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When the Rainbooms lose the Battle of the Bands to the Dazzlings, Sunset Shimmer finds herself to be the most hated person at Canterlot High yet again. With Twilight Sparkle missing and no one left standing to reunite the Rainbooms, Sunset and her few remaining friends must discover a way to bring down the tyrannical trio without falling under their spell.

Chapters (3)
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5243449 Yeah. :pinkiesmile: She's my second favorite Equestria Girls background character.

5243518 Yeah, I like her too, but I never knew she was called Tennis Match. I just assumed she was Raindrops or something. Because of the similar color scheme. :derpytongue2:

5244660 D'awww where'd you find that? :pinkiegasp: TOO ADORABLE!

I love that people made friends in my comments. It seems so appropriate :3

Comment posted by Adagio Dazzle deleted Nov 29th, 2014

Oh, yes, it does fell good to control a school... I would hate to lose this power... It is inevitable, however, so I must enjoy it as mush as I can until the time comes when 'they' overthrow me.

That time is coming sooner than you think...heh, heh, heh....

I just realized I had favorited by not upvoted. :facehoof:

5324395 Doubt they can overthrow the heroes who brought those evil rainbooms to justice.

Huh. I figured you would have started after the defeat, but I actually kinda like that you showed us how the battle went differently.

You do need to work on your dialogue punctuation, though. You often forgot commas before the dialogue attribution.

Yeah, you could use some more grammatical polish. Lots of mistakes scattered throughout.

Everything else seems okay, though.

Will you ever continue this story? I really like it :D

I like it so please continue what Is going to happen to sunset? Also I really do not like flash in this story lying on sunset.... Sigh I hope something bad happens to him one day.... But keep going this story gets three thumbs up. :rainbowlaugh:


Yes this story is continuing. Some of Ch. 3 is written and the rest is coming soon.

Thanks for the support. :ajsmug:


Flash will play a big role in this story (sort of obvious spoiler). We'll just have to see what happens :raritywink:

Comment posted by gunstarx deleted Jan 7th, 2015

I FUCKIN' KNEW IT! I remember when you pitched that really cheesy ass line from Flash Sentry after the movie and I knew the second you linked me your fic that you were gonna drop that.

This is a pretty neat fic. Most stuff set after Rainbow Rocks is about redeeming the Dazzlings, nice to see something different.

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