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What if during the Summer Sun Celebration, Twilight didn't meet Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, or Rainbow Dash? What if she met different ponies? And they're all stallions? How would things be different? How much would things stay the same?

This is basically a retelling of MLP but with different characters. Twilight is still here, but the rest of the main six are not present, instead other characters will be taking their place. Alternate Universe pretty much.

The lessons I plan to put into each in one of these chapters (besides the first two) are lessons that I either need to learn myself or lessons I learned the hard way.

Concept Help by Psychotic Nekomata and Judoshrew
Co-Written by Emerald Comet
Edited by Nonagon

Now with Audio Drama!
Chapter 1

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This is truly amazing good sir, I've noticed a lot of grammar mistakes, but I'm not a grammar nazi, so I am tracking.
I WEILD THE MIGHT SWORD OF seond god damn it
Also, thumbs up as well

To lazy to look at the mistakes!
How hard was it to come up with these names?

Pretty tough. I wondered for a bit if Firebrand's name should've been Con Fuego for a while (Music, con fuego).
Shenanigans was easy.
Aqua Jet just came to me randomly, and it sort of stuck.
Prowler was a simple case of putting two and two together. This friend liked cats and was a ladies man. So...it fits.
I had to settle for Jinx, because it had to fit within the confines of musical numbers I have planned out.

I am now going to say wht I say on stories that are kinda interesting and i'll track.


“Weeeeird….” Shenanigans emphasized

Scott pilgrim vs the world refrence.

Shenanigans raised his eyebrows at Twilight. “Aww, man, really? I don’t think that would make for a very interesting chapter, Twilight.”




*Cough* Prowler *Cough*

Wow, you're dead set on me setting Twi with Prowler huh?

Well, I will reveal that an epic romance is in their future...

Whether or not it turns out well...you'll just HAVE TO WAIT MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Now I have a feeling that at the Gala, Prowler will want to dance with Twilight.

The fuck will go down there?

Hey Josh, this is Xain.

I've decided to accept your request and draw a poster for your fic. I'll try to find time this week to work on it, but I've got a college paper to write so expect a delay.

Now about the fic itself. Fics about OC characters interacting with the mane 6 have always been hit or miss for me. Some of them have been done well, like Past Sins; most have been shameless self plugs with no substance what so ever. This story so far has been a little of both to be honest. The OCs here are very likable, and even though they're replacing established characters, they don't feel like they're just filling in those holes, they feel like their own characters with their own strengths and flaws. On the other hand though, this IS a pretty shameless self plug, all you've done is take plots from the show and rewrite them with new characters. Granted you did a good job of mixing it up a bit, I didn't realize "Nightwatcher Day" was the "Applebuck Season" until Twilight started making her speech for Prowl (though I probably should have realized that any way, since you seem to be going in order). It feels different enough that I don't stop and think "Why don't I just watch the actual episodes?" so kudos for that. I suggest that you try doing a few original plots eventually, as there's a lot of potential here for some good fics with completely original ideas.

All in All, good first outing, even if it is a self plug, try some original plots, and Jynx is second best Mad Scientist Pony (second to Dr. Adorable).

Hey man, thanks for the criticism.

I was planning on doing some original plots later on. The first three chapters were more of something I had to get out of the way, and it shows.

And also, Firebrand isn't a total self-plug. While he does share many characteristics with me, he acts differently. For example, he's more of a leader than I am and he's more mature.

Nice story! To be honest, I went into this story feeling a little... nyeh from the mixed likes and dislikes, but from what i've read, this is a really good fan fic! I think it's just so under-rated simply because not enough people have actually read it.
My personal favourite character is Jinx. Mainly because he is an alchemist pony with mad-science goggles. YES I CAN BE PETTY.
I also like what you've done in regards to going along the basis of the storyline, adapting the plot to actual episodes while tweaking it a bit. I wonder what will happen when our two favourite Flim and Flam-boyant showponies come to town?
Overall, I think this is a pretty good fic, and DEFINATELY deserves more praise than is getting at the moment! The characters are well established (even though i suspect many of them may be OC's from other fan fics) and the humor and songs are... okay I guess. Though I couldn't help think that Shennanigan's painting song would go well with the tune of 'Be Our Guest' from Beauty and The Beast.

Respectfully yours,
The Snazzy Hat

P.S: Is the Artauch of Flame anywhere on FimFiction?

Jesus Christ this deserves so many more views and likes I mean Christ people don't read shit nowadays do they it's always read description only I'm tracking this story

Ok I is dumb so are you Joshscorcher?

I died at the thriller parody

NEED MOAR!!!! :flutterrage: (there'd be a picture here but don't know how to clip em up here)

Comment posted by Dragon Heart deleted Dec 20th, 2012

Chapter 3:
Doh! Aqua Jet destroyed Shenanigans' inception joke.

