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This story is a sequel to Past Sins

In the wake of the battle with Tirek, Twilight Sparkle becomes fixated on restoring Golden Oaks Library. After all, it was home for her little family of three. But as her attempts to repair the books and tree continuously fail, her friends must take matters into their own hooves. Discord, as the good friend he is, tosses Twilight and her extended family into an unexpected adventure while Twilight's other friends get to work on the new crystal palace.

All together, they'll do everything to ensure Twilight and her family have a place to call home when they reach the end of the road.

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Oh, this is going to be awesome! Fuel ahoy!!!

nyx is a bit confusing to add to stories at this point. mostly cause she is a growing alicorn and could get herself involved in more than one way. still she is one of my favorite fan created characters.
interestingly enough they apparently have an episode where twilight is avoiding the castle. a thought I was pondering myself before. must be a damn good idea overall.

...... actually I am curious about somethin. what is your general thougths about the introduction of the tree of harmony?

Pffff... I see the name of the spell and it makes me giggle... Who's a silly pony now?!

Can you be a bit more specific about your question. Are you asking if I like the inclusion?

5785751 yes, he is indeed. At least from what I gathered

for some reason it won't show up on my read later or favorites page

5785751 like the inclusion I suppose, and of the tree being the origins of the elements of harmony and such.



That will probably fix itself when the story is through the Fimfiction submission process.


Well, as with everything the element had to have an origin, and the tree played into the roll nicely. It also becomes something of a domino effect item. Elements came from the tree, but the tree is crystal? Where did the tree come from? Did it come from the Crystal Empire? Did they come from the same place?

Basically, the show writers could have taken the Elements' origins in a lot of different ways, but the Tree of Harmony plays it part rather nicely in my opinion.

have been looking forward to this for a while.

5785813 cool. it creates an answer yet even more mysteries as well. where did the tree come from? is it a natural being or did someone create it? also the kidna scary thought of what the everfree forest actually is if it is taking what appears to be a tree god to hold it down.

“Yllissi Thgi Liwt.”

I see what you did there :raritywink::rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

I can't tell you how excited I am for this. The cover art with Discord in particular has me impatient to start reading.

On a side note, how often should we be expecting updates? Just curious.

I set this on my Tracking bookshelf but it won't show up when I look at the bookshelf.

i love it. A great start to this story and i can tell it's only gonna get better


It should show up there once the story is through the approval process. EQD's early story update post has kind of got me scrambling.

I'll start reading this soon but I watch the artist who did the cover art who is doing Past Sins in comic form. Can't wait to read this, been waiting a long time for this. :D


Past Sins

Pen Stroke

Uh, Cadence...I think you better get a recheck wiht that doctor about the whole 4 weeks thing. I think its coming sooner.

And Spike, what are youdoing, you're turning little Nyx into a freaking comic book geek.

Nice, more Nyx stuff. I wonder if there will be a Past Sins story where Nyx meets up with Sunset Shimmer?


The story should now show up in your shelves/favorites.

Hmmm...defiantly adding this to my library :pinkiehappy: !

Twilight is alicorn or not


She is. I realize now it may not be explicitly said, but the events of the story are happening after the defeat of Tirek.


Looks promising so far. I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of discord, but we'll see where this goes. It took me a minute to remember about night stone castle, at first I thought you were referring to the ruins.

First off, YAY! You live! Second, Love the way you portray Discord. So far, the story is great. My only complaint is that the character conversation comes off a little... flat. Just needs a little more spice.

Looks awesome.

Also, found this error:

“It’s gone. I know, but I can put it back together. I have a few more days before Nyx and Spike come back to Ponyville. If I fix the library before that, then they it’ll be like it was never destroyed. Everything can go back to normal, and Nyx won’t even know anything happened.”

I am pretty sure that they is not supposed to be there.


Fixed, but please do take note of the author's note in Chapter 1. I prefer typo messages to be sent by PM.

I think he doesn't realize you created Nyx...

I didn't even realize you were going to make a sequel.

Twilight is silly... Well, I can picture Discord actually doing that as the spell name. I can also picture Twilight not realizing what it really is... Well, good job as ever! I can't wait for the rest of the story.


Mine's up. Time to read.:twilightsmile:

Oh Twilight.. didn't recognize that the spell's name is an anagram of your name did you?

Ah, Discord. Such an expert in getting ponies to furnish castles :raritywink:

Glad to see this series continue.
Is the story fully written, or are you writing chapter by chapter?


Man, that first scene was truly a nightmare. Literally. :raritydespair:

And oh boy! The series is back on full throtle. This didn't have much focus on Nyx, but it was still a nice chapter. I honestly love your portrayal of Discord, ever since Winter Bells. Which reminds me, is Cadance's and Shining's baby going to appear? :pinkiehappy:


I don't think Twilight will be happy about her quill being moved. It was also funny to see Applejack and rainbow make fun of rarity a bit

“A pregnant mare is allowed to have dessert before lunch if she wants.”

Also after... and for elevensies... and at tea time... :pinkiehappy:

That part where Discord threw the cinnamon bun was awesome, made even more so because my family actually does that!

5786246 Actually, if you reverse it, it says twiL ighT issillY

So awesome! Stuff to Read again! Looking forward to see how this one plays out. Great writing as always, thanks to you and your prereaders/proofreaders/editors/reviewers! :yay: Hyped! :heart: :heart:

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