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"Do you ever feel like you were born… wrong?" 


"I mean… I dunno, sometimes I feel like I was meant to be a pegasus. Like you."

Rainbow often wondered what it’d be like to be a pegasus. Too bad she wasn’t born one. A mare can dream, though. Sometimes that’s all she can do.

Thank you to Sir Fiddler for prereading this :)

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Immediately intrigued!

You finished a 1756-word story in just one night? That's amazing! And it's really well-written too, not some sort of crackfic or cringefic.

I'm glad ^^

It's all the speedwriting. Sometimes ya just gotta spew out a bunch of words in a limited amount of time haha. I'm glad you think its well written :) Thanks

Thank you to Sir Fiddler for prereading this :)



I'll remember to credit you in my fic too :>

Reminds me of the comic (issue 81) featuring the story of an earth pony who dreamed of flying with the Wonderbolts and experimented with heavier-than-air flight.

Too bad Rainbow Dash has no technical skills to speak of (as far as she's been presented in canon, anyhow).

You manage to eke put some strong emotions yet again. Good work, Jay.

As much as I love this, I'm going to be the grammar police here. Pegasus is always capitalized. You missed it every time here. I blame this being a speedwrite.

All that said, I do love that somethings never change. AU or not. Though I do wonder what this will mean for the future. Unless I missed it, the events of the show won't massively change.

Flutterhy and Rainbow don't feel any different. Aside from the obvious.

I'm overthinking this aren't I?


Pegasus is always capitalized.

You're wrong.

Auto-correct normally capitalizes 'pegasus' because in the general world it refers to a specific individual - Pegasus, which is a proper noun and thus capitalized. In the context of this (and other stories on this site) it refers to a species and does not need to be.

You sure didn't insist that Earth Pony be capitalized every time, and it's the same thing.

Usually, yes. The original Pegasus was a unique creature, and so Pegasus in context of Greek mythology is a proper noun. However, pegasus is a common noun in the MLP universe as there are many of them. Just like human is generally not capitalized.

"It looks like an eagle," Rainbow said with a smile. "I think I could be a good eagle. They're awesome, like me! Plus, they're great fliers, and I think I'd be a good flier too if I had wings."

Made me think of → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdoSy4ROZpg

I'm trying to think of any grammatical reason why "pegasus" should always be capitalized? It's not a proper noun, it's not a nationality.

If only she was more of an egghead haha.

Hehehe thank you ^^

I feel like the only thing that would change is that Dash won't be a Wonderbolt. I dunno what else it would really affect. Probably nothing. Thanks for the comment.

Haha yeah true ^^

Who did the Rainboom would change. Might've missed it, but it does sound like it did happen and the girls got their cutie marks 🤔.

Oh pfft yeah thats a uh... that's a big one. Actually, when I was writing this, i remember considering that, but i figured they'd all just get it in a different way. Its subtle, but I implied that Twilight isnt there, which is why Rainbow brings up Lyra and not her. I also considered having Rainbow mention Applejack in a way that insinuates they arent friends, but just acquaintances, but I couldn't find a way to make it seem natural.

Twiilight not being there could mean this is set before she moved to Ponyville. That's what I got anyway. Either that, or I'm overthinking what this.

Its very much open to interpretation, really. Take it as you want

No problem. Anyway, speaking of being able to speedwrite, TEACH ME YOUR SECRETS, SENSEI!

Honestly, the way I learned was just do start haha. Joined Quills and Sofas and I never looked back. Now I can (on occasion if I have an idea to run with) write like 3k words in an hour or two

As someone who can write 1k words in an hour, I can tell you it's just about practice. Speed isn't everything, mind, quality is more important.

But you can set yourself a timer for 30 mins or an hour, write just during that period and check how many words you wrote. Repeat as often as you need to. Eventually you'll get faster.

I... Jesus this hurt to read. That sort of longing, that ache in your soul... it's a familiar one, and to see it on Dash is just painful. You did well writing this, for sure.

This was sweet. The best stories often come from impulse writes when you're feeling down.

The irony I suppose is most everyone reading this story don't know what it's like to fly either. So we're in Rainbow Dash's shoes as well.

If I'm not mistaken, G3 Rainbow Dash was an earth pony that always dressed in style. :rainbowderp:

This is such a sweet Story and quite honestly, discribs how i feel. I ofzen look up to the sjy, mostly at night, and wish for wings, even if they where only there for an hour mine. Just sorow trough the skys, be close to the stars, feel the wind...

Now i am sad again

Thanks for the advice.

So if her name is Rainbow Wish and she couldn't make a sonic boom, what's her cutie mark? Lol sorry this is immediately where my mind goes.

Thank you very much, I did my best to try to convey that without bringing the entire mood down. Glad you liked it!

Precisely. Maybe we all long to fly a little inside.

And yes, you're absolutely right about gen 3 Rainbow Dash haha.

Having wings would be pretty cool. Sorry to make you sad!

Haha no no that's fair. I was thinking that too as i was writing and ended up just assuming her cutie mark would just be a lightning bolt (no cloud) and I did have a reasoning for that (i even drew it in the cover art!) but I can't for the life of me remember :P

Lmao well this story was certainly a delight and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you!!

Hey, watching this story made me think of a lot of bronies who use Pegasus as OC, including me.

