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Interesting I would like to read more.

I clopped to this. :rainbowwild::heart::heart::heart:

This is good, hope to see more.

Well, I have a few more chapters planned at least, but I'm going to see where it takes me. Rest assured, though, there's definitely more to come!
I just need one person's enthusiasm. That's all I need to carry me.:heart:

instant like and fav but if you DARE cancel this I will annihilate you:twilightangry2:

I promise I'm working on the next part already! :pinkiesad2: I have this story and another that I'm working on simultaneously, but I have no intention of canceling either. This one in particular was a ton of fun to write! So please don't hurt me! :fluttercry:
This is the goal, at the very least!

Where did you get the story image?

If you mouse over the image, a little box that says source will pop up. Click on that, and it should take you to the artist's tumblr page. Artist's name is Ambris.

InferiorComplexity090906875Error1221 Tag

I'm not going to read that story I just want to post this

Good. God. That was GLORIOUS.

cant wait fo next chapter :pinkiesmile:

Best Clopfic I've ever read so far. I wrote one that was somewhat similar to this, but it wasn't nearly as well detailed as yours. I need to work on my vocabulary I guess:twilightblush:

Makes me wish I could find a chick thats cool with the "friends with benefits" thing. Excellent writing!

This is fucking amazing

5150089 It was kinda funny though.

he works for caret top?... well at least its not for the apple family by my math the apples don't do any work with all them humans that end up working there. (:ajbemused:...:facehoof:)

I had this kind of relationship before...The key word is "HAD"
Get me?

It's pretty good, but I think you overdid it for their first time. I don't mean the action, but his thoughts. He was acting more like he was in love with her for some time now, especially with this 'remembering the view', not like it was just casual sex.



You obviously can't.

Don't go around disrespecting one of the greatest writers in history, Shakespeare, if you cannot even spell your words right.

This is weird for me, only because my name is Will and I'm subconsciously making a connection between the character and myself.

Kudos to this amazing person who knows exactly when to say something for the Burn of The Century award.

But I think Homer is the best writer in the history



one of the greatest

I never said he wasn't~

Remember, kiddos! A word a day keeps illiteracy away!


I really don't think this was necessary.
He was just trying to give a humorous compliment by saying something purposefully exaggerated. Putting him down is just being needlessly rude. I'd really appreciate people not doing so on my stories.
Let's all play nice, please?



Rude? No, I never explicitly insulted him to a harsher degree. I called him out on his illiteracy, nothing more nothing less. I'm perfectly within my rights to do so when he seems to believe Shakespeare an inferior.

But, whatever man, your story.


I would definitely read this...

...If it didn't have a [Sex] tag.

There kind of wouldn't be anything to read without it. Unless you like reading stories with large parts of the plot and development left out. Since the story's about sex and relationships and all.

But to each their own. Thanks for stopping by!



Meh, touche.

5157586 It means that he's tasted the rainbow

5157333 :twilightsmile: Glad you find my mental triggers amusing.

Anyways, this is a pretty good and solid story, I can't wait to see what's going to happen next.

When I first joined this community, I told myself I was never going to read human/pony clop. Now, I have just one thing to say.


I can't wait to see the next chapter. I'm gonna favourite, and give a like. Also, I might just follow you. I don't normally do that :D

I-It’s not much smaller than a pony’s ouch poor guy to hear that

skipped all the sex because human x pony,...............its scares me.
concept itself is funny though can't wait to read more.

5159751 that may definitely be

I want to taste the rainbow

I had to stop reading for a bit because I laughed waaaaay too hard at this line... :rainbowlaugh:

Interesting of you narrating from the first person perspective as it will kinda restrict you to writing everything from Will's point of view, but if you are only interested in his sexual escapades and maybe a few of his off-hand interactions with no interest in building other characters up, then it works well enough.

It's too bad Will's intro into the world was so rushed in a blob of exposition, in pursuit of getting to the sex as soon as possible. Honestly, one fun way to kinda get the best of both would be to start with a tease of being in the middle of the action and drop back with how things ended up that way (seeing as you are already narrating from the first person, Will could easily interject the action), ultimately coming back around to the action again for the finish. Just a thought.

Other than a few small things that threw me off, I have to say it was generally well written and consistent. If you are curious about what the other things threw me off, just let me know and I can elaborate. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to the next chapter. :rainbowwild:

Tracking... a good start, but I want to see where this goes before making any real judgement on it.

Great start! Love how everything played out, and I'm looking forward to more!

i love this story. Its so sweet

Expected clop, got something even better. I like that you justified Will's thought process regarding giving Scootaloo a taste of alcohol. This makes me see him as a reasonably intelligent guy, albeit a bit of a dork. He compliments Rainbow Dash well, being down-to-earth and able to sober her up when she makes a big deal out of herself or a situation, while also allowing her to humor herself. There's a real connection here, although I have a feeling it goes deeper than what we've seen so far.

:trollestia: I eagerly await the next chapter :trollestia:

Where's the action at?

One does not simply pitch a tent in anticipation then reach the ending without poon.

Well that was pretty sugary sweet. Glad you're not adding a sex scene to every chapter.

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