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Chrysalis's illegitimate son is banished from the hive and forced to find his way alone. Can he overcome his own nature or will he succumb to it?

Inspired by Dnotive's song Loveless Lovechild:


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Short and sweet. Can't help but feel the ending was a bit sudden, yet some great ideas were conveyed nevertheless. Great work!

This is a nice short story!

I agree and thank you. The new version of the story I just posted is much more robust.

Thank you! You may like the updated version even more.

Interesting. I can understand him well, due to a friend.

And his name now get me a silly thought

A very nice ending! Loved it!

You may know this line

Got some rare things on sale, stranger!

my fririend, lets just say in his idea, Chrysalis had similar fate for a sister of her

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