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Rarity has a lot of different mannerisms. But kissing someone on the cheek? Sunset had only seen her do it a few times, and never to her. She could have written it off as a friendly gesture if her magic hadn’t flared up and caused her to see the truth behind Rarity’s actions.

Now... what the hell is Sunset feeling?

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I normally don't like Sunset x Rarity ships, but this was handled beautifully, if a bit too quick. Then again, teens will always be teens, so the public make-out is nothing out of the ordinary.


Thanks! Yeah they moved a bit quick but hey I know what teenagers are like haha. Again, thanks for the nice words :>

“Well, I’d be a little surprised if we weren’t, darling,” Rarity admitted. “We did just, erm, make out in public. A bit unladylike, but I’ll make an exception just for you.” She giggled and gave Sunset a quick kiss on the cheek. It still managed to send lightning down her entire body. “That one was a thank you.”

Rarity giggled and gave Sunset a quick kiss on the cheek. It still managed to send lightning down her entire body. “That one was a thank you.”

Accidental repetition

Good stuff tho

whoops! i tried to move that part around and I guess I left in a double copy. thanks for pointing that out

hooo man.

this was good. like….I want them to be the OTP now. That level of good.

And it was a good depiction of Sunset’s power making the whole thing just a bit awkward. But not too awkward, because that’s not who Sunset is.

The only thing I would point out is that perhaps Rarity said “Darling” a bit too much, but it wasn’t every other sentence, so it’s fine. :raritywink:

Hey thanks! And yeah you’re right about the amount of “darling”s haha. That’s absolutely my bad. Thanks for the kind words :)

I wish THEY were OTP smh. They should have had more good moments

Always equestria and magic to help her grow stronger or cure the muscle loss. Great story. Or twis science

Know what, this was worth reading. I'm glad I did.

That's true! Though, ya gotta wonder how safe it'd be. Worth a shot, though. Thanks!

I tought this was the pants story, and was surprised to see it on the featured box again─ And even more surprised when it wasn't!

Good story for a good ship, and just in time for Sunset Day!

Haha thanks! I’m pleasantly surprised to see you recognized the cover style, and I assume you read Stupid Rarity as well. Thanks for the kind words! And yeah! That was perfect timing, if completely unintentional

As a teenager, can confirm.

I hate SunsetxRarity but I remember stumbling across this gem a couple of years ago and still like it. Nice piece of floof.

The ship’s not for everyone :P I know lots of people don’t like it, but hey thanks for giving the story a shot anyway :)

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