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Desperate situations bring out the worst in ponies. Sunset knew from experience that the same was true about humans. However, she had no idea how far people would go, how far she would go...
...before she fought with Trixie over the last Ice Cream sandwich in the bag.

Inspired by the cover picture by Uotapo and written in three hours on a train. Sorry, but I just had to!

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Desperate situations takes out the worst in ponys.


Yep, this was definitely written in two hours. I'd advise going back over it for spelling and grammar; you've got a lot of things like words with a space in the middle for no reason and vice versa.

Desperate situations takes out the worst in ponies. Sunset knew from experience that the same was true about humans. However, she had no idea how far people would go, how far she would go...

...before she fought with Trixie over the last Ice Cream sandwich in the bag.

* bring
* vending machine (it's OBVIOUSLY in a vending machine...)

Also, you really should link the source for your cover art.

Given the reaction so far, I'll add this to my read later list and revisit it once you've edited it.

7420291 When I get to a computer, I might take you up on your suggestion.

7420299 Alright, some changes made. And... yes, you're right. It is a vending mashine. Well, my bad. The story is already written. I claim artistic license.

...it isn't a vending machine. It really isn't.

Anyways, i thought this was pretty funny. Just clean up the grammar/spelling a bit.

7420552 Thanks! I Will try to find a computer later today.

7420545 Look at the art again. It's an individually wrapped ice cream sandwich that's clearly inside a vending machine. See the little dispenser-coil thing there? That thing that snack machines have that drops the food (or sometimes fails to drop the food)?

7420590 Did you read the comments? Where I explicitly said I would not read this until it was edited? The story's based on the cover art; I was pointing out the mistake the author made in re: THAT. Which he himself has said he won't change because it's too late now, but he acknowledged his mistake.

Maybe if you'd paid attention to what was said instead of rushing to criticize me...

Rarity with an Irish accent? Well that's new.

7420605 ok ok, you are perfectly absolutely correct in all things. I bow to your greatness, wise moth of mythril. We peons are not fit to stand in the light of your horsewords.

7420616 it's self-referensing... I wrote a story about that one year ago and realized that I have to use my own head-Canon a bit more...

7420626 I'm just so used to Rarity being refined in everything, including having some gratuitous French that her having an Irish accent came outta left field. I've also seen the Trixie Maud ship and I'm pretty sure Sunset broke up with Flash a long time ago.

7420631 well... It was my reaction to a chapter of Persona:EG, where it was revealed that Rarity faked her Posh accent. And I just felt "why give her just a normal accent? Why not make it more extreme?".
Trixmaud is cute. And... Who Said I'm shipping her with Flash?:pinkiecrazy:

But yes, it's supposed to come left field. I'm 10% troll...always.

7420642 I don't really care for Trixmaud and her boyfriend could be anyone since I'm used to a bisexual Sunset. I've seen the artstyle from somewhere and I really like it because it fuses anime and EG style together.

7420651 "From somewhere" would likely be the 5 million or so fics that use Uotapo's rather prolific Deviantart gallery as cover image source (hell, I've even used Uotapo's art at least once). Uotapo is the undisputed master of EG fanart.

7420651 Well, dem ships... They sail at Sunset. And I think she's Bi as well. And that artstyle is nothing but awesome. Really.
7420664 With Dm28 as a close second! I was going to say that they're equal, but Uotapo makes... Deeper shit. They're one of the few that combines really fucking cute with funny and dark at the same time and actually make it work.

it was cute ,spelling and such but you wrote it on train , so well done:moustache:

" First one to die... Looses."
Sunset smiled, and snapped her fingers. "Game on."

Can't resist:

Huh. There is a way to play a fair game of poker without any physical cards, though it's not really worth the effort and I wouldn't expect either of them to have run across it. And yes, that's the element of this story I'm going to choose to focus on.

Lots of spelling errors and Why is Rarity IRISH?????!!!!!

Spelling errors: yes I know. It's not a story I worked especially much on so they will stay.
Irish: I introduced her as Irish in another story and simply decided to run with it.

'Ere ya go!
But I must warn you, this one is pretty full of spelling errors too. (If I really care about the story, I work on it for a few days and get an editor. If It's just a silly idea or something I write to just write I don't think It's worth it and just hope for the best.)

Thx and you might get more readers on all your stories if you tried to fix the spelling on all of them.

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