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After watching "Flutter Bruther." · 10:22pm Jun 5th, 2016

Wow. So this is the most adult episode from MLP. Finding a vocation is a hard thing to do, especially with a crippling fear of failure.

Seeing the dynamic between Fluttershy and Zephyr Breeze was a delight to watch, especially seeing 'Shy so... peeved. Her being stern towards him shows just how much she's grown as a character, and her encouraging of her brother was certainly the highlight of this episode's moral.

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Power Rangers: GoH. Q&As.

Q- Will Twilight become the sixth ranger?
A- Maybe.
Q- Who is the dark figure at the end of the "pilot" episode?
A- You want me to spoil the surprise? I dont think so.
Q- From what PR gen. are you taking inspiration?
A- While I'm trying to keep my concept as original as possible, I'd have to say that... Wild Force and Mistyc Force.
Q- What about some artwork?
A- That's not a question. I am working on some pictures despicting what is inside my head regarding the PR element, but I'll post it a little later. Now for the normal look of the main characters, check these DeviantArt galleries (All the art belongs to the respective artists)

Ok, this is not a FAQ, is more like a list of questions I believe will probably be asked, sue me

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2297291 Because I like a good prime number.

Why eleven?

With the situation I'm dealing now I really appreciate. I invite you to read a blog I'll post tomorrow.

2024897 True, I just thought of Hierophant Green when I saw Luna was Hierophant

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