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You may want to add the anthro tag.

Interesting, always like a good Story with Lyra

I hope you make more chapters of this story.

You know I was expecting that Lyra would be excited to see a human and scream in joy.

I think you should remove the duh part-out, cause there's no way Berry would,ve known that

Wow, good chapter of the story.
I'm impressed.
I think Yabuki would be proud of this.

Do you think he'll soon know about Bon-bon as an agent?

Yes, and it'll involve the Bugbear.

I thought Lyra got over that event when Bon-bon was was hiding her secret

This could be before that since they said the bugbear

Not exactly, as this story is meant to take place after the events of Season 9, more specifically after Opposites Attract On Mount Aris, hence why Bon-Bon and Lyra are married. Lyra already knows Bon-Bon's secret identity, so I'm debating whether or not Lyra should tell him about Bon-Bon's secret identity and the bugbear shows up, or the bugbear shows up first and the male reader finds out after Bon-Bon attempts to confront the bugbear, prompting the male reader to save her.

I see. Well you did a good job on making a story that is Yabuki and I approved of it. I wonder which story next after Lyra and Bon Bon?

Thinking of doing Autumn Blaze next

Good luck on making the new chapter that involves Skipper fighting a bearbug with Bon Bon. Although, when he says y'all, it sounds like a country accent from Texas.

Wait...Isn't this similar to what Israel Yabuki does?

This story is inspired by what he does, so yes

Don’t forget about Harmony Sparkle and Frosty.

Youre possibly the very first on this site to make a human x anthro fic herding with Lyra and Bon Bon.


You know, you could put complete tag now that it’s done.

I assumed Bon Bon had the bigger cup size since she makes sweets like Pinkie.

There you sat on the guest bed. You thought to yourself as Lyra and Bon-Bon, who were married, went to their room. They were beautiful, and despite them being married, you couldn’t help but think they were both beautiful, you could guess that you had a crush on the both of them.Putting your thoughts to rest, you covered up and sighed, closing your eyes until the next day.

them.Putting. ???? I think something went wrong.

“To us!” the lead biker yelled, raising his glass

All I can think of when I read this:
Biker 1, “Here’s to us!”
Biker 2, “Who’s like us?”
Biker 3, “Damn few!”
All, “And they’re all dead!”

Bonus points to whoever can guess where this quote is from.

Joking: "Are you a string too?"
"Nope. I'm a frayed knot."

Comment posted by amarouq deleted June 5th

It looks like it. So what are you going to do?

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