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"The purpose of the first draft is not to get it right but to get it written." -John Dufresne. Please send corrections via PMs. The Blade of Quill & Blade


This story is a sequel to Sunny's Days

Sunny Day is pretty happy with her life. She finally has the command she worked so hard for, and the view from atop her wall is amazing. It’s everything she wanted, but many ponies still view her as immature and wild. What more does she have to do to prove her worth and show them all she’s as serious as anypony else?

Elsewhere in Canterlot, Azurite used to be happy with her life. The tragedy that occurred during the recent Summer Sun Celebration changed everything, and now she’s struggling to get her hooves moving in the right direction again. All she wants to do is help other ponies like they’ve helped her, but her own fears keep getting in the way.

The paths before these two mares rarely touch, and yet wind closer together than either will ever know. Achieving their goals will ultimately rely on learning the same lesson: sometimes you just have to believe in yourself.

This story takes place between Sunny's Days and Three of Hearts. Knowledge of either is not required to enjoy the story but will add clarity.

Quill & Blade Universe

Chapters (30)
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Comments ( 278 )

Yessssssss! Let there be moar!

Off to a good start, keep it up

Comment posted by Ircriket deleted Nov 13th, 2018

OMG that pic!!! Azurite's so cute!!

Blue pony, best pony! Woo! Can't wait for this to be finished so I can read it.

Oh yes this is just the right thing to cheer me up, yes yes yes.

Also I finally get an idea as to how small Azurite really is compared to most ponies. Ohmygoodness she is so tiny.
I actually just reread your Silent Knight stories along with Crystal's stories and I'm so glad we get to take a step back to really understand the history of these two silly girls. Looking forward to it!

More Azu! And more Sunny!! Best. Day. EVAR!!!!1!!!!11!!

Guess who's back, back again, Anzel's back, tell a friend.

Anzel's writing a new story and everything is right in the world and oH MY GOD I'M SO EXCITED TO SEE WHERE THIS STORY GOES!

Thank you everyone for jumping in and supporting this story so much! I'm shocked at the reception. I hope you all enjoy what I do with it.

9291028 I'm glad you're excited to see me back! I'm excited too. 28 weeks of entertainment left in this one :D Plus now I'm working on arc 2 of Beyond the Veil!

9290867 Together in the same story from their different perspectives too!

9290726 She is indeed small. Not quite CMC small, but pretty close. Check this out: https://www.deviantart.com/romyvdhel-art/art/Commission-Height-and-Build-Sheet-Crystal-Wishes-601093829

9290673 I hope it does! It is mostly lighthearted and fun from start to finish!

9290562 I do have good news. The story is finished. The bad news is I'm only dropping one chapter a week ;)

9290540 A large thank you to Nalu for the work on the cover! She did an excellent job.

9290330 Yes indeed!

9290187 Thank you very much! I'll do my best to do so.

9290153 There shall be 28 chapters more! I promise. Mostly because its an easy promise. They're already done!

Oohh, you followed the time tested technique of 30 finished chapters. :P

Well done.

Instant fav and thumbs up.

Woo one of my favriote authors is back! Seriously think you present the daily lifes ot a guard incredibly well. Here looking forward to more!


Awesome, another story from the Quill And Blade universe! I had just exhausted myself re-reading everything in the main series. It's to the point where I vaguely remember the next line in the story! I'm so glad I have something new to read!

It’s not incest! It’s WINCEST!

Amazing. i loved that whole incest scene. I was trying to figure out who Cheerful Sun was, but came up short. I just loved this entire chapter!

Lmao Sunny hitting on your sister's wife? :rainbowlaugh: there are no words.


Just like Hooks in Police Academy.


No comical scene of Twilight walking into the bar and later running out completely flustered? I feel cheated.

Or her cheerfully, obliviously failing to realize she's being hit on, to the entire establishment's amusement.

Well written chapter.
Who's up for round two?

After all, we’re sisters now, and clearly you’re into that sort of thing. Sheesh, somepony knows how burn a Sunny Day. :rainbowwild:

Hehehehehe. Oh thank you I needed that smile.

9302445 Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter!

9302483 In some circles that is certainly true! In this one it is just Dolly making a fool out of Sunny ;)

9302638 Yes indeed! Sunny talks about her a little bit in Sunny's Days but that is it. Cheerful is her half sister. Their mom's first husband passed young. Sunny was an oops foal from a one night stand with a traveling stallion who has no idea he has a daughter.

