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Moonlit Path

People are not born equal. That's the hard truth I learned at age four. But that was my first and last setback. -Midoriya Izuku



The first chapter
During spring break, Sunset, her friends, and the CMC decide to go on vacation to the beach. However after Sunset has a small clothing malfunction during a surfing lesson with Rainbow Dash, she finds out something very important...NEVER wear a bikini when surfing.

The second chapter
After a day at the beach alone, Twilight and Sunset discover something they have been oblivious to since Twilight transferred to Canterlot High

Written as a challenge from Mariofan

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“Ok...Fimfiction.net. Username Notebelle Lover, password Crusader.” Sweetie mumbled to herself as she filled in the information.


Lies! We all know Sweetie calls herself SweetAI Belle on Fimfiction.

Also, this got weirdly meta, but in an interesting way.

Why is this story rated e?

7421803 Sorry, I thought I put it as T. Changing it now.:twilightblush:


That was.. a very interesting read, specially the second chapter. And I am wondering what Rarity is reading, and what she is doing in private:trixieshiftright:

the 4th wall breaking ruined the story

It was great give it (5/5)

Sweetie is one of us humble writers I see, eh?

i feel like this could've been a separate story to the first chapter. but i had fun, i liked it :3

This was a great chapter! I'm kinda hoping for a sequel now.

Rainbow and Twilight couldn’t burst up laughing, as Sunset let out a groan.

delete 'couldn't'

Twilight involuntarily looked away, rubbing her hand together meekly before taking a deep breath.


The way you’re saying it, it just sound awkward.”


Rarity held shotgun so she could give directions.

Ummmm? :rainbowlaugh:

Rarity sang songed as she stuck her head into her little sisters room


Immediately Rarity noticed one tagged Rarity and Bic Mac.

Snerk...we implying Mac is a writer and this is the brand of pen he uses or something is pen sized?

And now to the next level where Gems Chick writes her own saucy tales.:raritywink:


Thank you. :twilightblush: I fixed them. Also...
She looks like the daughter of Fluttershy and Twilight :rainbowkiss:

implying Mac is a writer and this is the brand of pen he uses

You may have just given me an idea for another sequel. :trollestia:

7731340 It's supposed to be Bon-Bon, couldn't find a pic of Rars with a shotgun, This is next best thing I could find.

7731391 Really... Bon Bon? I can see it, kind of.

Also, that's awesome

7731403 Picture is much more dramatic full size when you right click the link and open in new tab.

“Darling, why are you wearing Twilight swim suit?” Rarity held her hand to her mouth so that Sunset couldn’t see her smiling.


Also, pretty sure it's 'swimsuit'

Me: Did you lose your bikini bottom
Sunset: No Genius, I found a bikini top
Me: Well if you're done with your sarcasm I happened to have one that I found earlier. Could this be yours?
Sunset: Yeah it is thank you so much
Me: Hands over bottom Anytime. I'm uncomfortable, Bye

That I needed to get out of my system

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