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Horse Words

My stories are almost as bland as my personality and that's not okay.



Sunset Shimmer has a stan account, which is the second most embarrassing thing one can have.

The first is that it’s a Rainbooms stan account.

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Wow, this was great! I can absolutely see something like this happening in real life. :rainbowlaugh:
Also, am I the only one who thinks the EQG Twitter should totally be called "Whinny"?

@twitwisparkles is OBSESSED with Rarity's youtube channel...

That was a frickin' riot, loved it!

It's like, the quintessential of Stan Twitter. A study of the environment in its natural form. But still grounded in the eg universe. Absolute hilarity.

Okay, I laughed over this.

Comment posted by Horse Words deleted Apr 14th, 2020

“I like keeping my professional and personal life apart,” prompting her with a raised eyebrow, Trixie quickly added, “and because I’m petty like that.”

Trixie is loev. Trixie is life.

The entire time reading this, the song echoed through my mind




besides that this was really good

Would it happen to be this one?

Please, my attempt at horse words does not deserve to be associated to that carefully executed masterpiece.

Jacksfilm Twitter from Android >>>>>>>>>> wall of china >>>>>>> my Twitter for android and that's facts.

Why Whinny? I kinda want to know, like is it a play on words to something, a pony reference, or like a parody of some sort?

Thank you so much 😭, it took a field day on Stan twitter to make sure I made the right jokes.

Well, in EQG "MySpace" was called "MyStable", so I just thought it was a funny reference. XD Horsifying stuff, you know. :twilightsheepish:

WHY DOES IT MATTER WHAT YOU THINK SHOULD OR SHOULD NOT GRACE YOUR STORY! because it does occur to you that the song works in this context.

Okay you win, you're right about that 🙂

The fact that stan Twitter is literally like that has me cracking the hell up

This is accurate.:trixieshiftleft:
Sadly. :trixieshiftright:

26% chance now :raritywink:

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