9302737 What does Sunny call a "target rich environment." Family gatherings? ;D

9303250 A fair point but who is to say it didn't happen off camera? In this case the comedy all belonged to Sunny and Dolly.

9303292 Thank you! Round two shall arrive Monday! Although it will be Azurite's chapter. So technically round two for Sunny arrives in two weeks.

9304367 Fuzzy has all the moves. She's quick like a bunny and sharp like a yarn needle... thing.

9305990 I'm glad I could provide it! I'm trying to offer only the classiest of incest comedy. ;)


Oh boy. I forgot how dense Silent was. It's a miracle Crystal got through to him. At least, once she made it clear that she wasn't dating Velvet.

I’ve been watching too much anime lately. I actually was thinking about how that threesome would go.

God damnit Japan!

“Me either,” I whispered back. “He really is a big fella. I wish he was bright enough to catch a clue.”

Good luck with that.

Bureaucracy bothered me. There wasn’t any point to this other than a guard following a checklist. I grumbled and reached into my small bag to pull out the badge. “Here you are.”

Procedure is important, gotta keep everything correctly documented.

“Fine. First, I want you to stop one behavior. Could you please stop screaming ‘Ahhh, Nightmare Moon!’ every time Princess Luna walks by?” To emphasize her point, the princess threw her forehooves up and wiggled them.

That's harsh, Sunny.

I set my hoof on Twilight’s chest and finally pushed her away from me. She'd never guess! Stuck up, snooty, know it all! "No, I don't really want to be and yes, I am very powerful. Lots of fire magic. So much fire magic! But I'm a royal guard now, a fact the princess may have overlooked when she tried to enroll me in Twilight class. I’m not destined to be a wizard."

Why not both?

C'mon, Sunny, let the friendship in.

Ahh, so we're post-accident. I didn't 100% remember the timing of everything.

She was right about that. Being late for a Royal Guard school was a bad idea. I rolled out of bed and gave a lanky stretch while my mom fussed over my mane with her magic. Her previous career as a jewelry model and her current career as a florist gave her a talent for styling, and the Guard standards were very exact.

Except of course for the guards that have no standards at all.

“That is perfectly understandable. Your parents are an excellent resource for you,” she replied in her even, non-judgmental but non-supportive tone. “We just want to make sure you don’t rely on them for everything. You’re not a filly and they’re not a crutch.”

Oh, I'm pretty sure they're a crutch.

“Look out, everypony, the Royal Guard is here!” Dolly snickered from behind the bar as I walked through the door. “She’s going to arrest us for minor infractions!”

As if she's not the one who is going to be committing the minor infractions.

Lollypop gave an extremely exaggerated wink and a knowing nod. “Exactly. What stuff!” She then went around behind the bar while Emerald hurried off in a panic.

Yeah, no kidding.

Accidentally proposing incest was probably inevitable for Sunny.

Emerald trotted back out of the back room. “Lollypop, you absolute maniac, it took me forever to get Mango out of that box.” She then saw me and Cheerful. “Aww, did I miss Sunny try to pick up her sister?”

But was she upside down?

The mare’s breath caught, and she set both her hooves on my chest. “My desk, right now!”

Time for the minor infractions.

9295686 It has been a little while but I'm glad to be back!

9306492 He is pretty thick early on. That is a certainty.

9309762 A royal guard wizard? That could be fun! Sunny probably doesn't have the discipline for it though =D

9291481 It is a good length I think. It works. Hits right around the 100K mark.

9292471 Thank you kindly!

9292586 I do my best to portray them the way I know how. Glad to be back and sharing new stories with everyone again!

9298991 New and shiny is great! There will be some new content coming out relatively soon for Secrets. I hope to sneak that out in January!

9302799 Now that is a quality reference =D

9310428 Yes, we're not quite "right after it" but less than six months. Far less I think. It is very, very raw for Azurite. I didn't want to go 'too close' but also not too far like ToH. The thing is, a lot of the changes and improvements I made here really changes how ToH should be presented. Might be an update project! Glad to be back in a world where I get Thomper comments.

9307464 If anypony could do it, it would be Sunny Day!

9311938 I mean, right? Minor infractions and incest? All 100% in character for Sunny. The way I view what happened in the back was that Mango was fast asleep and Lollypop just scooped her up, stuffed her face first into a box and sealed it. Our Mango loves to go beak first into boxes.

Bonus Mango the Pony art: MANGO!

