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The Sirens have been together forever. Since their banishment to Earth, they've rode out the highs and lows of history, trying to survive. In more than two thousand years on Earth, nothing has managed to ruin their friendship, even Sonata's boneheaded decision to come to America. But when Twilight and the Rainbooms took away their powers, things went south for the Dazzlings. The three fell on hard times, and are barely making ends meet. They're at each other's throats, and Adagio wants payback for what Twilight has done to them.

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This is gearing up to be good. I loved the explanation of the history of the Sirens after reaching Earth and what they've been doing throughout the centuries. Definitely tracking this one.

Wow, the insertion of the Dazzlings into our history, wars and dark times is done extremely well and indeed very believable. I can already tell this is gonna be a great story.

oh Aria, you treacherous girl

Ooooh, this is getting interesting... :raritystarry:

Sonata and Shining Armor, huh? ...Sure, I'll buy it.

I could totally see Adaigio and Aria getting into a fist fight in the living room

Finally sat down and read this. So far, I like - I've actually considered having the Sirens be there for assorted historical events, though with less opera and more stirring up trouble during periods of unrest. I'd have it in a story, if only because I'm enamored with the idea of Sonata being buddies with major historical figures, but again, historical figures. That they'd be involved in the French and Bolshevik Revolutions doesn't help either.

Looking forward to where you go with this story, especially the hints that their powers might be returning.

Aww, Dagi being all mother-like. :twilightsmile:

Hmm, wonder what she'd think of Frollo in the Disney version?

She made fun of Americans for being screwing their cousins, but this one couldn't have been more inbred if he were a sandwich.

a) might want to lose the 'being'

b) Ouch. That crack is worthy of a "GOD BLESS YOU, SIR!"

Aria, you evil bitch...

Aria, you no-good evil bitch...

I get why Aria is doing this. She was always the back up for everything and now it's hers (and Sonatas) chance to step out and be leaders! :pinkiesmile:

My only complaint is the excessive use of swearing. I'm fine with cursing from the Sirens, but Rainbow Dash? That just seems excessive.

Good chapter but come on, Rainbow wouldn't be THAT harsh to Fluttershy of all people/ponies. Also, I'd personally try to think of better names for the chapters other than just the names of the Dazzlings.

Well, this can only go two ways...either it ends up going worse for the Sirens, or it goes really worse for the rest of the world.

Huh, interesting end. I didn't expctect they will really make a *fight* with rainbooms but thas how you see the characters, I suppose

Dazzlings, you bitches!

So they get a happy ending. Fine for them.

And everyone lived happily ever after. Well, almost everyone...

Sucks to be the Rainbooms right now.

Meh, they'll recover. Eventually.

Ooh, very interesting - I like how you've given historical context to the Dazzlings' lives, and led into a very compelling ending that makes me want to get to the next chapter as quickly as possible!

Ooh, now that's an interesting twist, and one I haven't seen done before. If you caught my attention the first chapter, you've more than kept it here!

Very interesting; now that two of the sirens have found their jems restoring, and are keeping it to themselves, the distance between them will likely grow wider even as their powers return. I kind of feel bad for Adagio here, though she might make the same discovery in Chapter 3.

5634281 The moment his name showed up, I was asking myself what happened to Cadence.

Momma Bear Adagio is best Adagio. I like this.

I love Aria (best siren) but I like what you're doing with her here, too. Again, I feel sorry for Adagio.

Wow, Rainbow was a bit extreme here. Regardless, this was an interesting chapter, and I actually feel rather relieved at how things have turned out, even if it means further torment for Sunset, Rarity, Applejack, and those other less important people.

Not sure how I felt about this chapter; seemed unusually mean-spirited all around, and the fistfight at the end was just uncomfortable to read, but I guess I do appreciate the irony of their little song at the end there.

Well, this was definitely an interesting fic. I don't know that I necessarily agree with your take on the Rainbooms, but it was refreshing to see no redemptions, and that you were realistic about how the three would feel about Sunset and co. after their defeat.

I wonder what Adagio thinks about the nazi period, since she loves Germany so much.

Very good fic. But too short for my tastes.

Shot and satisfying, the swearing seemed a bit plentiful but maybe it's because i don't swear (much) but would like to see a fight or punishment between the sisters.

It seems that I am not the only one who had the idea about they landed in the past of the Earth.

There is a story of my friend called Adventure of the Sirens on Fanfiction, go and take a look. If you wanted to, of course.

Aria left the shop feeling strange. As much as that necklace meant to her, selling it had made her feel strangely happy. It was like old baggage left behind, giving her a brand new start.

So Aria is selling her organs. How deep she has fallen.

This is getting interesting! I love the detailed historical moments that the Dazzlings experienced.

No this is wrong...they are sisters why why push them apart. Aria is my waifu i adore her but your...sigh...you failed this. Im sorry.

No..NO..this is not Aria why are you doing this.

Im so happy 4 this fic....just Aria..thats not her. U failed at that nuuut thats ok because your awesome..but my waifu dooouuu.

I loved the final beatdown... those girls are gonna be pissed off, Twilight finds out, and then they give up and try to mend their friendships.

And the sirens get their powers back.... ask they have to do is wait a few decades for the Humane 5 and Sunset to die and they finally take over the world. :pinkiecrazy:

The deep dive into just how long these guys were around for was cool too.

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