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After drinking a little too much, Twilight discovers that a dream of hers had already came true without her even realizing it.

Warning Contains: Stupid adult jokes because I just had to throw them in . No I don't usually do this, but I thought it would be fun for once.)

Rated T for alcohol and the above statement.

Part of the Family War Series

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I actually realized that the wedding between Cadance and Shining Armor technically made Twilight related to Celestia since it first aired. I'm just surprised more people haven't pointed it out.

*lol* :D

Wow, either the hard apple cider is really strong, there was a lot of it, or twi doesn't take alcohol very well.
I just found you and I like what I see.

daww i didnt know where this was going but twilight is adorkable in this

I really like the informal tone of the story, it really makes it shine :yay:

After seeing so many "Celestia's a racist dictator" kinda thing it is always great to see some light-hearted stories.

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