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"Can I have your autograph?!"


Rainbow Dash, after spending the last two years of her life alone, has been having some nice but scary dreams about a girl with entrancing pink eyes. One morning, not being able to ignore it much longer, she sets out to find her. From then on, it's just one surprise after the other.


Edited and cover art by iLuvRainbows

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Only read because of Alice Cooper. Really don't see how that song fits into this story.

I was getting there. The story isn't finished yet, but I know exactly how the song is going to fit into it.

While I'm not a big Dash fan, I'll keep an eye on this cuz Adagio (and such a very uncommon pairing). :raritywink:
Haven't read the chapter yet, but will give it a go this week.

Thank you so much! Really, this had made me so happy I'm crying
This pairing is one of my favourites, and uncommon is why I'm doing it :pinkiehappy:

I wrote a story called Poison, and while I won't say I was directly inspired by the Alice Cooper song, I did have it in the back of my mind a lot while writing — it's an infectious tune.

Right? I love it so much :D

This story would be good for the Musical fiction group

There is one? Really?

This is what I feel Adagio is feeling right now.

Riff-raff, street rat, I don't buy that.
If only they'd look closer!

Would they see a poor girl?
No siree.
They'd find out there's so much more to me.

Yes oh my god I totally forgot all about that XD So true


Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat. Otherwise we'd get along.

A great beginning already

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