This story is a sequel to Alternate Beginnings: Year One

The mares of Herd Apple - Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy - celebrate the birth of Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo to the lone human in Equestria. The mares adjust to their life as dams in a town that isn't happy with their choice of stallion. Doug has to adjust a role he never thought he would have before he came to Equestria: caretaker of three foals.

Reading of previous books is not required, though some events from earlier years may be referenced.

Set approximately six years before the events of MlP:FiM

Sex tag is for relationships between human and ponies (no clop).

Previous Year:
Alternate Beginnings: Year One

Continued In:
Alternate Beginnings: Year Three

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Something about Doug and Starlight planning just put a smile on my face. I don't know why XD

Well this is taking an unexpected turn... I like it.

Well that's a reasonable outcome for the situation, still promises of the possible arrival of a certain 'firebrand' has me excited for the future.

Surprise appearance from BEST PONY! Too bad I can't give this story another like.

A great follow up, loved the interactions with the foals and the surprise appearances by certain characters. I look forward to year 3.

well rainbow could of handled it better then again so could of pinkie

oh I can smell the shananagins

I have a theory that this spoiled rich was once human herself and is upset that doug got to stay human while she didn't

is it me or is doug starting to look like a gary stue

I wouldn't say he's a Gary Stu, it's more of an issue that the story is more interested in how all the other characters are affected by Doug's presence rather than Doug himself.

i would still like to see some flaws

Pinkie never change

a show of hooves for anypone who saw this coming

Is it wrong that I think Spoiled getting mauled by a Ursa Minor would be a good thing?

I hope Doug catches wind of her insane plans and tells her all the joy that socialism has brought to humanity, zero. There is no greater fool then the one who believes that socialism works.

Shoothe just missed meeting Twilight. I wonder how he will take having all his wife's roped into saving the world?

Doug gives his best reassuring smile, "First, I don't want to come across as hiding anything, so please, I know this might be unsettling. Yes, I can eat ponies in the same sense that I can eat other humans. I would only do it in the most dire of circumstances, when there is literally no other option than starvation, and I share the same belief concerning all sapient species. I assure you that you are in no danger from me."

Must you put it that way?

I hope they find a way to give them more magic


Spoiled Rich.
This will either prove her right, and the Apple herd is forced out; or she will get a slice of humble pie.

The expected backlash, though it is a double edge blade, the town has openly made their stance, unaware that this could ripple far in consequence.

You see, we can't have other creatures getting the wrong idea of who they can be with. An idea like that would start here and spread all over Equestria! No, we can't let that happen."

Words like that are suicide, especially if businesses that are associated to the Riches are implicated by foreign business partners of having similar mindsets. Those are also fighting words to Celestia, one who tries to maintain peaceful ties with the other races, to have someone like Spoiled speaking so loudly near the Capital, is a threat to foreign interests. Though this'll probably never be addressed until Celestia's gaze falls upon the town after Twilight moves in or if the Wonderbolts' spy network grows concerned enough to bring it to her attention.

Knowing how Spoiled is in the show, this all boils down to merely her disapproval and prejudice to "lesser" ponies, and by extent, hybrids. It also doesn't help that Doug's presence had improved the financial situation of Apple Acres to the point of even taking on a herd, that is slowly growing in influence and power over the weather network in the Country. Filthy's many attempts in canon to tie down more deals with the farm has less weight here, now that they're more stable and any future plans to potentially pin Applejack down as a junior mare to Spoiled's herd is long gone. Herd Apple's foals are also a threat, hybrid or no, they're being established as being bred from a rising strength in town. A fashionista that gets more and more contacts with upper class and noble ponies from Canterlot, a weathermare that holds the weather and the success of bountiful harvests of the year in her hooves and farmer of a clan that spans the country and is the source of Filthy's ancestor's success. If Spoiled cannot control that, then she would potentially lose influence and power.

There are so many loopholes that can be exploited. Only being allowed to enter Ponyville proper when visiting Rarity or when invited, means he cannot intervene on matters of his herd that happen within it, without breaking his contract.

Rainbow, you should've just left

I see, this is why that document was de-classified by Shining and no one else. Are they dating yet in this AU or is he just miffed that he suspects that Doug is a candidate to take Cadance away?

