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What was the most important Friendship Lesson I ever learned? Well, it happened one night many, many years ago...

During a check-in visit to Sweet Apple Acres, Twilight finds a much too old Applejack overworking herself. The farm is lonely, the orchard is diminished, and Twilight is worried. A talk about the past reveals Applejack’s current struggles with the farm, her family, and herself.

Originally written for the Quills and Sofas Unremarkable contest. A few minor edits were made here and there, but it’s almost entirely unchanged. Thanks to Posh, Decaf, MushroomPone, RedParade, and NoponyPones for pre-reading and giving feedback during the contest ^^

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This really really sweet, yet so sad. An interesting look at a type of future I can see Applejack's life going. Though it does make me wonder what happened to big Mac and his side of the family since we know he had a kid. That said, it doesn't take away from the experience of this one. A very nice read for sure.

Thank you for the comment ^^ in the original version of this, it was mentioned that Big Mac and his family moved away to open what could be referred to as a new chapter of the Sweet Apple Acres name, but some of the prereaders said I should either expand on that or remove it, so I decided to leave it up to interpretation.

Glad you enjoyed :)

Probably for the best then. I feel it would have added a lot of fluff to the fic, possible breaking its calming mood and pace

Yeah that’s pretty much why I made that decision ^^

This is so sweet, yet also sad. It captures the emotions very vividly that it leaves an impact on the reader. There's a lot you learn from getting older and often you can feel lost within yourself. I'm glad to have been able to truly empathize with this piece. Great job, and keep up the good work~

Thank you so much! I’m very glad you enjoyed it >~< thanks for the nice words

pls this is a my little pony fanfiction website

Oh man that's so sad how Applejack is just working the farm by herself and what happened to rainbow dash 😢 and jest glad the twilight came over there and talked to her about it

Sad but well written :ajsleepy:

Thanks ^^ and sad seems to be the general consensus here haha :raritydespair:

Hello, a review of your story has been posted. I hope you find it helpful. :raritywink:

“Time spent wasting

Don’t waste it.”

~One of Cage the elephant’s song in their album Melophobia telescope.

While I'm deeply sorry to have ruined the gamer number of upvotes you had going for you by being 70, I'm not sorry to have read this nice little story. Your way of writing AJ really brings me back to a lot of my favorite spins on her from writers like Cynewulf, Bookplayer, and Bad_Seed_72 and that is a hella good thing. I generally don't touch stories that use the teen and up warning labels and then try to creep back down in rating, but since you're a good writer and (platonic) TwiJack is still (platonic) TwiJack, I was willing to give this one ago. This is a very mature perspective on growing much, much older than I am, and the way it invites the reader to feel with these two well-loved characters gives this story a homey, authentic atmosphere. Death and loss can be discussed without despair, and you showed Applejack's mourning and aging state without making it feel like her hope for reuniting with her wife will ever be in vain or an inherently dark subject. Another good piece.

Ooaahhh thanks. I’m actually glad to hear it worked out since... well I’m quite young myself you know hah. I am loving these comments :>


well I’m quite young myself you know hah.

Bro, I'm almost twenty-two. I'm not that friggin' old.

I am loving these comments :>

Gay gay homosexual gay.

Hehe well that’s still a lil bit older than me. And yes, very gay


Hehe well that’s still a lil bit older than me.

Lmao you're a friggin fetus :trixieshiftright:

I told you I'd start reading some stories on your main, and this one was a good coffee companion this morning. No essays this time as I'm A) writing this on my phone and B) this was a story i can't flood with predictions haha. I've always enjoyed the Twilight and Applejack friendship dynamic, and this one did a great job of portraying both. I've luckily never known losing my other half, but AJ's persistence to keep working herself to the bone because she doesn't know what else to do... I've known people like that. This one managed to be sad while not venturing into melodrama. Just an honest, simple story I'm glad I chose to read this morning. Great job!

Ah hey fancy seeing you here! Wow, this one’s an older one I think holds up pretty okay. Honestly I think the show robbed us of more Twijack interactions, I think the two are great friends and always have some interesting moments. Thanks for the comment! Always interesting to see what people have to say about these kinds of stories

thank you very much! this is so cool

Author Interviewer

Really, I could do whatever I wanted. There were laws, but I am the law.

Something something Judge Dredd Sparkle :B

Pretty good. My only gripe is that the premise is really similar to Applebuck Season.

Thats fair enough! I can see the similarities. Thanks for the comment

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