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Sunset Shimmer hasn’t been the same for the last few months. She still says that she loves Pinkie Pie, but she doesn’t show it like she used to.

Desperate to rekindle their passion, Pinkie takes Sunset on vacation to sunny Puerto Caballo. With a week of sun, sand and Caribbean fun ahead of them, Pinkie wants nothing more than to spend quality time with Sunset. But Sunset has other plans.

Written for Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Journeys.

Special thanks to Legofan, ChudoJogurt, GaraTheAuthor and Undome Tinwe for their help and support.

Art by Legendary Spider.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 11 )

Pinkie can be tough viewpoint character to work with, she's both a fountain of smiles and bouncy cheerfulness. Though in the episodes we've seen she's always had this undercurrent of anxiety that can strike her worse than Fluttershy. I think you captured that very beautifully here. That breathless on the edge between happy and sad Pinkie seems to live day by day by. As well as her insights and sensitivity to the happiness of others.

The relationship with Sunset between the two felt really real and natural and the conclusion was a great feels moment! The setting was fun too, I loved our favorite parrot pirate cameo.

Bravo and good luck on the contest! I did a pinkie-set story too, but if I have to be honest I think yours is the better one and well deserved :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for the kind words and I'm glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy:

It was tricky writing Pinkie, but I'm glad I was able to pull it off. The relationship too was hard to get right.

Anyway, I'm sure your story is good too. I was going to read it after work. :pinkiesmile:

Thanks again!

Never write something like that again! I don't have enough to complain about.

Now to be honest, the story was good. And I can assure you, that there read and felt like a real relationship. (Even more so when you had something similar yourself.)

Congratulations, I had to smile most of the story. Though realisticly speaking that kind of end is not the common one. Good thing you chose the good ending.

So, thank you for the hard work and this good story.
Please take a virtual Baumkuchen(if you prefer a real one please give me some time to get the funds for Morning express^^) and some tee, coffee, beer, rum or mead.


That was one strong story. Feels, love, struggles, characters being themselves, everything was really here.

With Pinkie it makes sense, I mean Sunset can't blame her for who she is, and I don't know if Sunset could be really blamed (well at least more than Pinkie, with how much she hurted her before bringing her to her painting, not noticing Pinkie efforts, etc.).
Seeing Pinkie trying to do better, and to make everything perfect for their date is what thrilled me.

“How can I love you, Pinkie, but still not trust you?”
/);3;(\ That's what caught me in this story, makes it so different from others, about love and trust.

Did Sunset was really embarrassed then bothered by Pinkie's actions, because how much she slips her secret, about her painting, or both (as she said thzt her mind was somewhere else last night).
Before the pirate ship moment, she was already distant to Pinkie, but then Pinkie feels it's since a long time she's like this (as she said, "since she has lost her spark").

And with Sunset trying to trust Pinkie Pie by telling her she's Flanksy, it shows she loves her enough to try again and fixing her relationship.

I hope so much that you'll be placed.
I wish you good luck 💛❤, for this amazing SunsetPie story.

9165653 thank you for the virtual Baumkuchen :twilightsmile:

Wow. Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm super glad you enjoyed it so much. :pinkiehappy:

A great little piece. Pinkie was the perfect choice for this kind of story, because of how much much she is. It made it hard to tell if she was valid in her concerns or just overthinking it. In particular the idea that contentment and happiness are mutually exclusive to her, it fits.

I liked the slow buildup to the reveal, which was surprising but works in canon. I also like Sunset's dilemma, because I can totally see how it would be hard to trust Pinkie with secrets and trust is a big part love.

Overall very well done.

Hoo boy that was tough to read. Them fucking feels had me struggling through this. So glad it ended for the better.

Agh, I'm sorry it took me this long to read this wonderful story. But it was a great read - a wonderful insight into Pinkie Pie's head, and the anxiety to have everything be fun and perfect beneath her usual bounciness.

Also, the vacation spot was a nice way of working in Captain Celeano, Mt. Aris and such from the movie. Nice touch.

Author Interviewer

Okay, those were some surprising cameos. And the deep canon dive into the EQG shorts, too! :D


This was TOO cute! I loved it <3

If you ever watch the new EqG special, Sunset's Backstage Pass, I wanted to tell you that I related a lot your story to it, because in a way it felt very similar.

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