Glad for the outcome, it leaves room for the future
So, Sunset didn't leave yet or never will? And right there in the end is their out, if Celestia wants those apples, others will follow, and if it means cutting the Rich's out as the middleman, the threats will hold less water.

*Hands to face*

Oh God, he unintentionally helped her...

The fallout that would come when the Mane 6 finally arrives years later and then learn it was a collaborative effort in planning, with an unwitting Doug

I'm glad the MC is getting some level of protein for his dietary needs, almost every other human story has them suddenly going vegan and never having going through problems. Small details like this, are often overlooked.

Magic shenanigans are coming, huh?


This is just gonna keep happening for years, isn't it? Spoiled just gonna be that "Pony Only" kind of bitch forever, the bet in that contract is more or less covered, what the hell is she doing?

I wonder, if somewhere along these years, Cadance came by to call for him again. Or will some canon remain, though considering that in this AU, that the alicorns are failing to conceive at all. Shining might not be a sire :twilightoops:

When I read the part about the day their parents will be arriving, I had to see what year you first did this. And wow, your a hard writer, congrats. I don't know if that's right or not?

Thanks! It's been fun researching / writing all the parts for the story. Keeps me busy.

Talk about being the one who didn't exactly know what her plans is, except the name that's starts with Maud. No offense for Doug.

I'm feeling suspicious of why you calling AJ, RD, and Rarity dam instead mom or mother?

It is the term for a horse's parent, much like sire <-> father. I use mama / daddy because replacing those sounds worse and I'm not sure exactly what I would replace it with.

Interesting countermeasures on the letter there.

Now if Shining wasn't dating her before he probably will be now.

Well that professor definitely has a demented Hannibal Lector evil vibe... Even if he doesn't share the same diet the rest just reminds me of that character.

Going more for a Professor Snape vibe; never seen the Hannibal movies, but I can see that psychopath peeking out.


She's not exactly Wrong though, I mean they don't know it yet buuuuut You have Nightmare Moon, Sombra, Tirek, The Changelings (More than Once), Gilda, Sunset and Starlight to name a few. The Nobles WOULD leave them to Die too so long as Canterlot is safe.

You know, there was a far better way to solve this than entering into a legally dubious contract: let Granny Smith off the leash. Apple Bloom may be the only one of the foals related to her by blood, but she probably considers all three her granddaughters in this timeline, and if she shoved her hoof up Filthy's flank far enough she could probably "persuade" him to reign Spoiled in.

And if that didn't work, hit him where it really hurts, in his wallet. I bet the loss of all Sweet Apple Acres (and potentially any other Apple family members he might be in business with) products to his direct competitors, including zap apple jam, would hurt his business more than it seems here. Heck the farm would probably get a better deal out of it too.

Heh, the dangers of letting Rainbow Dash do your negotiating.

The problem is that Filthy Rich has deeper pockets than they do. And the Apple family... they ain't doing so hot right now. And, in a price war, the deeper pockets has a pretty big advantage. Neither side wants that, though it would be entertaining watching Granny's weathered hooves cow Filthy / Spoiled Rich.

I think you're giving her too much credit. Spoiled Rich is just a schoolyard bully who never grew up and learned you can't do that kind of shit. Legally speaking she just incited a riot, you can't get away with openly and blatantly doing that shit anywhere else... Though I wouldn't expect any of the consequences from your earlier most excellent break-down of why she should be a top Darwin Award recipient. This kind of crap is very common in all fiction and the very rational consequences almost never show up, both in fanfiction and published original fiction.

I didn't catch that... who was it? One of Pony!Snape's assistants? I know it's not his name but it is all I heard after he said 'obviously'.

Actually the idea of socialism is good. It just like a dictatorshop. While the idea is good it what happens when you do it wrong. In theory they are both perfect but due to human nature and pony nature curruptiot ruins the whole thing.

I’d say this story shows significant improvement over your previous one. It flows much more naturally, tho there are still elements that occasionally break the harmony. Looking forward to see if your style also improves in the next story.

Thanks! Curious, which parts felt like they didn't work as well? Chapters that felt out of place, or more of a writing style / description?

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