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Something has happened. Something terrible beyond measure. Matter is breaking down, energy is building up, reality is tearing itself apart at the seams and time is going all pear shaped.

To top it all off, a certain draconequus has appeared on the TARDIS pleading for the help of an "old friend", but the Doctor hasn't quite met him yet...while the Doctor's companions have.

Formally Doctor Whoof: ...Sed quis vos teneo

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Discord the Troll strikes again! This certainly seems interesting, I look forward to it's continuation!

Great start, I'm hooked! I am going to want to watch this. It is very well written, great poetic start and a smooth transition to Doctor Who style at the start. If I could see anything at all wrong with this story, it is that you are missing a few commas, otherwise this is just brilliant! Great work, 4.5 stars. :derpytongue2:

Is that Discord that appeared? Guess we'll find out.
Anyway, the concept seems pretty good here. I like where it's going, even though we don't get much of what's actually going on other than that there's something evil coming during the mother of all supernovas. (Big Bang?) Is Twilight actually in the Tardis, meaning that there is a library in there or did she go somewhere else to read? I wasn't quite sure on that. (My knowledge of Doctor Who is quite limited.)
The indentation seems a bit random, but that's forgivable. Just remember to indent at the start of every new paragraph. Also, remember to start a new paragraph when another character speaks in order to differentiate between them. As far as proper grammer goes, it's not enough to simply state who is speaking. That last paragrpah needs to be broken up that way. The commas are a bit of a problem, including a random one here and there. One of the easiest ways to fix those is to simply read the story out loud. In fact, always do that at least once when you proofread a story.
Like I always say, I don't tell you these things to be mean, but to benefit both author and story.:twilightsmile: Though I totally admit to being a grammer nazi.:pinkiehappy:

Yeah that was Discord I was trying to leave it a little ambiguous for a cliffhanger.:derpytongue2:
yes twilight is in the TARDIS. The TARDIS has a huge library. It's been referenced many times but never seen on the show Supposedly there's even a pool in it.
In any case I thank y'all for your comments and I'm surprised actually this is going so well I should get a better description up soon

Discord, why?! Who else are in the TARDIS, or is it just The Doctor, Twilight and Spike? I'm guessing it's just them.

You got me hooked, can't wait to see more!

Ugh with the way I think is in scenes and it's these in between parts that kill me. However ya'll are in for a treat in the next chapter twilight goes into a full rant almost completely in alliteration.:twilightangry2:

What? What the hell was that at the last part there?

Well a cliffhanger mostly. But also it's Twilight's introduction.

She always struck me as the kind that would throw the book at someone.:rainbowlaugh:

AHAHAHAHA!!!!! She just "punched out Cthulu" as its called.


what happened to you discord? you used to be badass...

Haha. That was definitely good. I'll keep an eye out for more.:rainbowlaugh:

Well, that moved along a lot faster than I thought it would! Hope y'all enjoy.!
And I apologize to any Twilight fans


why do i think discord was a ballon?

What the fuck did i just read?



OH YEAH! (guess who said that)

My brain hurts... it hurts so much! So much alliterration, so painful! :pinkiegasp:


Yeah That tiresome tributary has taken its toll through this typesetter's temples. Sometimes I have a sneaking suspicion that I am supposedly stuck saying stupid slant rhymes....

Nevermind it's nothing.:pinkiecrazy:

52709 The pool was only in the Library after the Doctor regenerated in to the Eleventh Doctor, and I'm pretty sure that he would have had the TARDIS repair it self at some point.


Ooh wow that sounds more like the doctor then what i wrote...

Mind if I barrow that?

I am outraged, sir.

For you to have published a work so close in concept to what I intended to publish, and to write it with such cleverness... 'tis nothing if not a declaration of WAR! :trixieshiftleft:


hmm Odd the mind probe should have satiated that desire

If war is what you want war is what you get.

Post your story and may the best writer win.

Computer, display log entry, NCC-1701-D, Stardate 43539.1


The show need Twilight to go crazy this way more often. It's so confusing and fun! I love all the little reader jokes (The one last chapter about the law book putting people to sleep left me in stitches). They have a very "Douglas Adams" feel to them. Keep this up with my two favorite characters! (Seriously, Doctor and Discord. Can't get better then that!)

Sigh, I am calling it now. This will possibly be the worst chapter. I had re written this transition 20 times and that's not inducing anything before this week :raritydespair:

this is the "Q fanboy" transition,I had a few others like the a "Doctor's Reaction" transition and a "Spike the knight" transition, there was also one with nearly 2000 words where spike and the Doctor get into a fight over what is a biscuit (that was cut because A:it was too discrating and B; it told nothing of the plot, it was just a gigantic Big Lipped Alligator Moment.)

Thankfully the next bit wrote itself 3 weeks ago. I just needed to set the stage.

Well, that was rather enjoyable :twilightsmile: And Discord helping The Doctor? Seems pretty commonly used nowadays. Oh well, who cares?! This is gonna be epic! :rainbowkiss:

Plot! Yay! also I get to finally show off the program I wrote for this story. Huzzah!

...I wonder how many readers read in dark and spoil the effect...:rainbowderp:

Also, this part provoked personal paranoia and provided plenty of plot possibilities, perhaps peaking the perplexity of plausible plot paths. :twilightsheepish:
Can't wait for more :twilightsmile:

Discord and Doctor team-up? I was so looking forward to them having an epic battle, but somehow, you just made everything even better.
While Twilight repeating the first letter in every word (the term slips my mind) was funny at first, it is staring to get a little old and slightly out of character. Otherwise an enjoyment once again!


Yeah don't worry I am going to tone it down a bit.:twilightblush:

I was trying to use alliteration as twi's emotional barometer.

The more frazzeled, angry or scared she is the more she alliterates. However yeah i should tone it down a bit

... is this about the Pantheon of Discord? Because that would be jaw-droppingly brilliant. And, you know... completely unfair to me :raritydespair:
I wish I had something as clever as that alliteration thing you thought of. Can't wait for more!


Oooo you're so close! I'll need to step up my game to keep up with you smarter whovians.

Crap, now that's just freking me out :derpyderp2:

Whats worse then having no idea how to progress a story?

Having TOO MANY ideas on how to progress the story.

(Calling it THIS is now the worst chapter)

it wasn't TOO bad. i mean all it sounded like was a bunch of exposition that didn't explain much. it could have been worse as it didn't confuse the issue.

796071 Heh I know the feeling brony, i'm in the planning stage of my fic now and I have so many fucking ideas for it it's not even funny. Last I counted it was 43.


Its bad now so that it isn't torture later...well at least that's what I keep telling myself.

This is information that I HAVE to dump sometime. This is the best spot to dump it in almost every timeline i have created. However instead of it just being a raw info dump I did manage to show the results off in such a way that it FORCES PROGRESSION LATER.


I currently have 24 versions of this chapter in my notebook (Including a few Joke/warm up ones that have different companions--aka pinkie OUT OF NO WHERE) and this is a mesh mash of the best. The next few scenesi have planed for comparison have only five or six versions. I also have like 5 diffrent in mind(/notebook) endings. All of which are awesome.

OMG MOAR??! please... if its not to much to ask...

For some reason, I'm thinking Spike channeled a bit of Alduin.

How did twilight and spike met the doctor?

A dollop of fairy dust.

I love how re-reading this in 2020 feels like rewatching Silence In The Library again after River. This would be a post-reformation Discord meeting a Twilight & Spike from the past who have no Idea they would be friends down the road!

And the best part is that this was written during s2 so you would have had no idea either! There is definitely some potential here if you ever want to pick this story up again!

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