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Rarity discovers an old tradition involving the exchange of felt dolls as a sign of affection. This sparks a brilliant plan to play matchmaker with her friends, and between herself and Twilight.

But brilliant plans never go as expected, do they?

Cover art by Acceleron
Chapter art by Ratofdrawn, Sketchyjackie, Dunnstar and fatalerror328!

Chapters (6)
Comments ( 535 )

romantic relationships just weren’t suitable in foals’ entertainment. Nothing wrong with the pairing, she’d argued, but the target audience was just too young for such a subject.

I see what you did there:moustache:


Welp, this certainly is good! Moar! :pinkiesmile:

Why hello there, did Steel Resolve bring you here too? :P

Aanyway, sounds interesting. Let's see what it has to offer :pinkiesmile:

:twilightblush: I deny everything!
And yes, yes it is. Ratofdrawn did a wonderful job with it ^^;

Okay, names for the dolls. Pinkie Plush and Flutterdoll, Applemodel and Plaything Dash , Twilight Figurine and Raritoy. Well, that was harder than expected... but it seems like a nice story, but I see friendzoning happening in the future. Twilight will first find the older meanings off the doll-giving instead of the "new" meaning.

Plaything Dash :rainbowderp: ahahaha :rainbowlaugh:
And... you will see! :scootangel:

D for ‘Doll’. D for… wait, ‘426.71 GRE’? This isn’t alphabetical! How did Pinkie…

Dewey Decimal System? Do we ever!

Let's all worship our great writer god Tcherno and his supernatural genious mind :pinkiecrazy:

But now serious that is glorious, good and epic :ajsmug:

:moustache::moustache: You brilliant bastard you

“I always knew it couldn't work. You're out of my age range, out of my species, and out of my league.”

That is ALL bullshit. Good thing Rarity corrected him a moment later. Still, I hate fanfics where the mane six all fall in love with each other. It's just another way to exclude Spike, who is absolutely devoted to them.

>>>But brilliant plans never go as expected, do they?

Except when Tchernobog's writing them. This should be glorious!

Hm. Tchernobog writing about... wait, Rarity and Twilight? Luna and Celestia gifting adorable pony dolls!? SECRETIVE RITUALS REGARDING SHIPPING!?

... I'm shocked and dismayed! Or er... wait, no. It's okay! Aj and RD are still fated to be a couple! IT'S ALL RIGHT! DON'T JUMP - IT'LL BE OKAY!

Conceptually, this is quite unique and delightful.


... I asked nicely. Consider that your "warning shot".

:pinkiehappy: - IT'S HUMPING TIME, FLUTTERS!

:fluttershbad: - ... not the face!

Cute Rainbow Dash is CUTE! :rainbowderp:
Only Spike getting kicked out so easily is kind of a weak spot. There should have been a bit more conflict for my tastes.

Perhaps. But this is Rarity's story, and in that scene, from her point of view. Which makes it hard to expand upon without delving into spike's mind. And in this case, the way he reacts (maybe a tad short, i admit) shows that he is, in fact, more mature than one would expect for someone of his age. The barriers are there, and he's known it for some time. He was just enjoying his fantasy as long as he could, and now that he sees where it's going (ie, nowhere)... he's doing the right thing, stepping aside :)

Commence read.

Seems like a few already have some idea behind the dolls.

Fun read!

Just curious, is Blondie a nod to "What Would Daring Do"?

It is indeed! :twilightsmile: I'm hoping he'll read it soon enough.

So far, this story is entirely too adorable. :rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh:

I pretty much tried turning the adorable to 11 in this fic. And I there's many more scenes to come ;)


:pinkiehappy::heart: I think 11 might be an understatement here though. . . :twilightblush: maybe a 12.5/10? :raritywink:

I wasn't sure what to expect and it started out a little slow with the massive inner monologue of Rarity's, but it quickly picked up pace and became quite enjoyable after the set up when the dolls were delivered. I get the impression that there's something else going on behind such realistic versions of the dolls that you're hinting at but I'm not sure what just yet. I loved how cute the characters were being with the dolls without seeming out of character for it. I think the only stretch was AJ tying the doll to her hat, but given she's been in a relationship with Dash for awhile that could explain it.

