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Rarity agrees to go on a date with Trixie. It goes better and worse than you think.

Tagged with 'sex' for some rather raunchy comedy, but nothing explicit.

Story includes: A vending machine date, unconventional romance, polyamory, gremlin trans Trixie, and Flash Sentry mention. Enjoy!

Proofread and edited by Fidd and Jay!
Cover by the lovely Opossum_stuff!

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TCC56 #1 · Apr 5th, 2022 · · · 1 ·

Ooooh, RariTrix. An uncommon but always disastrous interesting pairing. This should be interesting.

I certainly aimed to be both disastrous and genuine! Hope you like what you've read so far!

Part elegant, part trash goblin, the best kind of Trixie 👌 Can't wait to see how this goes!

Seer #4 · Apr 5th, 2022 · · · 1 ·

This was cracking stuff Ruby! Really enjoyable and I can't wait to see where it goes!
Your Rarity was very on-brand, but while sticking to her established cues you also managed to put your own spin on her which was both noticeable enough to make an impression, but subtle enough not to be too in the face, which is a pretty bloody hard balance to walk
Your Trixie, however, was definitely, and fittingly, the story's showpiece. Her comedic lines were well delivered, you had her smugness down to a T, and never crossed into making her outright obnoxious which is, once again, hard to do.
Overall I thought this was a super funny and charming first chapter and I can't wait to see what you do next! :twilightsmile:

Huh. This looks quite a lot of fireworks with a cunningly woven fuse. Looking forward to the explosions.

You both flatter and fluster me! I'm super excited to see your name on a comment as I don't think any of my stories have yielded them before, but in any case, you'll have to excuse me while my heart nearly beats out of my chest! Super excited you liked it so far! I put a lot of work into the other chapter, and it's in my highest hopes that you enjoy that one too! Thank you so much for the comment!!

THANK YOU!!! The bulk of the work on this fic was balancing a lot of things simultaneously, which became harder the more things I took within my grip. To see you say that I did all these rather deftly really makes me feel fulfilled and that all my toiling was worth it! Thank you so so much!

What the help is gremlins trans?

gremlin trans Trixie

Is there any other kind of Trixie? :trixieshiftright:

I don't know if Starlight is going to be cool with an open relationship with anyone who isn't Sunburst, or maybe Maud. You absolutely nailed gremlin-mode Trixie. I am prepared to wince at her behavior the whole way through.

Wanderer D

This looks pretty amusing so far, looking forward to the next one!

AaAaaA!!!! Thank you so much! I'm happy you liked it! I'm leaning more and more into writing a sequel that explores their budding romance as time passes!

Nice story. I admit to wondering if all the downvotes are because you use the phrase “gremlin trans Trixie” in the description.

Thanks!! I'm truly overjoyed at the reception of this story, er, the positive side of it anyway. I remember hearing how stories with trans characters have to pay "The Trans Tax," and I guess my fic isn't above that. It's unfortunate, but as they say, Illegitimi non carborundum. In any event, I'm glad you liked it! Thank you so much!

It always happens with explicit trans representation, except when it's fetish bait.

I want to let you know. This paragraph??

“So uh…” Trixie started, turning the dial up on her radio as Rarity retrieved her bag, making the shrill notes of whatever passed for music in her deranged mind that much more intrusive. “You into noise music?”

It was the first time I heard of noise music, so understandably, I was like "what the f*ck is noise music?". 15 minutes later and I'm watching a music video of a "song" called very noise by igorrr and now I'm traumatized.

Task failed sucessfully.

This was amazing, I look forward to a sequel!

Some excellent chemistry between unexpected partners here. The key to any good pairing, improbable or otherwise, is to explore both the commonalities and differences between the two characters. See how each attracts and/or repels, how they react to those initial reactions, then to those reactions, and so on and so forth. This may seem obvious, but people manage to botch it time and time again.

You did not. Lovely disaster of a first date as both girls let their masks slip. Looking forward to future installments, especially once Starlight gets added into the insanity. (Given that this appears to be specifically human Starlight, it should be interesting to see how she may diverge from her pony counterpart.)

Me: Huh, noise music? I've heard that term before. I should look it up, maybe it's a new genre to listen to.
*Ten minutes later*
Yeah, no :pinkiesick:

Yeah, that was the great difficulty with getting this fic to work! Trixie and Rarity are in a lot of ways similar but in a great many others different. They both have huge egos, they're both very vain, and neither of them are super ready to admit they're wrong. However, they're also both genuine. We see both of them in the show letting their guard down and having heart-to-hearts many different times. So it's not a stretch to think that these two, who have known, and seen the highs and lows of each other for years, would have such a conversation. I'm glad that came through as natural and believable! It was a great fear of mine that for all the things I was trying to do within this fic, I'd fumble the most important ones such as making the relationship work.