I miss that show even if I can't draw a line with a ruler.
The Joy of Painting with Happy Tree.
A tall, lanky stallion with a big fuzzy mane.

Ah Azurite you were my first introduction to Anzel's writing in Three of Hearts, it's a difficult tie between you and Miley when it comes to best small pony.

Meeting Happy Tree might do more good for Azurite than she realizes especially if like his real life inspiration he's a former drill sergeant.

God help us if they should ever Voltron together into a giant small pony.

... so, a regular-sized pony, I guess? I mean, I suppose that if Azu stood on Miley’s back, they’d be about regular pony size....

A year or so back, I’d accidentally signed up for a mailing list and there was no apparent way to unsubscribe regardless of how many letters I’d written. I’d even considered going to the source and arresting everypony for harassment.

A good summation of the agony of unsubscribing.

Ohmygosh! I broke out grinning at the mention of Happy Tree! I'm ready for some happy little accidents!

My blanket and pillows were already on the couch, so I hopped up on there and curled up. It wouldn’t be so bad to sleep here. I used to live here, the lease was in my name, and I paid the bills. At least I used to.

Yeah, that's not good.

The water felt good as it hit me. Unlike most of the other guards, my head barely made it over the stall wall so at the wrong angle it might look like the place was unoccupied with the water on. Inevitably, a mare would wander in and try to turn it off. That happened a lot. It was a large majority of my social interaction.

At least she gets some.

9316364 Same, the Joy of Painting is amazing. There is a select episode list on Netflix (I think that is where I saw it). He is such a great guy with a quiet temperament. I always felt safe watching.

9316582 Azurite is smaller! She is smallest!

9316746 We will see him soon. Soonish anyway ;D I hope I did him justice.

9317173 Yeah, I have to sneak in the little bits of Azuritisms where I can. This particular storyline for her is pretty sad on the whole. Happy little accidents are the best kind!

9321520 Agreed. Azurite is pretty rough off at this point. This is about as close to the incident as I'm willing to go for her.


Well, that could have gone better. At least Sunny and Rockette made up? And Sunny and Fuzzy get along nicely

Interesting how different Cheerful is to Sunny. Didn't expect this, but it makes a nice dynamic between the two. Rockette, though, that whole scene was great.
In a way, it sort of reminds me of how, back when I worked at Disney World, I got in some family members for free and took them around(Trust me, as much as I love Disney World, after you've been working for multiple weeks straight with few days off inbetween the last thing you want to do is go back into the parks on your one day off). Although they readily agreed to get in for free and use my park knowledge to get the best day out of it they decided to talk about how poorly I was doing with my life, how that job was low-tier and all. Cheerful may not realize it, but she definitely took advantage of Sunny and her connections. A whole private tour, and she tells her sister off for being immature and such in front of the princess? Yikes.

I will NEVER get tired of reading about Sunny and her ahem exploits. She's a trip.

This sums up my thoughts.

Always glad to see more of this universe. I have a sister like this. While I haven’t 100% cut her out of my life our interaction is basically 0. One of my better life desisions as being with her was toxic.

9329819 9331729
It hurts all the more because Sunny was very clearly trying to bridge that gap, and when she realized things were getting too out of control, extracted herself from the situation before it did.

Sorry Cheerful, but you lose this round: You don’t get to act like this just because your favorite dress-up doll doesn’t pose the way you want her to.

I do sort of wonder whether or not Sony is based on someone you actually know.

Hmn, Almond Mist adapted well to that. Makes me wonder just a little bit about the story she told.

“Ha, ha, ha.” Cheerful said without any mirth. “I’ll have you know that I am, in fact, the vice principal of our local arts school.”

So she's actually paid to be mean to students. I feel like that's about what Sunset was expecting, in truth.

“She slept with my stallionfriend!" Roxy chimed before coming to a stop and pointing a hoof out to the left. "Oh, and if you’ll all look to the left you can see the main foyer. Fun fact, this is not the original palace entrance. It was constructed five decades ago to accommodate the growth of the Grand Galloping Gala and the traditional entry dance.”

What fascinating palace history.

Man, Roxy was kind of being a witch about this once the full story was described, but at least they made up and hugged it out in fairly short order.

Hahaha, Celestia is the best.


Hey, Azurite found a thing that relaxes her! Good for her!

Also I was desperately trying not to compare the art class scene to the Bob Ross parody Deadpool 2 trailer....

Azurite you are great even if so small, and I'm glad to see things going well for you.

Lanky yellow and orange mare hm?

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