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Formatting Delays · 5:56am Sep 17th, 2019

Hello again.
I have the first section of Two Hooves prepared to post. However I found the formatting I have on Word won't translate on Fimfiction, so I'm missing paragraph breaks and don't have an easy way of adding them. I'll be manually adding them, chapter by chapter, over the course of the next week. The first section will be up after that.

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1943120 Thank you! I hope to have the next story done soon.

just want to say i normally don follow the writer of a story i enjoy, and i cant say i put a lot of comments up on this site, but i do want to say im not entirely sure why your first story hast gotten more views, even if its a bit hard to follow in the beginning, i recognized by the style of youre writing you fully intended to flesh it out. anyway after reading the first chapter of your next story i just wanted to say that even if im unsure about the direction you seem to be taking with it im looking forward to it coming out. keep up the good work and i look forward to getting a conclusion out of you yet

1807863 Yes I am still working on it. I apologize for the delay. It's been a difficult past few months and I have slowed substantially but I am still working on it. I appreciate your interest too, it helps me stay motivated. Thank you.

I still check in every so often to see how things are still really interested in absolution (my guess on the title) hope everything is well take care

Extremely interested in four hooves part 2/absolution or whatever you might call it. Cant wait till its published!

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