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Just a silly, glowing changeling OC that likes stories that involve ponies kissing, as well as 'other' things.


Sunset and Pinkie practice painting together on Canterlot High's Roof.

They reminiscence on inspiring moments from their lives and the year-long trip that is their relationship together. Pinkie also shares some insight of her party-philosophy.

* Entry in the Sunset Shipping: Journey's Contest
* Helps to have seen the 3 minute Art of Friendship EqG Short
* And that Legend of Everfree Bonus Scene
* Editing help by my friend ClanCrusher and Winter
* CoverPic from a picture by Ku_Rimo

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Yeah, I have to imagine that anyone romantically involved with Pinkie would get used to all sorts of weirdness happening on a daily basis.

I did notice Pinkie saying "anypony" once. I thought it was unusually empathetic (or in fact I thought it was likely just an error). Nope, subtle foreshadowing :)

Pinkie lifted her own cider bottle and pried off the bottlecap with her hair. “It’s okay. You can’t think of everything.”


That was cute and sweet. Just like a Pinkie story should be. I like the twist. Well done for not spoiling that by referring to the other outtake that's useful context - vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/mlp/images/2/2b/Pinkie_Pie_and_Pinkie_Pie_high-five_EG3b.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/640?cb=20160504163616


I'm surprised Pinkie didn't try eating the 'donut.'


That was sweet. So, is there anypony in Equestria the other Pinkie is willing to stay there for?

"But... then... which one have I been dating?"
"Pinkie Pie, silly!"

Delightful tale of pivotal moments and bonding through art. Thank you for it, and best of luck in the contest.

Pinkie is pan-dimensional. All Pinkies are as one Pinkie. Across the multiverse it is the great Pinkie Continuum.

Also assumed that she knew Celestias name from stories, but that ending added a while new level of whoa.

And sweetness and fluffy, I love this. It’s so....


PInkie Pie is my favorite ship for Sunset Shimmer so this story works for me even with the slight twist.

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Dropping bigger and bigger breadcrumbs for nearly a year has Pinkie practically flinging wonderbread slices at this point :pinkiesmile:

I still wonder if anyone has noticed the character tags yet

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Hee! Great to see some familiar names, Now that I finished with mine I can start peeking at your entries now too. Even if we are technically competing this is turned out to be a lot of fun. We are all rowing this shipping ship together :raritywink:

I want to say Somnambula Because walk like an Egyptian is a fun song~

I have one single complaint: Why is there not MOAR?! T_____T

If I may say, you best bit of misdirection has to be your cover image, over your tags. As that's the first thing you see, it tricks you into thinking that that's what you mean over whatever you tag.

Very enjoyable story, I must say. :pinkiehappy:

:facehoof: I forgot there was a second chapter...

In any case, lovely stuff in this chapter as well... though now I wonder what human Pinkie gets up to in Equestria. Still, great to see Pinkie drag Sunset into a lifestyle that embraces both worlds. Again, thank you and good luck.

That was a surprising twist, but the whole thing was really sweet. :pinkiehappy:

You did a good job capturing Pinkie's randomness and I enjoyed their interactions. You did a great job. :pinkiesmile:


I still wonder if anyone has noticed the character tags yet


Hahaha. That's genius. A massive spoiler hidden completely in plain sight in a way that practically nobody would notice. Absolutely superb.i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/820/704/9f5.gif

Loved your story, hoping to see it placed, for a worthy SunsetPie ;)
That was an unexpected plot twist, but how you pictured them was very special, which made me enjoy it even more 💛❤💕

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You are all so sweet and wonderful to say such nice things! :pinkiehappy: Glad I could get a giggle and make some warm fuzzies

*Cracks her whip* We need a sequel or a prequel! Work fanfic author, WORK!! XD

I choose to believe this is canon. Actually, more that they’re all pandimentional to some extent. Why else would Sci-Twi have wings?

That could work. Though actually I tend to think that having wings in Pedestria is a separate distinction from being an alicorn. It’s just that both Twilights happen to qualify. That’s also why Sunset has wings when powered up but hasn’t ascended in Equestria and such.

Aww. You're a sweetie to say :pinkiehappy: Glad you enjoyed!

It was so good. Reading some of the Journeys stories I'm glad I didn't enter cos I'd get my ass kicked

This was rather beautiful :raritystarry:

I loved that part about Sunset and Celestia. Just a really touching moment, and a really clever way to explain Sunset attracting Celestia's attention. The part where Celestia customized her sunsets was really interesting--I've seen the idea of Luna arranging stars and whatnot before, but never seen it applied to Celestia.

And Pinkie's rationalization for staying with Sunset was similarly beautiful in a very Pinkie-ish way :pinkiehappy:

This isn't my favorite kind of story--for all the good ideas it presents, the easiness and problem-free nature of the conversation, while very very sweet, feels like it doesn't do as much as it could with some of the ideas and mostly just presents them. But as a snapshot of two people being in love and reflecting on each other, this was wonderful.

Thanks for writing this! :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the wonderful comment!

Heh, yeah. In my mind Pinkie isn't the sort to hold someone's hand or talk lovey dovey. She's plenty sweet and with a sugary personally but the darlings and 'oh my beloved' is more a Rarity thing. Though, Pinkie is the kind to do something for someone even thanklessly if it meant that person could be happy.

And yeah, it's fair to say that the conflict gets resolved quickly. The perils of working under a time crunch and contest conditions. Still I am happy you still enjoyed even when it was something outside what you would normally read. All I usually hope for is to get one smile from a reader :heart:

This was a very fun and sweet story. Perfectly portrayed Pinkie Pie here XD (and yes the alliteration is deliberate)

I especially liked that ending. Aww... :twilightsmile:

Cute and upbeat with plenty of sweet. Nice work!

Okay, didn’t see THAT coming...

That was freaking epicly cute and a ship I never saw coming. The honesty behind Pinkie’s emotions and worry over Sunset was almost tearjerking!

Fantastic job. Utterly fantastic!

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Thanks for all the kind words! It really means a lot to see someone enjoy my sillyfic. It might not have placed in the contest but it brings a big smile to hear people get a giggle and some twanged heart-strings out of it :pinkiesmile:

No problem! Thanks for sharing this story

Awe! This was so adorable!

and funny, lol :)

Still making my way through your library. I didn't know what to expect with this one, but the twist definitely got me good, and I like your characterisation of Pinkie, and of this relationship in general. Pinkie and Sunset was always a fairly strange ship to me, but it really goes to show that an author who puts the effort in can make anything work. Another good one. Thanks again.

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