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It was a simple, straightforward question. Or at least, that’s what she thought. Nevertheless, she looked at the mare opposite to her and cocked her head. “Pardon me, but, do I know you?”

Originally written for Quills and Sofas Speedwriting “Do I Know You” Panic and expanded to this. Thanks to The Red Parade, AFanaticRabbit, Atom Smash, SnowOriole, nagolucky, BaeroRemedy, Morning Sun, and Emotion Nexus for prereading during the contest.

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Jay, why must you make me feel such sad. And why must you make me want to praise you while doing it.

its a special talent i have apparently :ajsmug:

Ah yes! A bastard!

You are a meanie head who writes good stories. Keep it up.

What about meeeeeee? ;(

How does something of this caliber have so few views(at the time of typing this)? This needs to be seen. Also, hi:heart:

Aw shucks thank you so much :>.

To be fair, lots of great uploads recently, hehe. And hi!

This is about alzheimer's right?

I'll make sure to remember reading this later :moustache:

Rarity’s voice trailed away. How could she have forgotten? Spike was big now. He had grown. They all had. It had been so long. Just how long had it been? Rarity studied the IV that connected to her. A cold chill ran down her spine. She helplessly looked around, but all she saw was white. White walls cascading around her, and the muffled noise of a vinyl player.

Damn it means one thing

ive literally had this playing for the past 45 minutes and didn't even notice till I went “hey wheres that music playing from?”

Oof i barely past a minute due to my adhd and other stuff

Same reason, opposite problem. I have ADHD and totally forgot this was playing haha I just thought it was somehow coming from inside my head

Two words, LIVING WILL!!! As well as three numbers. 3 5 7
That is no way I want for me to ever to live through

Well I have to say it is without a doubt the perfect song to listen to while reading your story and contemplating the tragic horror behind it.

This hurt to read, in the very best of ways. :raritycry:

:ajsmug: i’ve been told i have a talent for making people hurt from time to time

glad you enjoyed :)

This is painful to me. And yet, so painstakingly accurate.

Thanks, a like and favorite+ add to best stories because yes.

Very much appreciated! I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the bookshelf add :)

The reccord player bit feels like a reference to something, but I couldn't tell you what exactly. Probably one of the horror walking simulators I've seen the youtuber "CJUGames" play.

Its not really much of a reference, just something I figured maybe Rarity would be hearing at whatever point she's thinking she's at, if that makes sense. But maybe I was referencing something without knowing it haha

I think there was some game based around alzheimers being like listening to distant music with your memories, and that guy I mentioned's played a few of them.

Oh yeah that sounds familiar. I actually do recall now, i wrote that because of the effects non-conventional stimuli has on people with memory problems and Alzheimer's. I used the feel of the blanket here to show that, but at the end also the "music" portray her to confusion.

Man, this is never a nice feeling, watching someone you love slowly loose themselves. Very well written so good work

Yeah I was definitely trying to make it feel as not nice as possible haha. Glad it worked lol

Thank you :)

The accuracy of it all is painful. Well done.

Not what I was expecting, but powerful none the less.

Thanks for the comment. I’m curious, what were you expecting?

I was expecting some kind of spell focused on Twilight that caused either everyone to forget her or just Rarity. Maybe have Twilight shifted out of phase with Equestria, rendering her an insubstantial ghost.

Ah I see. That would have been definitely more creative than what I did haha

Rarity is old and has developed a pony version of Alzheimers?

oh no... poor Twi. Thats why i think Immortality is a curse not a gift


Never fun. My grandfather had that. He only got his memory back on the very last day of his life...

Yeah, it’s definitely not something I’d wish on anyone. And I’m sorry to hear that

you mean Immortality?

Man, that dementia. This one hits close to home.

Uuhm yes, i should not use my Handy for writing xD damnd Autocorrect. Sometimes it works, most times not

As someone who's grandmother suffered from dementia, this hits close to home. It's well written, and I was touched by how accurate you made it. You don't forget everything, just snippets. You have a vague idea. So... Thank you.

I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. I am glad I was able to do this type of thing justice, my last intention is to make a serious issue seem lime a joke, especially when done somberly like this. Thank you for reading and for sharing <3

Trust me, you did far from making this a joke. Rather, you made this a very touching story about a serious illness. Thank you. :)

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