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"Tim, you're just so nice nobody could hate you. We all are secretly in love with you." ~bats


For a mare of Rarity's calibre, chances to relax are few and far between. Business, clients, and her boutiques in Ponyville, Canterlot, and Manehattan must always come first.

However, when a new, bold, and daring client walks through her door, she might find a long overdue chance to unwind. Drawn in like a moth to the flame, how could she possibly resist?

After all, even a lady must be allowed to indulge once in a while.

Preread by Jondor and Monochromatic.

Art and illustrations by Rossby Waves.

A birthday present for Carapace.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 63 )

:twilightoops: Right when my own writing is going well, and I have a million things to do, this arrives to read.

Very excited for this!

Cool. Very few writers I think capture Rarity's poise like you have here.

Roasty toasty marshmallow. :3

8171283 Thank you! This story is completely written. No lagging chapters or anything like that, so you can expect all chapters to be posted in a timely fashion.

For reals, this time.

8171449 I'm very glad to hear that. This is my first time writing Rarity, so I was very nervous and fretted a fair bit over getting her characterization right. It's a huge relief to hear that I got at least some stuff right. :twilightsmile:

8171500 Happy Birthday, Carabutt.

8171506 And things are only just getting started~

Mmm, now that was a nice read. I'm curious what drove Spitfire to pursue Rarity, but I'm not complaining. That body language conversation was intense. One thing I that I thought was curious was that Rarity didn't go for the rose-scented bubble bath at the end. I would've thought that she would be ready for more than just relaxation after how excited she seemed by Spitfire's visit.

This would've been fine as a one-shot, but hey, if there are more chapters coming, I'm not about o complain!

These interactions are delightful, I am eager for more. :twilightsmile:

Very nice. Pony body language is rarely featured in stories and you did it very well. I'm going to keep an eye on this, methinks...

Wonderful use of body language and scene setting! I look forward to reading more!

Spitefire and Rarity eh? Oh this oughta be fuuuuuuuun:pinkiehappy:

If Spitfire invites Rarity to the ball then both Rainbow and Spike will freak out.


I don't see how Spike even figures into it. Dashie would be happy for them.

8172000 Now, now, Rarity is a lady, and ladies are patient. Relax and let the pot simmer, so to speak, and wait for the big pay off at the end. :raritywink:

8172054 8172474 8173194 Thank you! I'm glad you're all enjoying it so far.

8173503 There's no better way to spend spare time than writing ships that don't exist. :pinkiecrazy:

8173597 8173873 Rainbow Dash would be happy for them on the condition she get to jump in every once in a while. It's really a win-win-win if she does.

8173938 I know right? But Rarity just does seem to attract the rough and rowdy type or the sweet and gentle type lol:trollestia:

This was a really good read, and I will be eager to read more.

I noticed no mention was made of paying for the dress, is it the case that money is no object, so it will cost as much as it costs and whatever the price it's fine?

Also, masked balls must be difficult in Equestria, if the intention is to be truly anonymous. Eye/mane/fur combinations can be very distinctive.

I guess pegasus wings are the closest thing ponies have to a nudity taboo, as they usually go around without clothes but wings are tucked away except when flying?

the whimsical, simple, but charming words of Rose Quartz.

A relative of Pinkie's mum, perhaps?

Only thing I'd say was that the very second paragraph was a bit confusing for me, as you mentioned the candles floating into place, and the bathtub in the same sentence, which to me suggested the kind of candles that were floating in the water as they burned. I wondered if 'glided' or possibly 'hovered' might fit better there, to separate the act of being levitated through the air with magic to being buoyant on the surface of the bathwater?


I noticed no mention was made of paying for the dress, is it the case that money is no object, so it will cost as much as it costs and whatever the price it's fine?

I figure someone of, presumably, such a high celebrity status, money is no object, so there's no need to even ask about it! :D Following the whole "if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it" sort of lifestyle. haha

Also, masked balls must be difficult in Equestria, if the intention is to be truly anonymous. Eye/mane/fur combinations can be very distinctive.

Juuuuuuuust wait on that one. ;D


I figure someone of, presumably, such a high celebrity status, money is no object, so there's no need to even ask about it! :D Following the whole "if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it" sort of lifestyle. haha

That was my thinking, but I wondered if there'd be something about the stage at which Rarity should send an invoice, or the address for it, but thinking about it that would be better waiting until it's nearer completion if there's no doubt Spitfire's good for it.

8174130 Rose Quartz has no relation to Pinkie Pie. It's more of a small, tiny reference to a named writer character in the Quill and Blade universe. The stories there are favourites of mine, so I like to toss the odd nod to them every now and then.

For the dress, that's a detail I've noticed isn't discussed in canon mlp, so I didn't nitpick too much with setting a price or official agreement here. Everything seems to work out in the show, so everything will work out here. Odds are, Spitfire will receive an invoice after the initial fitting and pay it accordingly.

As for the masquerade part, I'm afraid you'll have to wait and see! :twilightsmile:

Ooooh Rarity you clever mare! :raritywink:

Heating up~! :heart:

Plaintiff whine

Sweetie's whine is suing someone? :D

Oh-ho-ho! The hunt is on! And we know that Rarity is hardly helpless prey...

This is going to be fun.

Anyone else want a spoof chapter where Spitfire manages to mortally offend some random pony?