Author Notes:
Oh, did I start this is April? Oh mai. I can’t tell you how many times I rewrote this chapter. It’s safe to say I’m still learning how to write, and I don’t trust myself as much as I should. And on top of that, I have a job, an internet fanbase to please, a website to run, a copyright fiasco to settle, ARGH. Still, I tried my best, and I'm trying to improve. My only hope is you enjoy yourselves.

Co-Author Notes:
So many delays, we do apologize, but it is often hard to paint the right picture. There were definite wonderings over where Firebrand should end up and how far Murphy’s Law could be taken before it got old, not to mention the ever rising conflict between the two ponies as is. Anyways, while the delays were long, arduous, and irritating towards both us and any of you who may have found yourselves waiting, we do hope you have enjoyed this chapter and, if you’re still reading this little message, we thank you for your continued support.

~Psychotic Nekomata

Damn. Aqua Jet's kind of a bitch.

Definitely an improvement. I especially like how we now have a bit more on what Fire Brand can do with his magic (I want the line "Echolocate this, you bloodsucking freaks of nature!!!" on a T-Shirt by the way). Keep up this level of quality man, you've got something good here!


Thanks. I was debating whether or not to go with "Echolocate this, motherbuckers..."

But then I headslapped out of sheer self-shame.

"Aqua Jet is guilty, your honor," Prowler said. "And I intend to prove it!"

"The sentence is a year in prison."

"He broke the law." Firebrand spat. "He deserves to be punished."

"Aqua Jet. We, the people of Ponyville, find the pegasus Aqua Jet..."


My only question is, HUH?:pinkiegasp:

1736360 That's the thing about honesty, it can be brutaly blunt. Believe me, I would know, which leads to a saying I learned from my self consious

People don't like honesty, they just want it.

I really liked the musical link you put in there. Really added to the tension.

I'm imagining what would happen at the gala:
The band will be to stiffed for Firebrand taste.
The mares Prowler tries to *cough* get to know, are going to be a bunch of prissy annoying girls... or simply be creeped out.
Aqua won't be allowed to do his stunts by the royal guard.
Dr charm won't be able to attend Jynx.
And Shenanigans...:rainbowderp: Go figures.

Great story, nonetheless :pinkiehappy:

“It’s dangerous to go up alone.” Shen said. “Take this.”

:yay: Zelda reference FTW!
Also, is it weird that I read the narration with your voice?

1790005 Compare to the arrival of Discord.
Aqua Jet becomes a lying weirdo,
Shenanigans becomes a grump,
Jinx becomes a jerk arse,
Firebrand becomes a greedy punk,
and Prowler turns traitor.

I've already pictured the voice actor for these guys:
Firebrand - Josh Burner (duh)
Prowler - Scott McNeil
Jinx - Jeff Bennett
Aqua Jet - Eddie Murphy
Shenanigans - Wayne Knight

I hope Fire Brand is ready to face Plymouth. Good luck.

It's solid storytelling. And, like the title, the lessons and foundation of friendship don't change even if the characters have been recasted. Cool art, too.

Not going to lie. I'm obsessively re-reading this story because I'm worried about Death Battle.


Heheh, don't worry. Your OC is probably going to win. My latest chapter came out after I submitted it to Death Battle, so I don't think they're going to take it into account.

I come here to start research for Brand Fire VS Valiant, look at the comments...and people are talking about Brand Fire VS Valiant. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! :pinkiehappy:

...anyway, reading now. RESEARCH MODE ACTIVATE! :rainbowdetermined2:

1911593 We take everything into account, so long as it:

A) Is declared canon by the story's author
B) Does not make the character extremely overpowered (as in, enough that had it been known about previously, the character would not have been accepted)
C) Is available to the general public before research is finished

So don't worry, you're good. :twilightsmile:

Giant soundwaves vs. giant fighting robot?
Hm... tough call. And that's why I'm not one of the judges. Eh heh. :twilightsheepish:
Next time on Recasted
"I have all that I need!"
"I will submit the evidence."
"The one who actually committed the crime... is you!"
"No alibi, no justice, no dreams, no hope."
"It's time to pay for your crime. Take that!"
...or maybe not. I could be paraphrasing. :twilightsheepish:

Aqua Jet shoved his leg in front of Firebrand. “Don't. You go out there, and you’ll be sent back to Ponyville in a cupcake box.”

Was that a Cupcakes reference or am I over analyzing?


Overanalyzing. The original expression is "sent back to 'X place' in a coffee can." Since drinking coffee has not been confirmed canon, I had to resort to a plausible equivalent.


The lack of Twilight getting context and hopefully apologising for her attitude really irks me. It feels incredibly unfair that she is able to rip brand out with no visible consequences.

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