This is more of a personal aside, but I know what you mean when you say that other authors fumble a bit when it comes to writing crackships. To me, a great relationship is one that is open, that's honest, that has clear communication and complete respect for boundaries, space, and conflicting desires. That is, you and your partner aren't going to want the same things at the same time, and you probably don't have the same goals for life either. You're different people, and I love it when fics show that and make it a functional working relationship. Where this goes wrong is forcing characters into common ground, or hamfisting commonalities as an in-road to the start of a relationship. These not only feel odd and limited to the reader, but unrealistic to people experienced with this kind of thing. So when writing a ship, and especially a crackship, you have to find the differences and find the common ground, and blend them through natural chemistry and fluid interaction.

To circle back from that tangent, I'm really happy that you enjoyed this fic and noticed the ways it could've gone wrong, but remarked upon how I didn't fail in those. It was a tremendous amount of work to revise and sharpen them up to make it feel real, and I'm glad my work bore fruit! I hope to get the sequel planned and out sooner rather than later, but who knows how long it can be. Thank you so so much for the comments, and the follow as well! They mean the absolute world to me!

I based the album Trixie was listening to off of Oneohtrix Point Never's album called Rifts! It's definitely not a sound that's for everyone, and I'll admit seeing both of your reactions made me laugh harder than it should've. I felt it was a very Trixie thing to listen to. Honestly that or some kind of band like Paramore.

Neece #22 · Apr 7th, 2022 · · · 2 ·

I liked the crackship. And how natural it felt! You earned a like and a follow, intrigued to see what you'll come up with next :twilightsmile:

You had me at the content warning. This will be the next story I read.

This was really cute! It was sweet how Trixie tried to make things work with Rarity and somehow managed to succeed. It was interesting seeing the public faces they put on interact and how they shed them with each other. Which is to say the characterizations were great!

I really enjoyed this. Great work, Ruby.

Trixie is such a chaos gremlin! It's magical how natural hers and Rarity's relationship evolved.

Aw, this was a lot of fun. XD

It was a really, really neat twist to learn Rarity's sense of failure and collapse is 1,000% in her head given the clues offered by Trixie. Who is a shid, but I love her. Just a fun story all around with them.

I'm extremely humbled and stoked that you both read and had fun with my fic, Dan!! My aim was to make Trixie as much as a little critter as I could, and I'm always very flattered when people say that she was! Thank you so so much!

Rather enjoyed this, though Trixie felt a bit more Rainbow Dash then Trixie to me. Also not quite sure about Trans Trixie? In the sense that nothing in the story really required/hinged on her being a trans woman. Obviously that also means nothing stops it, just seems an odd thing to highlight when its not really relevant or brought up in the story (save perhaps some vague descriptions ?)

She turned up her nose with a “Hmph!”, and wheeled back around to the textiles.

hehe so Rarity

It was always what Rarity didn’t have that drove her up a wall, and right now she didn’t have a few things. No customers, despite being the best boutique in Canterlot, and arguably in the tri-city area. No commissions, despite being at the top of her field. And no plans with her friends, as they were all busy with their own lives.

skill issue

She slid the hair from her mouth, letting it stick to the side of her face, caking in her high-end makeup in the process.


Then a thought sprung into her head as her fingers curled around a pint of chocolate-cherry ice cream, “Am I… a bad girlfriend?”

yes that is the action that would go with such a thought

“Hmph! He’s shallow, and he’s a waste of your valuable time!”

so true

“If only,” She scooped some of the last bits of chocolate from the bottom, “Someone could come through the door who could give me an expensive commission, who could give me a date I’d never forget! Someone who’s gorgeous, and great, and available!” She gulped down the last of the dessert. “Anyone!” Rarity lazily threw the spent pint to the trash bin beside the couch, barely making it in.

And that’s precisely when Trixie walked through the door.

hehehe very nice timing. the Gorgeous, Great, and Available Trixie, i presume?

“Yeesh, what happened to you?” Trixie cringed as the pneumatic door slowly hissed shut behind her.

