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Pen Stroke

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This story is a sequel to Past Sins

Touch, Smell, Taste, Hearing, Sight

This is the order the five senses develop in for foals as they rest, cradled in the warm safety of a mother’s womb. But for one, her womb was a thorn bush in the dark of night. For one, the safety and warmth that should have carried her into the world was replaced with pain and cold.

These are Nyx's first hours.

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Another Nyx story, I shall have to read this later.

The Vision Shall Rise

EDIT: I wasn't being sarcastic, I just don't have the time to read it yet.

Beautifully written! I loved it. You get a happy Pinkie Pie from me, good sir! :pinkiehappy:

amazing story. I love Nyx. Thank you for writing about her more. Will you be doing more stories about her?

The term is prequel.

I think.

Yeah, that or Interquel.

Comment posted by SpitFlame deleted Dec 3rd, 2022

Aw geez, Nyx feels. So tragically adorable.

Because it's widely considered a childish game by the internet at large.

the first comment they see being just one word as in 'first' makes people unhappy because a comment is supposed to be meaningful

A new Pen Stroke story starring Nyx?

3670846 Bannable offense. Check the site rules.

This was the temporarily-exclusive story included with the

Past Sins Printing Project done by Equestria Publications.

Ah...that explains why I never found it online.

This is so cute!
Also a nice look into Nyx's motivation, I feel as if I understand better the first few chapters of Past Sins.

After reading this, I suddenly feel the urge to read past sins all over again.

Sweet! Now everybody can enjoy the nice surprise I got that came with the book. :D

I didn't expect this popping up at all, the amount of happyness of just seeing such a story- And, this was what was included in the print? That's good value. :twilightsheepish:
(Too bad I was too new at the time in this fandom to gather around and maybe sign up for a copy, oh well. :facehoof: )

Storywise, this was sweet. Simply sweet.
Poor innocent Nyx, her new life is going to tumble around a little from hereon.
Liked and faved.


Well, the "sequel" thing is something added automatically by Fimfiction, thanks to Knighty's knew "Sequel" system that lets you link stories together. So, I can't really change that particular word to something more accurate.

3670969 you can put the sequel notice on the OTHER story, and then list that this story HAS a sequel.


Technically, that isn't accurate either :derpytongue2:.

Cute and touching story. I enjoyed reading this.
Nice drawing, too.

3670995 well the you'd best ask god for a third option :pinkiecrazy:

Oh, a new Nyx story by Pen Stroke?
*like and fave*
Okay, NOW I'll actually read it.


This History is a perfet!!!

that got me right in the feel :pinkiesmile:

I suddenly want to keep hugging Nyx again.:pinkiesad2:

Great story!:twilightsmile:

Simply beautiful. Again another beautiful work of you, thanks for this and all the other stories!

3671021 Wanna bet how long it'll stay in the Box?:rainbowdetermined2:

I'm horrible at betting...

Still, if forced to guess, I'd say three days at least.

Because it's a self-indulgent conceit and spam on the board.

Hey Pen its me a fan of yours i was wondering im writing a HIE story and i would want permission to place it into thee.Nyxverse please its just i reaaaly like Nyx and i want to use the character it will be a filly after the end of Past Sins so can you i will put the correct disclaimer
Sincerely RDBH

Just one nitpick: How would Nyx (formerly NMM) know of the existence of Ponyville?

The unicorn’s question rings in my head, and, for a moment, a thought rushes to my mind. Ponyville… I know that name. It’s a place, but I can’t remember ever being there. Still, I know it’s a place, and I know it’s not here. No, this… this place is a forest, and Ponyville is not a forest.

Is this due to her lingering presence of magic hanging around since Luna's return? Or was this an honest slip? Sorry, just curious.


- Insert a bunch of raging hate about an OC character who is being whored out by their creator, and how this isn't a sequel so much as a prequel, and the linking sequel/prequel bit is all jacked up. Additionally, more bitching about how this will/has bumped another story of a lesser known author who might need their first jump out to get some attention from the feature box. And then, some bitching just for good cause, because Pen Stroke is so 'popular' on this site... I think I covered all the bases?

Looks close enough.


Well, look at that. I had forgotten about that line. Fun fact, this story was written a long time ago, before Season 3 and the revelation Ponyville was founded by the Apple Family. Still, I shall edit it since you are, in fact, quiet correct.

You never cease to a amaze me, Pen.

3671079 I do that to myself in my own stories all the time. It's a facepalm every time I do it! :rainbowlaugh:

Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing with us!

I MUST READ "PAST SINS" AGAIN! :flutterrage:

So beautiful. :fluttercry: Just... makes me wanna cry.

My heart! Too… many… feels!

Now who could possibly read this and still say nyx is a mary sue?
A most Amazing story!

You know, the first couple chapters of Past Sins seem a lot less flat, now.

Penstroke, as usual, you never fail us. :raritycry::raritycry::fluttercry::applecry::fluttercry:


Oh, man, Pen Stroke, why?

Right in the feels, man! Why would you do that?


3671079 Wouldn't Nightmare Moon know about Ponyville from the season 1 opener? It was where she first appeared I thought.

Moar Nyx! Yay!

Poor thing, that must've been incredibly traumatizing to go through. I can certainly see why, before having her memories returned, she earned a reputation as a crybaby.

The pacing is good and quotes are accurate, as to be expected by the great Pen Stroke. However, you do go a bit overboard with 'I can only remember X, Y, and Z' or 'I know what this is but can't remember experiencing it'. Granted, it's her first hours of life so she's not going to have a lot of sentence creativity, but it still becomes very repetitive.

Another amazing piece, Pen Stroke.

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