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Set in Equestria Girls-universe.

Twilight Sparkle is making a visit to Sunset Shimmer when she discovers a new threat to the world. But what can one single pony/girl do against such a powerful enemy as this?

It wants your obedience. It wants your love. It wants your money. It wants food and presents.

CHRISTMAS IS COMING TOMORROW! ...Are you prepared or will you face its wrath?

This story is an homage to Tove Jansson, artist and author of Moomin. 100 years old 2014!
Edited and Gordon Ramsayed by Nopony Important.

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Twilight sobbed, and said, "I don't want Christmas to hurt me."

I actually laughed at that. I am a terrible person.:pinkiesad2:

5375191 Well, that was the point, we're both terrible persons. :pinkiehappy:

A tree... a tree... But what kind of tree? Redwood? Larch? The mighty Sequoia?

Lumberjack Song reference?

5375401 Eeyup. Couldn't help myself.

I feel like I read this before, but it was under "New Stories." Did something happen?

5375604 Because my finger slipped when I added it to the folder. It's a stupid mistake.

5375504 Nothing I know about...

I love this story.

I'm also in love with your mind for concepting this story. Oh god, I need a drink!

They removed one of the cushions, and there, curled up in fetal position, lay Twilight Sparkle, singing with a mistletoe shoved up her left nostril.

Is it weird that I think that's funny? Because I think it's funny. Hilarious, even. Who shoves mistletoe up their nostril, anyway? XD

5392760 Sure. Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Stroh or Havanna Club?

XD People who think it's tradition, I guess.
I'm not sure how well anyone can sing with mistletoe stuffed up their nose.
I'm not going to find out myself.

5393479 As long as you ain't got both nostrils stuffed you actually can sing, at least descent.

Gotta love cultural exchanges.
This story was awesome!
Glad the thing only comes once a year.

5392775 neigh, UNLEASH THE KRAKEN!

Damn, I was hoping that Twilight would wind up fighting Super Mecha Death Santa from Invader Zim by the end of this.

5408382 Well, you are free to write a sequel. :twilightsmile:

5408704 Nah, I wont touch this perfection. It made me smile a lot.

5410079 Then my work here is done! Wiii! :pinkiehappy:

Why must you kill me with hilariousness?! :rainbowlaugh: poor Twily!

5421647 Because I am that guy in the Morrisey-song...:raritywink:

Glorious. Simply glorious.

6604874 Thank you kindly!

Love the story! Just curious where is Spike during all of this? I hope Twi didn't leave him alone on Hearthswarming

8059449 Thanks! Honest answer is that I forgot about him, but in the story he's in the Crystal empire with Candence and Shining.

Pour Princess Twilight, I wonder if SciTwi is having it easier or is she Jewish?

She's probably like Scrooge.

Twilight had arrived last night, and they had spent most of the evening catching up on things. Bands, boyfriends, etc. They had been awake ‘til 1 AM, which made them both pretty tired. Therefore, they didn’t say much that morning. Sunset had offered Twilight the opportunity to sleep in, but Twilight wanted to spend as much time with her friends as possible, she had breakfast at 6:37 this Tuesday. There was nothing wrong with the silence, considering which day it was. Sunset was pretty happy with the silence, in contrast to her job as well. Eventually, though, she was the one who broke it.

Dang only 5 hours to sleep. That's just horrible. :fluttershyouch:

"Well, Twi, time for me to put on the harness and go to work. I was planning to have this day off so we could hang out, but the boss called me yesterday. Two guys are sick, and I was the last hope."

Can't argue there. 😞

"I'm sure. Now trot away, my little pony! Earn your oatbag! Neeeiigh!"

Loll good one twilight. 😂:rainbowlaugh:

Twilight’s eye kept twitching some good twenty minutes after Fluttershy had closed the door. But finally, her breath was steady. “Okay. A fir tree. They sell them. No problem. I just take some money, go and buy a tree, bring it back, lots of time to hide.” Now she had calmed down after Fluttershy's visit, but when she recapitulated Fluttershy's words, she remembered one important thing. Decorations! Decorate a tree! ...Decorate a tree with what? The only trees decorated that Twilight knew of were Hearth's Warming trees. But those were outside... And Hearth's Warming was a nice holiday that tucked you in and made you warm. Now the panic arose again. Christmas was nothing but demanding and rough, with a never-ending list of things it needed not to be angered!

Yeah, I think she's taking this a bit too far. 😬

When they opened the door to the apartment, a bizarre sight met them. In the living room, a big fir tree was placed in the middle of the room, secured with ropes and Sunset's kettlebells. It was decorated with Sunset's jewelry, some pieces of glittery fabric, a couple of hair extensions, and on the top, a pink satin rose. Six presents, all wrapped in silvery paper, were placed in front of it, together with a cardboard box with the written sign "Just take it, please" on it.

Yeah, she's lost it alright. :ajbemused:

But it was still hilarious if you ask me. :ajsmug:


Dang only 5 hours to sleep. That's just horrible. 

Portal jet lag for the win, BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABY!

Can't argue there. 😞

Money can’t buy happiness, but it does make getting bread a bit easier.

Loll good one twilight.

For everyone else that would have been horribly speciest, but for these two it's a traditional greeting.

Yeah, I think she's taking this a bit too far.

What on earth gives you that impression?

Yeah, she's lost it alright. 

But it was still hilarious if you ask me. 

Glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiehappy: It’s always a delight when an old sin shows up in notifications. And even more when people are enjoying it

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