Then, as understanding doused the fire behind her eyes, she lowered her hoof in time with her ears. “Oh. Uh, sorry. I think I might’ve misread some signals or—”


This was a superb chapter, and that moment was by far the sweetest Spitfire I've ever seen.

It shouldn't be sweet, watching characters we like get disappointed, should it? And yet, it was adorable. Maybe because we want to hug people better when that happens?

Also, sorry, but:

She felt the tips of their coat hairs brush together as held the pegasus’ gaze.

I think there's a 'she' missing her between 'as' and 'held.' :twilightoops:

The image above the invitation is broken (camo returns 404 and the referenced googleusercontent URL returns 403).

:twilightsheepish: "Well, they do look good together, and–. Wait a second, if I'm helping and they consider this to be foreplay...
:twilightoops: "Oh, eww!"

:raritystarry: How much longer can she duck and dodge!?

This is cute. Seems kind of a bummer they didn't spend time at the ball together though. Also, poor Twilight, lol.

After all this I wouldn't be surprised if Twilight decided to aid Spitfire in trapping her.

Finally sitting at home with some spare time. That means it's time for overdue comment replies!

8194034 Thank you for catching that. I spoke to the artist and the issue has since been fixed.

8201194 Just don't think about it, Twily. Everything will be fiiiiiiiiine :pinkiecrazy:

8201364 Well, she only has just under an hour to go. Spitfire's good, but maybe perhaps Rarity's better.

Or maybe, just maybe, Rarity is underestimating Spitfire a smidgen :trollestia:

8202006 I'm sure there will be other balls in their future. That is, if Spitfire can get her hooves on Rarity, first. :raritywink:

8202282 *gasp!* Treachery in the ranks!

I have only now realized that you can direct embed images! D: *shocked by brilliance*

Win or lose. Sex is gonna happen

This is going great! I particularly loved your portrayal of Fancy Pants :twilightsmile:

Excellent story. You portrayed Rarity excellently and portrayed Spitfire in a new way that I have never seen before and ultimately enjoyed. The story was great and very well written. I admit I'm not a big fan of the sex scenes but I find that most romance story's will have them, your “sex” scene was perfect for me in a sense where I was actually able to read the whole thing withought having to either skip a scene or just click away from the story entirely. Very good job, I hope you will follow thru on that ,maybe, because I would personally really enjoy continuing to follow this new relationship. (I didn't even know people were shipping Rarity and Spitfire). Great story and I hope to continue reading more from you. :eeyup:

Thanks for this, Timaeus. Thanks a great deal :twilightsmile:

That was lovely. It did a great job of capturing the emotional intensity of the beginnings of a potential relationship. I have some doubts about the long-term viability of this relationship, but that wan’t the purpose of this story. While I’d like to see a sequel that deals with their relationship developing properly, I’m happy enough with what we got here.

If I had a complain about this story, it would be that it ended right before the payoff. I think it’s fairly clear that sexual desire was the driving force behind the character’s actions, so ending the story right before they actually have sex felt unfulfilling. I know that the story was rated teen, and I wasn’t expecting explicit sex going in, but the rest of the story felt like it was building to that. Having them planning to go on dates in the future to build a real relationship was a payoff, but not the one that the rest of the story (and that final scene) were building to.

Oh wow, this is amazing. Such a perfect blend of subtle yet unmistakable flirting and grand gestures of romance. Bravo. :raritystarry:

Even if you never do anything more with RariFire, I can easily see this little gem becoming a cornerstone by which others base their characterization of this ship. It’s that good, in my opinion.

That was tastefully done, and so very true to character... I can honestly say I could see this happening between these two! Bravo!

Short and simple with a hint of playfulness. This isn't a ship I could see coming, but I can hardly cast stones there. Well done, have a fave and an upvote!

Hey! I just wanted to swoop in like a busybody and let you know it's kinda rude to 1) bring up another story in a section like this and 2) then rank the story you're commenting on as less good than the story you've brought up. I'm sure you don't mean it like that, but... :)

For a canon character, Spitfire really doesn't get enough attention. It's great you've taken up the cause of bringing her closer to more characters beyond Soarin' and Rainbow Dash. Honestly, Rarity and Spitfire is unexpected, but a welcome surprise. Please keep up the Spitfire work, it's a pleasure to read.

Wow, that was a really amazing story. Excellent work on writing two well-versed socialites having a flirt-off to end all flirt-offs... We really need more stories like this. I can think of quite a few really amazing pairings... <3

Ahem, yes. It was a really, really good romance, and while the prose looked a tad purple at times, it ended up making it pleasant to read rather than annoying, so I shall not complain about that. All in all, excellent work, dear author!

Also, who do I have to bribe to get a birthday gift like this? :O

Lovely so far. Excited for more.

This was so much fun, and such a pleasure to read <3 I really love how perfectly you portrayed both Rarity and Spitfire. *hugs fic*

Interesting. Not a pairing I ever imagined seeing!

Rarity, I thought a lady didn't ogle? You were practically drooling. :rainbowlaugh:

Um. :rainbowhuh:


That interaction was amazing. Novel was right about you.

“I feel so naked without attending without her at my side,

I was a little surprised at running into this little stumble. I suggest striking without and adding out to with; it flows better without the redundancy.

Am I allowed to call it redundancy if one use is negating the other? Double with-itive, maybe? :D

Twiley, Twiley, asking questions you don't know you don't want the answer to. Tsk, tsk! :pinkiehappy:

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