The only note of improvement I'd mention was that though much of it was necessary, that first portion of the story with the Wall-of-Text-that-was-Rarity's-thoughts part was a deterrent to keeping a readers attention and engagement. I'm glad I kept going, but it really did feel like work to get through much of it.

I'll be looking forward to seeing how things keep going from here! :twilightsmile:

This looks VERY promising, cant wait for the next chapters.

I'll admit, I was intrigued by the cover alone when you showed me the other day. I shall read this at once.....I've done a couple of other things. :twilightsheepish:

All aboard the Hilarious Misunderstanding Express! Next stop: Disaster! :pinkiehappy:

I just woke up and then I read this... I think I just had cardiac arrest :rainbowkiss: And I love how you made a mark in Equestrian history (even that's adorable!) :ajsmug:

I haven't seen the sneezing-means-someone-is-talking-about-you thing since I stopped watching a lot of anime, I found it extremely humorous.

Also, the pic at the end made me squee, to which I immediately looked around the room to make sure I was alone, then proceeded to writhe about in agonizing d'awww.

Blondie? I'm thinking that's a not-so-subtle nod to "What Would Daring Do"? :derpytongue2:

I was hoping someone would recognize this! :twilightsmile:

Maaaaaaaaybe? :rainbowwild::ajsmug:

Then again, Twilight had also said that Rainbow was just seeing things, as romantic relationships just weren’t suitable in foals’ entertainment. Nothing wrong with the pairing, she’d argued, but the target audience was just too young for such a subject.

Oh, I see what you did there. :rainbowlaugh:

Amazing work, fella. Can't wait for more. :pinkiehappy:

I've been waiting for this.
I was not disappointed.

AJ equips Rainbow Plush!
AJ gains several spell-like abilities.
Resist Heat (20%)
CHR bonus +5.
Skill bonus: Bluff +10.
Cloudwalk (once per day)
Featherfall (automatic)

That would be totally awesome. Tailored spells on the dolls for the ponies they are meant for! Ah well, another fic maybe :rainbowkiss:

*grabs chest and falls over*

(Great story so far!)

Oh my god, Pinkie. :rainbowderp::raritycry::raritydespair::pinkiehappy:

I see that "What Would Daring Do" reference, sneaky.

Great start!

And so the girls go about their daily lives, each with one small addition. But trouble brews as it seems this version of Granny Smith is the old-style traditionalist who frowns on same-gender couples. Who knows what prejudice lurks in the hearts of elder ponies?

A very interesting premise, and another well-written work from you, Tchernobog. I look forward to more!

Rainbow Dash grinned as she moved Blondie and Daring Do across her bed, making them leap over the random objects she’d placed on it that simulated numerous traps the duo had to avoid. The pair was totally into each other, even if the books didn’t outright say so. You just had to ‘read between the lines’, as Twilight had called it. Then again, Twilight had also said that Rainbow was just seeing things, as romantic relationships just weren’t suitable in foals’ entertainment. Nothing wrong with the pairing, she’d argued, but the target audience was just too young for such a subject.

HAHAHAAAA!!!! Holy crap that is one hell of a joke at the fandom. Nice one. Anywho, I'm enjoying this, especially so since it is in perfect agreement with my headcanon. :yay:

All my favorite pairings and a well written story? YES PLEASE!!!!:raritystarry:

I was initially worried that things were going to get a bit creepy and eldritch (Forced love or living dolls perhaps?), but I see you're going another route entirely. Also, I have survived your attempt on my life at the end! Wait, sorry, *THUD*

I'm a sucker for Twirity (Rarelight? RariTwi? What the heck is their shipping name anyways?), and you have done a beautiful job here. I hope this gets featured amigo.
Edit- I see it was. Good of ya.

Granny of course would remember the most recent of traditions involving the giving of plushies.
Ciao darling:raritywink:

Wow this story's just too perfect. There were just so many awesome moments, I especially like it when Pinkie started playing with the Fluttershy and Rarity dolls. So much lol!!!:rainbowlaugh: Defiantly faving this story!


*grabs some defib* LIVE!!!! DAM IT LIVE!!! *defibs*



ALL OF MY YES!!!! :pinkiehappy: have 5 moustaches. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

2127260 Chill out, bro. I'm a ghostie nao. Fuck YOLO.

2126787 ... Its worse than that. She's an old fashioned mare who takes family very seriously. As far as she is concerned, Rainbow has just proposed.

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