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Air, Water, Earth, Fire...

Long ago humanity used the power of the Elements of the World to build the greatest kingdom in history. Their wisdom and power were legendary, but at the hight of their power, they vanished.

Millennia have passed and one human has returned to the World. Discovered and befriended by the Elements of Harmony, he is but the first of many. It is up to him to make the first steps towards understanding this new world of magic, and humanity's place in it.

Author's note: This Fiction includes elements from the cartoon Avatar: the Last Airbender. Avatar was created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, produced and owned by Nickelodeon, and has a talented team of animators, writers, and producers hard at work on a sequel series.

Big thanks to the teams at both Nickelodeon and Hasbro for providing me with the inspiration for this story and entertaining families the world over. Rock on guys.

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 148 )

I enjoyed reading these chapters and cannot wait to read more!

One thing that keeps bugging me: It's 'forest' with one 'r', not two.
Apart from, solid effort. Keep it up.

Great! Putting this in my favorites so I can read more when it comes out!:raritywink:

Interesting story so far, just one thing I found interesting:

I do not really understand why Twilight seemed so disturbed by the legend. The story appeared to be in some ways quite similar to the legend of Nightmare Moon, with a once wise, just, and powerful ruler falling to his/her own darker side. However, Nightmare Moon is arguably a GREATER evil, since while Ceatus may have been selfish and wanted to rule over the entire world, Nightmare Moon wanted to bring about Eternal Night and thus kill off EVERY LIVING THING ON THE PLANET. Perhaps Twilight simply had not thought of the implications of Nightmare Moon's plans/intentions, but really, Ceatus seems like the lesser of the two evils by far.


Technically and as far as power goes, yes Nightmare Moon was a greater evil than Ceatus could ever hope to be. That's not what disturbed Twilight. What disturbed her was the fact that Ignus killed Ceatus, as well as the fact that Ceatus started the civil war in the first place. This may not be especially disturbing for us humans, but the ponies of Equestria are far more peaceful than humanity is on our best day. When Nightmare Moon made her first bid for eternal night, Celestia banished her and took measures to redeem her sister.

Ignus did what any human ruler would and should do, and ended the war in the quickest and simplest means available. Ceatus was a threat to the world, however small compared to the likes of NM and Discord, and Ignus being human did what humans do with threats of that scale. He destroyed it.

This is corny as hell, but i love it. Also, Iroh is the best teacher ever. I hope you bring more of Iroh's lesson, as few as they were, holds lots of weight and knowledge....

Also Paisho, somehow he gots to know that game. lol.

Iroh cameo? :eeyup: If there are more "Iroh moments" in the future, you just might have won an internet.

Since Icebending doesn't exist, Firebending is best bending.:rainbowkiss:

This is really good! Look forwards to reading more! ^_^:raritywink:

Well I can't help being corny, because my father was a colonel :scootangel:

I'll see if I can't finagle some more "Iroh-isms" into this story, it all depends on what the chapter is about.

Most excellent. I await more.

Bring the next chapter!!! (Please?)

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

Can't wait for earthbending

i liked it i'll be keeping a look out for future chapters

Great! Loving it! ^_^ Can't wait to read more! :raritywink: Keep up to good work!

Lanternlight takes down a 50-foot shadow monster.
Like a baws.:rainbowdetermined2:

This was...WOW.:derpyderp2:

Honestly, I thought this one would be piece of scheisse, with elements (pun intended) from last airbender, but this is actually pretty good! Keep it up!:yay:

Very good. Love to see this application of bending to go further. However, didn't he say in the beginning that there was no magic where he was from?? I have to go back to be sure, but to all of sudden to know how to apply firebending? I know twilight will probably question it. He should be somewhat truthful on that to them. That ancient human history is still being told...only in a different form.

Also...a new guardian should have a mentor of sort. Like Obi-wan for Anakin or Iroh for Zuko. Just for him to rely on incase something comes up that he can't get his head around. Heck, maybe Iroh himself. lol. I probably have fangasm if that happen in real life.:twilightsmile:

Always happy to entertain!:twilightsmile:

I'm glad that I can exceed your expectations. I'll be sure to keep this ball rollin'.


Lanternlight is a very smart character, and he is also a total Avatar fanboy. Most of his conversation with Twi was guesswork and theories based of what he knows about bending. Thanks for pointing that out though. I would have included more scenes of him figuring out Firebending, but the story needed to move along!:ajsmug:

In brightest day, in blackest night...

In all seriousness, though, well-written story. Not a fan of Avatar, or crossovers in general (of anything really), so that dampened my appreciation a little bit. But this is a very well-done story. I like it.

Lantern. Guardian. I completely overlooked that subtle reference! In my own work no less!:derpyderp2:
I mean, that was completely and utterly intentional. I'm glad somebody spotted it.
I go!:coolphoto:

lol.good work. working on something as well. Check it out in profile when you have time.

Love the endings. Minor Crossover galore and all. Plus i see the mentor/spirit guide coming out to play. Hopefully things pick up soon. The slow start only shows that you have something up your sleeve.:rainbowkiss:

Wait what? He took an entire PLANET to the chin?!?? IS NOT POSSIBLE!!!:flutterrage:

Can't wait to read more! Loved the ending with Aj and Sokka! :heart:

Sokka is my favorite avatar character. It's kinda easy to understand why.

I read lanterns entire speech about the elements in Iroh's voice.:yay:

Please. Keep adding those avatar characters in the end. And may I ask if there are going to be characters from avatar in the story itself?

Sorry, but all the human characters in the story are going to be OCs. I couldn't line up the universes just right, so I went with Lanternlight coming from Earth. A little backstory finagling was preferable to trying to force the universes together. Besides, the Gaang has earned their rest and don't need to deal with a world of candy-colored ponies. :rainbowdetermined2:

But I will keep the crossover character outros. The comedic potential of the combinations is just too good to pass up.:pinkiehappy:

Great HiE Fic, You did a perfect job of making the character relatable to and likable. I look forward to more excellent writing in the future! ^_^

Really enjoying the story so far, and it has great potential, but do you run it by any pre-readers or anything like that? There're a couple things that could greatly improve the story if sorted, for instance, you begin a LOT of sentences with "I"; it gets repetitive. I can't actually remember any other errors that could be improved at the moment, a good sign I suppose, as either there aren't any errors to be corrected, or they're just too minor to remember :pinkiehappy: keep up the good work, the story's great and I love the little crossover bswgmwnts at the end of each chapter :rainbowlaugh:

Meta Knight has commented on this it is now officially good

in a more personal light i don't really get the avatar refernces besides the powers. but that does not detract from the story in any way.

No fair! You could at least have waited until AFTER rarity got into the waitress uniform. :raritydespair:

Fun chapter though.

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

i agree with Wheelwright. ooh or better yet a maid outfit! this story is looking great keep it up.

Geat story, the interaction are well made and the mane cast isn´t OOC, or flanderized
the OC isn´t over-powered (or if it is, it is realisticaly)
5 stars, tracked, and:pinkiehappy:

Hope you get 6 seasons and a movie:facehoof:

Thanks a lot. You've given me the highest praise it is possible to receive for a Fanfic with an OC in the cast. :twilightsmile:

But six seasons?! Egad that's a tall order. :derpytongue2: I think I'll just see were this story goes and we'll find out how many seasons I have in me. :eeyup:

for some reason i amagend Tracks with a fast talking news paper reporter with a brooklin accent

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