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Meeting herself was not really something Sunset had ever planned to do. But once she does, she insists that they’re different people. What that leads to is something she was not expecting to enjoy.

Second place finalist for the Sunset Shimmer X Sunset Shimmer Shipping Contest! Proof read by Sunlight Rays

Sex tag is only for suggestive jokes and comments. This is not as serious as the title and cover art makes it seem.

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Honestly I would love to see a nsfw version of this

I kind of want to see shimmer’s reaction to equestria. I wonder if she’d look that much more different when through the mirror and most of all… I kind of want to see some more romance of the uh… y’know… fluffy hand holding / hoof holding variety…

Hmm now that’s definitely a thought!
And how could you bring up HAND/HOOF HOLDING on my SFW story smh smh

Now that is what I call self love

Shes just being kind to herself

Wait 'til you see mine. :raritywink:

Did she actually have a "what would Appleack do?" moment? :rainbowlaugh:

all good decisions are made if you consider “WWAD” (what would applejack do)

Alright! This is definitely one for the books. I’ll talk to you later, I have some… unrelated things to do.

Sounds like a Twinlight Sparklecest Spinoff

Haha, the sequel nobody asked for

Heh, that was funny. Now I want to know what Shim's job was. Thanks for the read.

Kinda wish we had a, errrrr, NSFW verison of this...

Selfcest is always fun.

~Skeeter The Lurker

You know, you’re not the first one to say that...

Of course, I like making people happy so I am writing one, but whether or not it will ever see the light of day is undetermined. Guess we’ll see :P

Great job! Got some laughs outta me and I love it!

Hah thanks! I’m glad you liked it :>

I approve of this.

I like it!

This was a nice read! :pinkiehappy:
Wonderful horse words! :heart:

Aw thank you! That means a lot to me :>

I loved this story and it’s definitely one of my favorite entries in the competition I hope to see more from you.

Also agree with everyone else an NSFW version would be great :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you! That sure means a lot :)

And haha I know, everyone keeps saying they want an NSFW version :P
We’ll see…

So I am being chased by some (evil?) doppelgänger through the streets? My first thoughts will be on safety and protection. I have never read a more creepy non evil sunset as this one; I would of caved it’s head it and let the MiBs figure out the rest.

I can’t even finish this; suspension of disbelief is so completely shattered by character thoughts and reactions it feels just random.

hmm i dont know if everyone would resort to violence in that situation. maybe just you? lets hope you dont meet anyone who resembles you :P

We don’t belong.”

excellent hook. as always, your descriptions are vivid without being overwrought, with just enough poetry to connect to deeper themes, intended or not. the reflection on a shattered mirror is a trope for a reason!

Almost fearfully, Sunset hesitated before moving her gaze up to the mirror. Her eyes slid shut automatically, and she gritted her teeth as she pried her eyelids open after a moment. Turquoise eyes slid up and gazed upon her reflection.

It was normal.

ah, love the tension and release here. still felt it, even though the place in the story made it clear it would be nothing. that is skill!

As her bike growled and purred beneath her, a speck of white falling on her nose caught her attention. It fell on the light blue wool—a present from Rarity—and stayed, blurring in its closeness to her eyes. Sunset went cross-eyed looking at it, but the snowflake never came into full focus much to her disappointment.

great texture in this moment here. so understated, yet effective in contrasting the two versions of Sunset, despite the latter still being just an anonymous rider.

“It obviously does! Come on Twi. Bad-ass looking biker chick with red and gold hair and a faraway, yet hardened look in her eyes?” She crossed her arms and stared at her ceiling. “Come on, that’s totally hot and absolutely me! I do all those things all the time!”

ah, the shipping starts early and appropriately, i love it!

It was no longer like looking at a picture of herself, but like looking at a game version of herself. Like when she played Simuls and made her ideal self. That Sunset, and she was sure she was a Sunset now, even walked better, striding in with swaying shoulders and perfect confidence on her face. It was as though the entire room lit up upon her entry, and Sunset couldn’t help but stare.

now that is a character intro

With a yelp, Sunset watched as she shot out of the café.

haha, love this subversion of the earlier buildup

The warmth of blood toyed with her skin, and she looked down to her shredded clothes, prickles of red showing through her rawed skin. It stung, and she frowned, clenching reddened palms together.

the repetition of "skin" is the only thing that mars this great sequence

Getting a closer look at her, even with blurred vision, Sunset could tell that Shimmer was a pure casanova. Sharp, defined features set the stage for a near symmetrical face, framed by perfectly messy flames for hair, only marred by one scar going through her eyebrow. Talk about hot.


. “Heh. Never thought I’d be lying in a ditch again,” she mumbled.

made me go back to Obelus to check, but that was a telephone pole, not a ditch!

With their newfound closeness, Sunset could feel many things. While she wasn’t exactly scrawny herself, Sunset could tell Shimmer had a bit more muscle on her. Other than that, she was almost exactly the same. Sunset’s grip on her tightened as they struggled their way up the snowy hillside.

ah, such a classic shipfic setup, played straight. love it!

