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Fun. Everypony should have it every once in a while. And Subtle Touch is more than willing to help those in need of some on their way.

But sometimes, it's hard to find, especially when you're as out of place as he is.

Well, if fun won't find you, then you'll just have to find it.

Set in the Quill & Blade universe by Anzel and Crystal Wishes
Cover art by Rossby Waves

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 6 )

This was a marvelous read Iry, I'm beyond flattered and very amused at Touch's antics.

Very cute! I enjoyed your Dolly :D

Thanks! I did enjoy his shenanigans very much :>

Thank you! I hope I did her justice. :twilightsheepish:

Cute! Fun little story, touch of conflict and a sprinkle of laughter.
Dolly Dice strikes again!

Ohh this was fun!!

Thanks for the story.

Hiya, thanks for your comment. Glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

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