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Ever since she was banished by Star Swirl the Bearded, Aria Blaze has harbored an irrational hatred for long, white beards. This has always made the Christmas season difficult to bear, due to all the Santa Claus imagery.

So when Adagio hears about a mysterious vandal who cut the beards of several Santa Clauses in town, she can't help but suspect Aria. With the help of Sonata, Adagio tries to stop Aria before the police do.

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Comments ( 14 )

This was a fun and interesting story to read. While being hilarious right off the bat (I mean, the concept is that Aria is going around cutting off the beards of Santas!), it also delves into some interesting character exploration- Aria's, in particular. Funny concept aside, we get to see that there is a very real and understandable reason for her actions, and despite her poor anger management skills we can't help but sympathize with her situation.

Overall, a comedic but thoughtful story about someone dealing with her grief. Good work!

This was... sweet, as far as a trio of crazy villainesses go. Well done. :coolphoto:

6755071 Thanks for your comment! I wasn't sure how well the juxtaposition of silliness and seriousness would work, so I'm glad you like the story.

Thanks! Glad you like it!

I'd say you pulled it off splendidly.

The cause behind Aria's issues with Santa seems so obvious now that I know what it is. In any case, that was some good thinking on Sonata's part. I knew she was smarter than she looked. I also liked how Adagio tried to lecture Aria all motherly-like. I love it whenever the sirens act like real sisters-loving each other and pissing each other off at the same time, just like any family.

6757648 Glad you liked it! I think Sonata has her own particular way of looking at the world; often that makes her looks dumb, but occasionally she can find solutions that no one else noticed.

Hilarious, but it makes a lot of sense. Good work!

Tis the season to stab Star-swirl- fa la la la laa la la la laaaa!

All hail Mistress Stabs-A-Lot.

This is everything I would ever want from/for in an “The Dazzlings and the Insane” episode!

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