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It started off as a normal morning for Sunset. Get up, shower, get dressed, eat cheap discount cereal from the bargain store, and head to the Sugar Cube Cafe to hang out with her friends. Yet as she did so, there was this overbearing feeling of someone watching her. Maybe she could ask Pinkie about it since she’s conveniently bolting down the road towards her.

Sex and Profanity tags are just for insurance, as the joke of the story is kinda mature.

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What a reaction to finding a pregnancy test.

I think you'd have to do a little better than Pudding in Pinkie's locker Sunset...

I'm...Wut? They thought their friend was Prego and their first thought was a brass knuckle abortion?


It was the long con. By putting pudding in Pinkie's locker, she stayed and ate it, and by staying and eating it she missed a test, which adversely affected her grades.

Great little story.

Sad thing is that this reminds me of the idiots I used to hang around with in school. Now, 20+ years later i wonder how many of them are still around. I figure that at least 1/3 have Darwined themselves by now.

The Monk

This is the best thing I’ve read today..

Feminism mate
Abortions are the in thing with them.

I just found this video on my favs on Tumblr and my smile was wide and stupid. oh Trisha you dumb whatever you are and your punching of friends all the same it was funny and I saw no reason to leave anything but praise so have a nice week

I am disappointed in the lack of people who know what this is from.
Sure, it’s only been up for 3 days, but still.

In a flash, Pinkie slugged Sunset right in the uterus and Sunset toppled over, clutching her stomach, and leaning against the restaurant for support.

Knew it was MPGIS the moment I saw this line. Freaking love that series.

And yes, this is the comment that my username is talking about.

Well... I didn't expect that reaction to the news XD
I love that Pinkie's initial thought is 'Sunset is too magic!'

I feel honored. I actually got a lurker to make an account and vocalize about something.

I thought Pinkie was going to say sunset, got her pregnant or something.

Rainbow whirled around and slugged Sunset in the gut. “GAH! Motherfuck! ” Sunset fell to the ground in a crumpled heap and was twitching, even as the other girls all arrived in time to watch.

I got a good laugh out of that. Should've seen the ending coming though.

An enjoyable blend of cute friendshipping and punches to the reproductive system. (I'm just glad no one tried it on Mrs. Cake in all the excitement.) Thank you for it.

Not the dessert and pie filling, but the inevitable human counterpart of a pony named Pudding. Said Pudding ate all of Pinkie's emergency pudding (in case of a pudding emergency) so Pinkie and Pudding probably panicked.


So I'm not the only one who thought it was dark? Maybe that's just not my kind of humor I guess. It is well written though. :unsuresweetie:

A positively panicked Pinkie and Pudding, in pandemonium over purloined pudding pinched by Pudding over the predictably preposterous pugilism of Pinkie Pie? Please. Such piratical poaching predicts positively painful preturbation. Poor pudding, predestined to the piercing post-pudding petulance of pink people. :pinkiecrazy:

Um, yes, I am also a wut. Great is my puzzlement over the wutness of this. Funny story, though. Just wut. :rainbowhuh:

Pinkie's veeeeery lucky Sunset wasn't pregnant. If she had been, Sunset would have killed her. Ponies do not approve of killing babies/foals/etc..

Umm.... How do you know that ponies don't support abortion.
As far as I know, there is no Canon material that indicate whether or not they support it.

Yes! Canon material indicates that ponies do not condone killing.
But for something to be considered killed, it must first be considered alive.
When is the result of an intimate union considered alive?
When it is a Zygote?
When it is a Embryo?
When it is a Fetus?
When it is actually born?

Should the safety of the mother or the child be prioritized?
Can the child's birth and childhood be economically be supported?
What if the child is not wanted due to the result ignorance, rape, ect...?
Will the child be birthed with such a major defect, that it may be considered a mercy to abort it?

Just saying.

As far as i see it, Sunset is just mad that she was punched, and that is it....
No more, no less.
She got her revenge, and it was delicious!

I personally asked if they wanted the kid before punching them in the stomach but you know

And not even bothering to say sorry about the jumping to conclusions. Why is it these girls have such hard time saying 2 little words on these stories.

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