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During a sleep over with Rainbow Dash, a joke suddenly takes their night for an unexpected ride.

Warning: There's no action.

Unofficial sequel to Love Me Not.

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I needed the goofy grin and chuckle session :rainbowlaugh:


You know... maybe it could be even funnier is it revealed that Sunset knew what Rainbow meant, but was playing the clueless one... :raritywink:

That was amusing. :rainbowlaugh:

Hehehehe. This is funny!

Hey, glad I noticed this. It's a simple premise and rather short, but I as amused throughout it all and I found oblivious Sunset kind of adorable, although I think she's faking it just a bit to mess with Rainbow Dash.

I'm planning a 3rd story that connects this one to my first one Love Me Not :twilightsmile: Any idea suggestions for it would be appreciated. Just pm me

8050831 That's me too :rainbowlaugh: I'm always having to have stuff explained to me, hence the reason for this story.

It's going to be hard to explain everything to Sunset. Although Pinkie could get rather excited during the conversation. And if they aren't careful with all that food around, things could get real messy. I know that some things can be quite sticky.

MAKE MAKE THEM FUCKING RAPE EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8052221 Uhhhh...I'm sorry but I don't think that's going to happen. :rainbowhuh: This is the closest to clop I will ever get.

Quite fun, with Rainbow giving a masterful performance as a woman who is quite the sex fanatic!


You could have princess twilight come through the portal and her and Sunset have a lengthy conversation that's just loaded with innuendos and double entendres. Of course they don't realize it, even as their friends are trying not to die in the background.

8110016 I was actually thinking something similar, but it's Cadence lecturing Sunset and Twilight about that stuff.

I liked this :twilightsmile:

I kept waiting for a subversion, though, showing that Sunset might not have got the innuendos, but wasn't necessarily therefore innocent.

"Well yeah, obviously I let him put it in my ass, that's why he agreed to help me in the first place."

Minor error I found:

Just because I’m was a pony, doesn’t mean I go and

That I'm should be I.

I can only assume that Sunset has an oddly one track mind, or that none of those are euphemisms in Equestria, or both.

“Thanks. Sorry it took so long. Something's wrong with my motorcycle. It wouldn’t start so I had to walk here.” Taking off her wet jacket, she set it on the coat hanger by the front door before kicking her boots off. “Wow, that’s a lot of food.” Sunset whispered, gazing over the buffet that laid before her.

Hope they don't eat all of it because if they do they'd likely throw up. 😬

Sunset jumped slightly as Rainbow broke out into a coughing fit. “Really? I thought you’d be a master at it.” She laughed, punching Sunset in the shoulder.

Not everyone is good with it rainbow. :ajbemused:

Rainbow turned on her controller and synced it to player 1, before beginning to hysterically laugh. “Sunset, I was talking about mating. Did you and Flash mate?”

Had a feeling that's what she was trying to ask her all along. 😏

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