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In a freak storm, the abandoned building Sunset had been calling home for almost four years was destroyed, lightning and fire leaving naught but memories and ash. Her friends rally around her, offering support and a sofa to sleep on.

But this won't do - not for Generosity.

But even with a roof over her head, Sunset can't help but feel out of place. It's up to Rarity to look after her friend, and maybe even help Sunset find herself a home?

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Poor Sunset! :fluttercry::pinkiesad2:
At last her friends are with her!

But you wrote that Sunset lost everything - she still have the book, right?

It's pretty good so far, waiting for an update. :pinkiehappy:

I'm loving this, keep going.

This actually had me nearly brought to tears which is hard to do for me. This was truly a great start and I am left wanting to see more added to this very brilliant and wonderful story. :twilightsmile:

That was a really good start. I sure hope you continue this.

To the author, don't forget we just got a bunch of new Equestria Girls tags for the humane 6.

7878983 I doubt the book got harmed. Celestia doesn't do much by halves, with the exception of fully explaining things that should be. Even if it did, It's twin would have something happen to it which would've indicated such so Twilight would probably figure out how to get Sunset a new one.

I'm very excited for the next chapter! o:

Very nice start, and also RARISHIMMER WAAAAAH <3

The cheer at the end made me cringe a little but the rest sounded really interesting.

I like ware this is going.

“Are your clothes still damp, Darling?”

Don't capitalise "Darling".

7892807 Cheers for trying to help. The thing is, both editors I ran this past said I should, because it is being used in place of name, and names get capitals. :rainbowhuh:

If it bothers you, I'd be happy to swap in upcoming chapters :twilightsmile:

Her full stomach was full,

This meal provided by the Department of Redundancy Department. And now a word from our sponsors! :yay:

I'd delete the first "full" in this sentance.

Other than that, cool story. :pinkiehappy:

I feel bad for sunset but I think this will be a good restart and a push forward with her friends to help too. I like how it's going so far, keep up the good work :-D

7879400 Kinda wanted to reiterate my thought here, and more clearly say it.

Due to her cutie mark, a lot of people assign pyromancy as one of Sunset's major skills. As such, I would bet that Celestia warded it against common and most magical fires. It probably also has stain resistance for when drinks, food, or ink get spilled on it.

It was able to send a message to a completely different and largely separated world. The portal does connect them, but it isn't a constant thing, until Twilight made it so. Therefor, that book is no small amount of magic and powerful things tend to take a lot to damage them.

I really hope that the Journal was at school, because it was its link that allowed the portal to work at Twilight's command, and not just at each 30 moons... if it was destroyed, no link... :pinkiegasp:

The beautiful remark felt kind of forced. i felt like the whole chapter would still have been great build up and bonding between them even without it. maybe better without it since it wouldn't have that moment that took me out of the story.

amazing story so far please update it soon and i caught sunsets slip up so clestias is her mother in this story good always like that

let me guess sunset is going to offer to work for rarity

Whooo hooo new update :D

I'm glad to see you writing again , and as always your doing excellent work

so when is sunset goign to check her locker for the journal

Patience Aceina, patience. :twilightsmile:

I am glad to see that you are enjoying this so far.

8127715 patience is against my religion :P

Slowly things are turning for better, don't lose your hopes Sunset!

I'm in a Wow guild with the same name as this story.

The journal should be in her locker. Why? Because if it had caught fire, the journal in Equestria would have as well.
However, it is also possible that it is sitting in the rubble, perfectly intact. (Magic books are notoriously hard to damage unless one is willfully trying to.)

I like where this is going. MOAR! if you don't mind

Maybe some of Sunset’s stuff survived the fire, as far as far was we know, Sunset's guitar would only need a simple quick fix. But only time will tell.

See the diary of Tom Marvolo Riddle for further reference

I don't normally ship thesr two but I like where this is going.

This is an interesting premises...You got my attention.

I was going to ask when Sunset was going to find out about the journal, but someone beat me to it. I just have to wonder what would happen if Sweetie Belle was dropped on her doorstep again?

I do hope that you get the chance to return with more story. A good read so far.

This is a good story, hoping for more to come :twilightsmile:

Glad you updated. I'm really liking the story.


... It's a reference to My Past Is Not Today

Like a Phoenix burning bright / In the skyyyyyyy~

Ouch. No more book. No way for Sunset to get in contact with Twilight. Does the other way around hold true as well? I have a feeling I know what Sunset is planning but we'll see.

Yeah. That was obvious. The reference just felt incredibly forced to me. Hence the cringe

sorry for your loss glad your story is back thoe

Why didn't she go back and dig through the ashes for anything that may have survived?

If she did then that's that, but it sounded more like she went home to find it in flames, or after Emergency Services was finished.

If you need desperately an editor I'm in

Thank you for the offer, but it's not an editor I lost.

I used to write my stories for someone, and she would read them as I wrote, occasionally having her own input.
Any of these that say I co-wrote are essentially 95%-100% me.

We don't talk anymore XD

So I've gone from writing for someone, and getting nudged every week to write, to writing for the good folks on here following this; it just takes a bit more self motivation now. :twilightsmile:

The two friends bid farewell to the rest of their group in the car park, and not long after they arrived back at Rarity’s. One door fight later, and they had flopped on the couch.

It's just amazing that a couple sentences reminded me of all of Rarity's apartment. Good work on this chapter!


Now I'm imagining a side story where Twilight's book spontaneously combust right in front of her. And it's hilarious.

Well, not to be pushy but I happily volunteer to nudge you.
I simply must know what happens with this possible ship.
*Nudge nudge nudge*

Such a cute story!! Poor Sunset...Rarity truly is the element of generosity. :raritywink: Awaiting the next chapter patiently! :D

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