Very sad, but great little story.

My main ponysona is a pegasus, too! So I empathize.

Thanks for the comment :)

This is sweet. You have shaped the characters well, and it's almost heartshaking to see Rainbow still being ambitious and enthusiastic even if she has no wings.

I couldn't say anything more. Fic's faved; I'm moved.

Thank you very much for the kind comment :) and also for the fave

Eh its okay. i like beeing sad. Sad is good... Sad means i still feel something xD

I can relate to RD really hard here. It hurt to read this. So, good job. I could feel that longing. I’ve felt it a lot before (for different things).

Good job dude this was phenomenal.

Thanks man! Sorry to hear you could relate on different levels, but I figured that would happen to at least one person, seeing as how it stemmed from some feelings I was having.

Thank you for the comment :) have a good one

Sheesh are you always this extra? 🙄


If only she was more of an egghead haha.

Perhaps her situation would improve when Twilight finally comes to town. Though regularly casting the butterfly-wing spell would probably get exhausting.

I feel like the only thing that would change is that Dash won't be a Wonderbolt. I dunno what else it would really affect. Probably nothing. Thanks for the comment.

There's also her relationship with Scootaloo, which in canon was the result of her being attracted to Rainbow's top-tier flying skills (some have speculated that Scoots was specifically hoping to get some help learning to fly herself). Unless Earth Pony Rainbow Dash has something equally appealing to bring to the table, that probably wouldn't happen. Which would stink because Rainbow Dash would become a major source of emotional support for Scootaloo while she was being basically raised by whatever local adults weren't busy.

I figure that when/if Twilight even comes to Ponyville (consider that the Rainboom doesn't even happen so maybe she didn't even end up in Celestia's school, or like, things turned out different), Rainbow probably wouldn't make her do that a whole bunch. In fact, she implies here that she was gonna go visit Lyra (who did attend Celestia's school) so I figure she'd know how hard that butterfly wing spell would be.

And additionally, you're right about Scootaloo. I'd like to think they'd both somehow bond about wanting to be able to fly and try to find ways to do it together. After all, Rainbow Dash is still awesome. She just can't fly, so if her and Scootaloo ever interact, their bond would probably be very similar just a bit different in terms of what keeps them together.

Again, I made this very open ended. You're welcome to take the story as you wish and make your own predictions about things that would happen. These are just my own "headcanons" for my story haha

For what it's worth, there's also the fact that both Pinkie Pie and Cherry Berry own pedal-powered helicopters. Perhaps one of them could hook Rainbow up. Plus Scootaloo actually has shown mechanical skills. So even if Lyra couldn't handle the flight spell (Twilight looked like she was about to pass out when she cast it on Rarity), there is hope.


This is such a sweet Story and quite honestly, discribs how i feel. I ofzen look up to the sjy, mostly at night, and wish for wings, even if they where only there for an hour mine. Just sorow trough the skys, be close to the stars, feel the wind...

I myself have looked into building myself an airplane, but my current job is in an area where housing prices are such that you'd have to be as filthy rich as Filthy Rich to afford a place with the necessary workshop space. Though that could change when I get more of the experience that employers in my field like to see.

Now i need to make art of Rainbow with a pedal plane or on a hot air balloon or something haha

A short bit sweet story, hope there's a sequel.

*looks at your comment, then looks at my 1 story and several chapters of other stories over 3k all written in one night when they were written...* :scootangel:

Hehe, no planned sequel, but that's never stopped me before. Thanks for the comment!

And I see you're a fellow quick writer B) Nice

Well done. Not the most artistic piece in the world, but definitely a beautiful one.

Some says that the beauty of fanfics lies in fulfilling unreachable dreams. Yet, to live isn't all about getting what we want, but seeing what we have. And this piece of gem has done it so well. It reminds us how lucky Rainbow Dash is, to be exactly who and what she wants to be.

Hopefully, we should try to live our life, not as Rainbow Wish, but as Rainbow Dash.

Also, the reveal on Rainbow's name is awesome.

Thank you for the kind comment :) It means a lot. I do agree with everything you said, especially that we should live like Rainbow Dash.

Also haha the name was hard to figure out, glad you enjoyed that reveal :)

*sees how much you accomplished in one night and does a spittake*

It's all about preparation.

Before I start writing a story, I start an outline of who the main protagonists and antagonists are, what the conflict/plot is, any relevant world-building tidbits and any supporting characters along with how they tie into the story. The current story I'm writing, Blind Hope, I've been working on since at least 2016, with one aborted writing attempt that was unpublished in 2017. Hell, the main character is based on one I created for a high school creative writing project almost 20 years ago. I didn't actually get down to writing it till March this year

The only exception to this was "Of Cold Nights and Long Sleeps", which I wrote out of spite when a bunch of Sunset "Anon-a-miss" fics were published in a short amount of time with paper-thin plots (SUNSET SAD SUNSET KILL HERSELF HURDUR... god I hate Anon-a-miss stories so much, 99% of them are shite).

Also, being able to type 90+ words per minute helps too.

👁️👁️ yall plan your stories? damn maybe I should try that

I hated doing it in high school, always felt it was a waste of time, but it actually does help. Having it available as a reference if you're writing a long story helps a lot, especially if you want to avoid contradictions or plot holes.

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