“Take a good look, Trixie. This,” Rarity placed the back of her hand to her forehead, her voice coarse and cracked from the strain of crying, “Is the death of a career as it lay on the operating table. Dead and alone on arrival. I’m finished!

you know now that i think about it they are a pretty good match for each other in terms of overdramatics

Rarity fell back onto the couch, letting out a series of choked sobs and heaving breaths. That term usually hurt her, but when Trixie called her dramatic, it hurt more than getting pricked by every pin in Canterlot.

yeah, oof. that is a big L for Rarity

Anyway, I’ve got a great and economical commission idea. You up for it?”

never get tired of Trixie describing things as great and ______

“Yes, I used to do those… back when I wasn’t a washed-up failure!”

relatable line

Trixie huffed, “Rarity, I wouldn’t haul myself over here for like, the fiftieth time if you weren’t worth it — which you are. Not half as talented as me, let’s not kid ourselves, but still the only one in this city who can remotely capture my radiance.”

such a Trixie way to try to comfort someone, love it

Even if it was a commission and a ticket away from melancholy, it was still an infuriating Trixie commission. She wanted everything to an impossible degree of precision without ever telling you exactly what she wanted. Moreover, she would never pay in bits, opting for some piece of junk she found at the flea market or thrift store, or a hastily drawn ‘IOU.’

oof that does sound like quite the nightmare client. i expect nothing less from Trixie

“I’m hurt, Rarity,” Trixie placed a hand to her chest with feigned shock, “I always pay.”


The condescension, that’s what really ate at Rarity. Trixie was tasting the condescension on her tongue, as though the thin fantasy of grandiosity she preoccupied herself with was real and delicious to share in that agonizingly smug voice of hers.

such a great way to describe why Trixie is so great

“Oh, believe me, it is. Starlight said she wanted something to elevate my great and bountiful body, figured you’d know what to do.” Trixie was almost completely flat in every area except her personality, which was concave.

hehe that is a fun paragraph

A twinge of loneliness rendezvoused with envy in Rarity’s mind. It was always the thing she didn’t have that drove her up a wall, and in this instance, it was a partner. Here she was, completely alone, making a piece of bedroom wear that she knew Trixie was going to get a lot of use from. The thought was summarily exiled.

oh hey i've been in an analogous position. yeah it sucks!

“Ohh!” Trixie’s face lit up, “I do like the sound of see-through, but lace is based.”

of course Trixie uses the word "based"

She’d have almost forgotten that Trixie was in the same room as her if it wasn’t for the magician noisily opening a small pack of peanut butter crackers.

love the specific detail here

“Oh, for real?” Trixie said with a mouthful of cracker as she made her way towards the door, her oversized boots clunking against the tile with each step. “Thanks, Rarity, just make my boobs look big when I wear it. Ta ta.”

perfectly infuriating on multiple levels, Trixie is so great

Trixie let a foul smirk creep across her face as she closed the gap between them, always a dangerous sign. “How do you feel about cryptocurrency?”

yes that tracks

The sound of Trixie’s teeth noisily and messily biting into a peanut butter cracker from off the ground cut Rarity off. “Geez, Rarity,” the magician said with her mouth more than full of food, “You can date more than one person at a time. It’s not the 1950’s anymore.”

that is indeed how Trixie would explain it

“Why must you say things in the most unsavory way possible?” Rarity lifted her glasses and pinched the bridge of her nose.

ahaha Rarity gets it

Rarity tilted her head and raised an eyebrow, “To be positively honest, I thought you were going to escort me to some fetid back alley where we’d feast on whatever we could fight away from the rats. But the park sounds rather pleasant.”

honestly i also thought this

The magician made her way for the door before glancing over her shoulder, “Point taken, but it’s not like I’m some trash-dwelling goblin. I’m an acquired taste, not a rotten one.”

i mean she is at least a little bit a trash-dwelling goblin

The finality of what she’d just agreed to began to fully rest upon her shoulders as the door hissed closed. This would either be the greatest date she’d ever been on, or the worst.

that is definitely a true statement

“Oh Trixie,” Rarity mewed, glowing with radiance, “I’m so glad that you decided to ditch that magic act and get a real job.”

“But of course, Rarity,” Trixie smirked, her once ragged, unkempt hair fashioned into divine curls that fell just over one of her eyes, “You were so right to keep telling me over and over again. I’m sorry it took so long to get through my big, empty head. And thanks for doing my hair by the by, it looked simply dreadful before your gentle touch turned it to gold."

hmm things seem to be a bit too good for Rarity to be true here...

“Only that wonderful voice of yours that isn’t whiny or bossy in the least.”

so true Rarity's voice is not whiny or bossy in the least ever

The sky’s perfect blue mutated into a gray and overcast canvas, the gloomy remnants of rain the night before, just as red and puffy eyes remain after a good crying session.

very apt description

And that perfect partner that so gingerly caressed her face twisted into a… Clunky, beat-up sedan barreling straight for her?

dangit i hate it when that happens!

