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Just an artist here, but sometimes I write about pony plots.

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Welcome to the featured box in advance. Pass go, collect 500 followers.


About damn time.

I was running out of quality clopfics to fill my collection with.

6729088 This guy right here understands.

Lol a couple easter eggs in the cover art :raritywink:

>Bon Bon's Acceptance
>Lyra's Confession
>My Best Friend, Luna
>To Find a Rainbow
>Wild Rose

I know and have read all of these except the last. What's that about?

She read over some of the dialogue she had written down, getting a warm, tingly sensation from a few of the more lewd ones. They were all pretty silly, but the idea behind a couple of them was kind of exciting.

To be honest, I found this scene quite adorable. :twilightsheepish:

Anyway, it looks like you have the makings for another great story so far. If there's anyone on here who can do clopfics brilliantly, it's you, so I'll definitely be tracking this to see where it goes. :twilightsmile:

So, I'm gonna come out and ask the stupid prudish question; Is this pure clop or will there be skippable scenes as in Bon Bon's Acceptance?

(I don't wanna miss out on another of your stories, Puuuuss! :raritydespair: )

I also noticed the bookshelf in the background there. So, you're secretly publishing from Equestria, are you, Puss?

A wonderful start to an already wonderful Lily clopfic! :heart:

6729142 Shit's gonna be pure, unadulterated, messy but passionate clop from hereon out. By my standards, it's pretty goddamn good tho. More than good.

On ell yes! I was worried for a second there. I was out of stories to read! I can't wait to read it!

Its mostly sex... I'm sorry man. You can read the first chapter if you like. :twilightsheepish: But I have some good news. I am now getting the finally plans for BBA sequel done, and I also have a new romance story in the works that focuses on the romance. Both of those will have skipable sex scenes. :pinkiesad2:

Sorry... I feel bad. I'll be doing more stuff that doesn't focus on the sex very soon.

So, you're secretly publishing from Equestria, are you, Puss?

Yes. :pinkiecrazy:

>BBA sequel

6729233 Oh, that's cool. Have a fave and a like anyway. I'll look forwards to your next big project then.

dem ponypanties

Straight to the featured box with you!

6729325 Puss is now your Master! :pinkiecrazy:


Better than an Argonian Maid and no mistake.

My Body Is Ready

6729426 It was a joke

Already off to an amazing start. I've been eagerly awaiting this one since I read Chase Me. I hope this isn't the end of these two and we get a few more misadventures after this story is done.

“I hope it’s nothing too big,” he said with a hint of concern

u w0t m8


Henry didn’t like to make a big out deal of his birthday

Puss, friend, you may want fix something in that sentence.

and bad porn clichès

That's "clichés," with an acute, not a grave.

my body is ready

And so it begins again.

Brilliant work Pusspuss! Loving how this started out! Looking to be a good story! Hehehehe, that pic in the story itself, she's so cute
goddamnit man you're killing me


Hahahaha xD this guy. this right here :rainbowlaugh:

wow expand the cover image and look at the bookcase :heart:

Saw this in the Feature Box, literal reaction thought went like this:


Aww yeah! A continuation. I love these characters.

YES! I loved the previous story. And I know I'll love this one. Can't wait for the conclusion, but then again, once you finish it, it'll be too soon.

AUGH! cliffhanger, WHY! :raritycry: Update, schnell :pinkiecrazy:

Not a surprise that another Pusspuss story makes it to the feature box. Bravo sir.

Omg the pictures are so damn good.

Reaching new god levels aren't we puss? Really good man.

*Sigh* Great, now I've gotta go buy more lube. You're killing my wallet here buddy.

I must say, your stories give a new meaning to the term "Pony Up"!

One of these nights their going to leave a window open, and the neighbors are going to learn a few things about Henry and Lily...

Humans so cute! Arrghblrghbl! :heart:

Ya hear that?

It's the sound of honry brony is ready to clopping.

Command me?
Seduce Me!

Where'd the image come from?

6730499 He does his own artwork. All of it

You write and draw porn. You sir/madam are an inspiration.:raritywink:


It's really cute how you have it that ponies find covering themselves up to be racy. :twilightsmile:

I wonder if Henry and Lily will find a way to combine their fetishes... :rainbowlaugh:

And so... here begins another wunderbar story, now... Seduce me (I am internally laughing at myself right now :rainbowlaugh: )


I see what you did there. :ajsmug:

Just like your face! :yay:

Pfft. I've seen your library. You got plenty!


Wild Rose helped to inspire Chase Me. :twilightsmile:

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