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When Sunset Shimmer first came to the human world, she met a very special girl. This girl would go on to become her guide to the world, as well as her girlfriend. This pairing didn't last, however, as Sunset's selfish and destructive nature drove a wedge between them.

Now, years after their breakup, Sunset gets an invite from her former lover to meet up again. No longer the manipulative bully she once was, Sunset takes the opportunity to make amends with the one girl she never got a chance to, and repair their broken relationship.

An entry for the Sunset x Sunset contest. Also my first story published to FimFiction!

Edit 30/10/21: What the crap, I won?

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I must say, for a first story, very well done!

My heart is melting that was such a cute fluffy story. 👍:pinkiehappy:

So that's why the flashbacks were in that order!

The dynamic between your pair is refreshingly alchemical, flowing smoothly from who they are as indiiduals. Many of the "present day" scenes leave a first impression as almost filler... possibly related to the hi! we're an item again, kthx? that just kind of happens by proximity. The ensemble at the beginning was fun and impeccably voiced. Th3Displaced - now there's a fraught handle!

This one's a more subtle story than most, but, while it does some things well, other areas may want some polishing. Thanks for writing!

Thanks for writing. :)

Well, that's certainly a take on the Sunset Question I doubt many had considered... a pretty sweet one, too.

Sunset gulped. “Your… your history books. I read all about your kind. About your technology. About your weapons. Your wars. You humans are… horrifying.”

Yeah, sometimes when I need to keep myself awake I'll open to a random year in my encyclopedia and read about the atrocities of the time.

This story is so cute, and beautiful!^_^

Rainbow then gave a short snicker. “God… I still can’t believe that you used to date your-”

“Dash,” Applejack interrupted, giving her a stern look.

“What?” Rainbow asked. “Come on, you gotta admit that’s a freaking riot!”

“Rainbow Dash, show some respect!” Rarity said.

hehe, it definitely would be Rainbow Dash to say this


always fun to see inexplicably ponified versions of things in the Equestria Girls universe

Th3Displaced: Hey there, Shimmy. Remember me?

very interesting username there! displaced from what?

shimsham616: Sunny? Is that really you?

idk if this was intentional but that is an ominous choice of number

Th3Displaced: Oh, that’s right, I never told you where I was going! There was a reason for that, but whatever, doesn’t matter anymore. I live in this cozy little apartment in downtown Baltimare…

both Sunsets are living in apartments on their own in the city so young!

Sunset still looked confused, before a thought occurred to her. “Oh, um, right,” she said with a blush. “Sorry, I’m a little out of it today. Uh, forgetting things left and right!” She nervously laughed.

well, how’s she going to explain when there are two of her walking around? makes sense that she is not thinking things through after being caught off-guard (heh) though!

“For the love of Celestia, Sunny, you need to learn to live!” Shimmy shouted.

love that she says this despite how bizarre it would be to the other Sunset

“OUR name?” Shimmy growled. “Let me tell you something right now, you little faker. Sunset Shimmer is MY name. A name that everyone should know is a name to be respected. A name that people should associate with power and dominance. A name that is worthy of an all-powerful ruler like I so very much deserve to be.

yes this is pre-redemption Sunset Shimmer so true

“I came here seeking to amass power and take it back to my world to show them who I am! And I am still dead set on making that dream a reality! And I am not letting a WEAK, WORTHLESS, INFERIOR COPY like you TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME!!”

and oof

“Good riddance.”

and oof! and this does fill in a bit of how pony Sunset was able to land in the human world on her feet, despite having to learn how it works for the very first time as a child, if she simply took over the life of a too-trusting human Sunset!

“You bet your pony plot I was!

fandom reference! 

“And I forgot just how much I missed you,” Shimmy replied. “How could I ever drive away a person so sweet and perfect as you?”

“Be careful, you’re starting to border on narcissism here,” Sunny giggled.

i mean given what we just saw of their last interaction, yeah, i am with Shimmy here!

Sunny then put a finger up to her scalp. “Great minds think alike, I guess!”

same brain moment

“And now look!” Sunny added. “I now have a new life, great friends, AND my girlfriend who is myself! I have the whole package!”

honestly that really does sound like the whole package

“Shimmy, you don’t know what you’ve started,” Sunny said, looking back up. “We now have a blemish on our record, and whoever this guy is, he’s gonna come after us! I’m not prepared for this!”

“You don’t have to do anything,” Shimmy told her. “If he comes after either of us, I’ll handle it.”

“NO!” Sunny shouted. “No more fighting! And no more getting detention! I can’t afford any more mistakes!”

what is neat about this ship is that it is SciSet if the two characters were alternate reality versions of each other that take turns living the same life

Sunny raised an eyebrow. “What’s the matter? You act as if you’ve never seen identical twins before!”

oh boy, that joke could get awkward later

“Shimmy, these are my friends; Starlight Glimmer, Moondancer, Vapor Trail, and Gabby.

oh, so that’s where all those characters are in EqG!

Shimmy gaped in awe. “This is incredible! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a beautiful scene before! Oh, I have to paint this sometime!”

always love to see Sunset’s canonical painting hobby

“Couldn’t have picked a better time to come here,” Sunny told her, motioning to the sky. “We already have two Sunsets here… why not add a third?”

perfectly terrible

Sunset gulped. “Your… your history books. I read all about your kind. About your technology. About your weapons. Your wars. You humans are… horrifying.”

The doppelganger bit her lip. “Oh, geez… if you really are from another world, then that is one hell of a first impression.”

oof, yeah! i can definitely see young Sunset having buyer’s remorse after that

“Where are we going?” Sunset asked, as they began walking.

The other Sunset smiled. “Home.”

aww! i really like the structure here, with the flashback scenes being told backwards until their very first meeting, and oof, this line hits harder knowing what is in store for their futures. works on two levels, too, with the apartment being a home for the two of them and then just pony Sunset, giving a great layer of dramatic irony. always love stuff like that

Wouldn’t trade you for any other version of me

Love you Shimmy <3

and a very sweet way to end it! i don’t usually go for happy endings, but interesting shipping situations like characters dating alternate universe versions of themselves are the exception. i just want to see those work unironically. very glad that the contest resulted in an entry such as this!

Thanks so much for the thoughts, I appreciate it! I had a lot of fun writing this and I'm glad so many people enjoyed.

Interesting fact: The original concept for this story was very different, and a LOT darker, but I retooled it for the sake of the contest and time restraints. And I can definitely say that I like this way better than what I initially thought of.

This is so beautiful! I will admit I'm not the biggest Sunset x Sunset shipper but I did love this fic so much <3

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