Rarity got up with a groan and peered down to her all-white ensemble to see a green-brown splotch staring right back at her. Her lip trembled, her eyes became glassy, her entire body prepared to let out a wail but a flash of anger boiled all the sadness away, as though it were a drop of water in a hot pan.

oof yeah that is a great way to describe how Rarity would be in that moment

Trixie looked almost completely the same from a few days ago, the only striking difference being a pair of grimy sunglasses, which she pulled down to address her date.

yeah that sounds right

even pushed into the mud on a rather clumsy attempt of a date between her and Applejack,

dang she should have gone with that one!

Simple white letters spelled out, “Only cringey cops pull me over,” — as if the expired plates were not enough of an invitation.

well the law does say that cops aren't allowed to do things that make them cringey...

Trixie’s fast food bags were completely spotless where there ought to be grease stains or some kind of wear and tear. Beyond that, they were completely empty. It was as if she was trying to put on the veneer that she was unclean when she wasn’t at all.

well that is just mysterious!

“I dunno, probably,” Trixie responded as casually as someone asking her the time. “I’m sure we’ll be fine thanks to my expert driving skills.” She boasted, running through a stop sign.

oof, i've been the passenger here before. never again in my old age!

“Of course you can pick pockets, why am I not surprised?” Rarity rolled her eyes with a sigh.

Trixie is definitely committing to the "do crimes" part

“Plus, Starlight thought it’d be real romantic to do like a picnic lunch kinda deal, and I was like ‘dope’ and she was like, ‘don’t forget the basket, Trixie. I made this for you two, Trixie. Wait, where are you going, you forgot—.’ Isn’t she great? I love her.”

aww Starlight is sweet!

Petrichor. That’s what Twilight called it once, the smell of the air after it rains. It was like a fine fragrance that one could only experience on days like this one, and it was almost comforting. Rarity placed a hand to her cheek, idly grabbing a lock of her frayed hair and placing it in her mouth to chew before drooping over the face of the table and breathing in the essence of a rainy day.

the contrast between these musings and trash gremlin Trixie lol

“You know I dated Sunset Shimmer in freshman year?” Trixie popped another Cheeto into her mouth.

that does add another layer to Sunset treating Trixie as someone she barely knows in the later specials

“Besides, Starlight said you’d appreciate it if I was honest.”

that is true, she would!

The keys dropped into a puddle as the shrill siren wailed. Rarity and Trixie both crouched for the keys and caught themselves enclosed in a moment in time as their hands touched and they looked up into one another’s eyes again.

shipfic moment!

“I mean, yeah. Obviously, you’d want a second date with me. Chicks can’t get enough of—”

“Trixie.” Rarity leered, applying the slightest bit of pressure in the right place to make her crumble.

“Sorry.” She brushed the back of her head.

aww, nice to see Trixie learning to dial it down for Rarity when it's important

Trixie was trembling, half from the cold and half from nerves, but she still wore that huge, dumb smile. She looked almost like Opalescence after a bath, except she was visibly trying to contain a burst of excitement as opposed to primal rage.

hehe, good callback/contrast

“So,” Trixie tucked a lock of Rarity’s damp hair behind her ear and stole another kiss. She could swear that tears clung to Trixie’s eyes, “Am I a good kisser or what?”

Rarity beamed before putting her hand to Trixie’s head and pulling her back into another deep kiss, letting her nails dig into her scalp as their lips connected. “I think I’m most of the talent here.”

i feel like this works really well in highlighting just how differently their egos work from each other. Trixie's statements are phrased like questions, more an extension of her performance than anything else, while Rarity's are direct expressions of judgment

“Well, Rarity.” Rarity hugged herself, shivering but warming herself with a smile wider than any she’d worn in years. “You were wrong. It wasn’t the best date, and it wasn’t the worst date. It was both.”

i would not expect anything less from such a date! Trixie was an excellent gremlin trans Trixie, and this story really makes me want to write a RariTrix of my own!

Trixie stomped, narrowly missing one of the crackers at her feet, “Well, what about exposure when I post this on my Onlyfans?”

Isn’t she in high school? :unsuresweetie:

The designer heaved in an inappropriately large gasp before covering her mouth. “Oh my goodness! It completely slipped my mind! Is Starlight ok with that? I don’t mean to intrude, or pressure you into anything-”

I appreciate the consent here. A lot of poly stories on here skip out on it, and the lack of awareness for partners really sours stories that shirk something so vital.

Trixie has such wonderful be gay do crime energy. Her shenanigans are glorious and this really happened to have some fun chemistry. I really hope you have more plans for these two.

That said, I feel like I missed where you included anything about her being trans. Granted, I read this without my glasses, but I was confused by the end because I didn’t recall where even a reference to that had been made. And I read this while in the mood for trans lit so that was a bit of a bummer when the description appeared to advertise trans content.

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