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After watching "Flutter Bruther." · 10:22pm Jun 5th, 2016

Wow. So this is the most adult episode from MLP. Finding a vocation is a hard thing to do, especially with a crippling fear of failure.

Seeing the dynamic between Fluttershy and Zephyr Breeze was a delight to watch, especially seeing 'Shy so... peeved. Her being stern towards him shows just how much she's grown as a character, and her encouraging of her brother was certainly the highlight of this episode's moral.

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Power Rangers: GoH. Q&As.

Q- Will Twilight become the sixth ranger?
A- Maybe.
Q- Who is the dark figure at the end of the "pilot" episode?
A- You want me to spoil the surprise? I dont think so.
Q- From what PR gen. are you taking inspiration?
A- While I'm trying to keep my concept as original as possible, I'd have to say that... Wild Force and Mistyc Force.
Q- What about some artwork?
A- That's not a question. I am working on some pictures despicting what is inside my head regarding the PR element, but I'll post it a little later. Now for the normal look of the main characters, check these DeviantArt galleries (All the art belongs to the respective artists)

Ok, this is not a FAQ, is more like a list of questions I believe will probably be asked, sue me

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You flatter me, but sadly your belief is misplaced. I made those "flavor texts" on what I could observe and glean from the chapter's events, and tried to summarize them as neatly as possible; MM himself had to correct me in many of them, meaning that my insight wasn't flawless.

But most importantly, it would feel wrong for me to take over it, specially when MM already had a plan for the ending, details of which I'm not privy of. I simply don't have the right to do so.

Hey Scorpius, do you think you could finish Moth's Persona fic? The statements you made on every chapter that had a link raise makes me think you would be a good person to finish the fic.

2297291 Because I like a good prime number.

Why eleven?

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