Sunset frowned a bit, then shook her head. “Sunny?”

“I hate it,” Shimmer admitted, “so I figured you would, too. Was I right?” At Sunset’s nod, she snorted and smirked.

this is so Sunset of Shimmer. i would fall for it too, if i were Sunset

“Only some ponies can do those things, and there are only a ho–handful who can do both.”

nice catch there!

Sunset felt her face redden under Shimmer’s shadow. Her hand let go of its grip on the beer and it clattered loudly on the floor behind the armrest. Afraid to move, Sunset simply gave herself a tiny smirk. “To be fair, you’re the one straddling me.”

aaaaaa this is such great escalation! exactly how tension between two versions of an easily-frustrated Sunset would go!

Both Sunset Shimmers let out a breath, working in tandem as the powdery, falling curtain of silence outside the window fizzled to a slow stop. The air was silent and still, filled with electricity and the audible reminders of the human burden of oxygen dependency.

oh, this is great. that peppering-in of a detached, scientific tone to contrast with the sensuality of what came before. it's the kind of thing i love writing, and thus reading. i swear, you are tailoring this to me specifically.

And I left my number in your phone (we have the same password lol)

(not anymore I changed mine)

The Cooler Sunset Shimmer

this entire note is gold

Grabbing her phone from her bedside table—the wallpaper was now a picture of Shimmer with a double horns sign and her tongue sticking out (oh so that’s what that was!!!)


Woah. Wait, a tongue piercing? Did you guys talk a lot or something? How’d you find out?”

hahaha oh noooooo

Well, I certainly don’t understand, nor do I think that it’s morally acceptable, but I suppose there are no real laws against it seeing as you two are not related and are literally the same person,” Twilight said quickly. “Do what you want, I guess, but people are going to think the wrong thing. If you… date.

great use of Sci-Twi to lampshade the more uncomfortable interpretations of this!

“Well, it is,” Shimmer agreed with a shrug. “But then again, so is you being some… magical unicorn from another dimension,” she added with a wink. “So who the fuck cares, right?”

well that is certainly one way to react to that revelation. if magical unicorns are real, everything is permitted

Fellas, is it morally wrong to date an alternate version of yourself?

a question for the ages! one certainly not resolved by the fic itself, though it does make a good case that the Sunsets would have a good time if they ignored all that.

well this was absolutely fantastic. a tour de force of possibly narcissistic, possibly morally uncomfortable romance. everything i could have ever wanted from the premise played straight. thank you so much, jay!

Omg this comment made me smile so hard! I’m glad you enjoyed what I put out there haha. All the things you pointed out were definitely things I had hoped you would enjoy so >:) success!!!
I was half asleep before reading this (I’m on hour two of a 6 hour bus ride and I get sleepy on vehicles) but you filled me with so much joy I’m wide awake again!
Thanks for the nice comment!

I'll leave a quick comment because I'm at work. Loved the story and loved the depiction of the characters. I haven't read many of these sorts, with the self-shipping, but I really enjoyed this one. I really hope for more!


Aw thank you for the comment :> I find that there isn’t a lot of self-shipping on here that isn't just smut, so I definitely am glad that people enjoyed this one. Thanks again :)

barkeep, I demand another

ask and you shall receive


If this is wrong I don’t wanna be right. It’s a shame that handsome devil in the mirror isn’t available

hands down the best possible comment

The bike gave one loud roar and for a moment Sunset thought it had worked. Her smile faltered in the split second that she felt her ride bump beneath her. The uneven country roads jerked Sunset forward, forcing her to lean on her handlebars and turn the bike in a different direction. Frantically blinking snow out of her eyes, Sunset let out a quick scream as her instincts forced her to grip tightly, effectively braking her bike. The road became like ice beneath her wheels as they lost all traction. She knew what that was: hydroplane. The wheels spun-out from beneath her, and in a split second, Sunset braced herself as the bike slid sideways, dragging her across the hard, snowy ground.

The impact brought ringing to her ears as her bike slid away from her. Her head recoiled off the ground and shot stars into her vision as everything blurred. She had ended up in a ditch, somehow, though she figured it was better than being on the side of the road. The warmth of blood toyed with her skin, and she looked down to her shredded clothes, prickles of red showing through her rawed skin. It stung, and she frowned, clenching reddened palms together. Sunset huffed and brought her head up. Her skull pulsed with pain, and thanks to the numbness the cold brought on rather quickly, Sunset was able to take off her helmet, though she couldn’t decide if it helped or not.

As a person who has driven along the icy roads of New England and experienced hydroplaning, you did a good job of capturing my worst fears.

