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The Frank


Twilight Sparkle, Princess of friendship. The element of Magic. With a knowledge most ponys only dreams of. Who has seen all of the four corners of the world. Who has defeated the deceiving Discord, the cunning Chrysalis and the terrible Tirek.

But tonight, she will face her biggest challenge yet.

To put her own four year old foal to bed!

Thanks and quite a bit of gratitude to Vivian for proofreading, editing and making the story better!
Cover art by 1110Soulite and of cource used with permission!

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 19 )

Perfect, wonderful story

I like.

"Hi, sweetie. I see you’re having fun. But it’s late, and busy day tomorrow. Jump into bed now”

I've failed you, Master. Once again it seems I missed something before you went to publish - need something like "and we have a" before "busy", and a period at the end of the dialogue.

I'm really happy with how this turned out over all, though. Thanks for including me!


4925941 Well, you are a part of the outcome, you deserve the credit!

I fix it straight away!

4925259 Thanks! And sorry for the late response.

4924864 Thanks! That's really great to hear!

That was a sweat story.
Nice little piece, it was fun read.

Thank you

That was a good story I hope they keep the show running that long and we get to see something like that happen lol :pinkiehappy:

I love this story! You should write one with Trixie teaming up with Star Shine and pranking Twilight! :rainbowlaugh:

That'd be the bees knees!

Mommy ate the half of the worm I wanted! Hah! Stupid Twilight.

At least Trixie was smart enough not to eat the dumb worm. Seriously, where does this kid get these ideas from, Rainbow Dash? I like this kid, I really do. Well, done. You've made me happy tonight and I had a good laugh after a bad day.

Thanks for lightening up my day friend. :raritywink:

5919374 Wow, thanks! That's great to hear. :pinkiehappy:

*lol* =:D

Snarks my nemesis, we meet again.

That was silly and cute. Have a thumb.

So much story potential.

So cute. Having someone else but in and tell me off for how I raise my kid is a really good way to start a fight though.

Thanks! Most ponies would get angry, yes. But Princess Twilight has her reputation to think about. Also, it's Twilight we are talking about.

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