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Hey guys just a new reader here I plan to try and submit my own fanfics of MLP:FiM as well. Wanna read some more and publish some to be read. hope you enjoy as I will!


Unappreciated Writers · 7:42am Sep 4th, 2015

So I'm just making a blog reaching out to all my unappreciated writers who've put gold out that has yet to be found by the masses or have been stifled by the evil dislike button because people did not want to commit. One such story is Four Hooves written by Sorrow staring best pony Rarity! In a world after the blast Rarity has to refind herself in order to become a brand new mare! He put some work into this one with the extreme details, character development, and plot progression. This one

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Tell your master I am extremely grateful for the enjoyment of Prisoners of the Crystal Empire

1144498 I didn't think you'd bounce something of excellent quality at me so soon... like few of the writers here have one knock out amazing fanfic (in your case I assumed it was AAR) read through the Sombra story and it was good but didn't hold a torch to AAR... but then I read Ptolemy... your execution of the story was flawless in my opinion. For you to have two knock out fanfics was unprecedented to me. I initially thought you were screwing up with this "Surprise" but then you tied it up with the explanation of dark magic and everything it was capable of and tying it to the show with Pinkies unexplained ability to do physics defying things at will without any explanation available. Dont get mr wrong I've read really good ones like Ptolemy but only this one had me so engrossed. You showed me gold then attacked me with diamonds. Glorious. Simply glorious.

Hey! Thanks for the fave and comment and Ptolemy. I'm guessing you like it better than AAR since you said it was the best one you've read. Also, thank you so much for reading all three of my fics. :raritywink::twilightsmile:

1139226 I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was expertly done! See I've read cupcakes and a few other stories about Pinkies "real self" behind the mask and it was very well done. I especially loved reading as she exposed Rarity or Lapis Lazuli (BY THE WAY THAT WAS AN AMAZING TWIST EXPOSING HER REAL NAME AND WHAT HER CUTIE MARK REALLY IS 10/10) if you will. How behind the guise of a extremely cheerful pony she is truly anything but that! Your an amazing writer and im currently reading your rendition of King Sombra. I hope you have more time between your philosophy degree to devise and write more amazing fanfics such as All About Rarity! This watch, fave, likes, and comments are all truly deserved thank you for the fanfic!

Thanks for the watch, fave, thumbs and comments on All About Rarity! :raritystarry: I'm very happy you enjoyed it!

Edit: Also, just have to ask, what do you personally think of the whole Pinkamena thing?

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