Thankfully, Human!Shimmy was there to give Pony!Shimmy love and cuddles.:heart:

Haha, Canadian here! I totally get what you mean. I’ve been in cars that’ve hydroplaned quite a fair bit. Super scary! Thanks for the comment :)

awwwwwwww! i loved that, every bit of it

especially every time sunset thinks to herself that shimmer's totally hot though and then says it out loud. perfection! :pinkiehappy:

Hey thanks! Means a lot

I think its a funny idea to have Sunset speak her mind a lot since her power is that she can hear peoples thoughts/see their memories, hehe

I usually try to write a comment immediately after I've read something. The obvious advantage of that is that everything is still fresh in my mind. The disadvantage is that... I still require a bit of time to sort through the jumbled mess in my head and some things, some lessons or interpretations or morals, only really come to fruition days or even weeks later. At which point I usually cannot remember where they were sparked from. Ah well.

It's an interesting angle, this one. It could only ever work with someone with impressive self-confidence, I think. Which is why Sunset works splendidly, even though I have to agree with Twilight. It's weird. I know that there's a sequel to this one. (My next tab, in fact.) I'm curious how this will... continue. Sunset admitted that she was partially afraid to ever encounter herself, because she didn't trust any version of herself. Which, you know... I get that. Something still drove her to seek Shimmer out though. And on the other side, Shimmer showed up in Sunset's life for the first time. After she had been living here for years. With all the weirdness going on in town, it's harder to believe that Shimmer never noticed any of that. So maybe she's new to town. Maybe this job is new to her. If so, something pulled her here. Maybe it was something mundane, sure. Convenience. But she had dreams as well. Maybe she was pulled here as well. And at that point, it's starting to toy with the concept of fate, isn't it?
I'm probably reading too much into this. But that's a fun part of all of this.

Shimmer took all this surprisingly well. And quickly, too. It didn't really take any 'convincing'. And she was the one initiating anything beyond conversation. I'm curious to see where this will lead.

Thank you for writing!

Thanks for the comment! I agree with the idea that this would only work with someone with confidence. I think it would have been so much harder to write this story had it not been Sunset because not only is she confident, but I feel like she’s already lived through some weird stuff.

And yeah, I do also agree that it’s weird, haha. I think magbe fate could be part of it. Maybe good old convenience for the sake of the story. Who knows?

Again thanks for the comment!

Convenience for the sake of the story? Pch, preposterous! :rainbowlaugh:
I think you need someone... hrm, for a lack of a better phrase: Who is 'in tune' with himself. Or herself, obviously. Someone who's seen his or her own abyss and came to some sort of balance with it. And I suppose being bi- or homosexual helps a lot, too. :rainbowlaugh:
I'm really not sure if this story would have worked with anyone else. I'm trying to replace Sunset with others. Twilight. Pinkie. Rainbow. It works with some, but never quite as well as with her. Interesting.

“This is ridiculous,” Sunset muttered as she splashed cold water on her face. Her skin was red-hot to the touch, a likely aftereffect from the nightmare. “I was never able to find out about the me from this world,” she mumbled. “I just thought I didn’t exist.”

But it seems like you'll find out sooner than later. :fluttershysad:

After a gruelling four hours of sleep, Sunset was much too ready to get out of school. Her physics class had gone painfully slowly, even with Twilight trying her best to make the detrimentally miserable Sunset smile. Prods to her shoulders and dorky notes on the edges of her paper did serve to force the corners of Sunset’s lips up, but the slight irrational fear of reflections that lasted the day following a bad dream only helped to push them back down. What was worse was that she couldn’t quite remember the dream other than the feeling of pure wrongness that prevailed into her waking life.

slow, not slowly*

The sports bike next to her revved, roaring loudly in the way only a sports bike could. Sunset shook her head and looked over once more, though the handler of that motorcycle did not even glance her way. Steel hard eyes locked onto the still-red light, and through the tinted visor, Sunset swore she could see hungry eyes, the type that she used to see every day in herself. A knot grew in her stomach. Something wasn’t right, but it didn’t exactly feel magical so much as it felt… wrong.

That is clearly a red flag! :twilightoops:

Chuckling dryly, Sunset rolled her eyes and sat up. On her wall rested an old mirror, sporting a huge crack down its middle. Her reflection split in two; one side was mostly normal, and the other further divided her face, cutting her hair short and scattered. She pursed her lips and locked her eyes on the mirror. “I’m... “

Why does she have that? :applejackconfused:

Too much to drink? “But I only had two! You’re on your third ,” Sunset defended, clutching her beer closer to her.

Why does Sunset have beer, she's not legally allowed to drink yet. :duck:

She groaned and spat into the sink, rinsing out her mouth with water. “I just had to go chasing after her, didn’t I?”

Yep. :ajbemused:

Before she could even pick up her brush— Wait, where is my brush? —the sound of a knock interrupted her. A final glance around revealed that her brush was nowhere to be seen, and with a frustrated growl, Sunset did her best to smoothen out her bedhead with a hand as she approached the door.

Either she misplaced it or Shimmer took it. :unsuresweetie:

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