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This story is a sequel to ABCD: Aria Blaze Can't Dance

A mishap with Sonata's new invention, and her and Sunset find themselves in a really hilarious dangerous situation.

Edited by iLuvRainbows
Cover image: Tacos by me, background added by iLuvRainbows
Background: Twilight Sparkle's Basement Laboratory
Tacos help: Taco Love

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 15 )

Looks like Sonata dusk finally got to fulfill her dream, she's finally got to be a taco

On the other hand, Sunset isn't happy

Why not call it Sonata's Taco Device? (STD).

Because it already has a name and I like it better
Thanks, though, I think

Sunset shimmer must not like tacos

Especially bacon ones XD

What if the tacos had mustard and ketchup???

“Oh, is that bacon?” Fluttershy asked, moving Sunset taco away; who sighed in relief.

This line alone is enough to get a like out of me, :rainbowlaugh:

y'know, this is actually pure crack. I don't see much of that. It's not grabbing me, but I want to note you have managed to nail the essence of crack in a way most writers who take a stab at it cannot.

This is the weirdest story I have read on fimfiction, too. :hoofbump:

I don't really understand this comment, but I'm assuming it's good, so thanks! :pinkiehappy:

6548035 Most people who write super-silly, super absurd stories mess it up by having too many serious bits. The tone isn't consistent. It takes a knack most people don't have to get the tone right for the whole story.

I didn't really like this story, but I didn't dislike it. But I wanted to compliment you for having the knack.

Also wanted to compliment you for making the weirdest story I've seen yet. I think even Aku or Majin would be hard pressed to come up with something this strange. Good luck at growing into your potential as a new silly-fics author :pinkiesmile:

Aw, thanks a lot. I shall do my best!

I'm also going to be doing the Shadowbolts for the disease series too, if that would be of any interest to you

6548500 Your word count is off by 31 words!

:rainbowlaugh: No idea what you're talking about!

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