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When Sonata and Aria return to school after disappearing for several weeks, Sunset begins to find out the reason the girls turned into such evil beings.

Credit for artwork goes to Jack-a-Lynn on DeviantArt.

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Comments ( 31 )

Now we know why they are like this, glad to hear some backstory on them.

Great bit of backstory here. I've always pictured some tragedy was involved with the Dazzlings history and this fell into it perfectly. Can't wait to read the epilogue whenever its completed.

The best tacos come from southern California, and cannot be obtained in Seattle. And you mentioned tacos many times throughout.

Even though I enjoyed this greatly, you've just an enemy for life!

Oh holy Fazbear, that was depressing at the backstory part. But it makes total sense. And you seriously weren't kidding when you said you wrote over 10,000 words on a Dazzlings fic. Now THAT is an accomplishment. Getting back to the story, that was amazing. I can't wait for what you have planned next story-wise. :twilightsmile:

I spy Little Mermaid references~

Beautiful. I get all sentimental with stories about love lost to tragedy.
Again, It was beautiful.

It's great to read a siren backstory. We need more of these.

You could continue this! I mean like it's really good!:twilightsmile:

This was hella good actually. :ajsmug: Wish there were more like this one.


Well, this was different, at least. And well-written. I liked the lore you put in, even if the presentation was a bit ham-fisted.

Carry on, I suppose.

This was very well done. Good job!

and he started singing along with us. Sonata and I wanted to attack hi,,

Herp derp.

That was pretty good, though Adagio's bit at the end felt a bit rushed. I feel like that conversation should have been longer.

I'll admit, this story was awesome, however I've ran out of feels to give, so... Yeah. Lol

I look forward to more stories from you.

:: Follows ::

This was a very good story. Interresting backstory for the Sirens as well. Great job as always HC!:twilightsmile:

Well this story drained the last of my feels but im ok with that. Im starting to warm up to the Dazzlin:ajsmug:gs

Well, this has earned a fave. I had my own idea behind the Siren's origins, but this is just as awesome...and probably more sympathetic and interesting. Well done. :twilightsmile:

I salute ye, Salty Tune... would that there were more scurvy seadogs like yerself in the world, :moustache:

Besides, if we all felt physical attraction, then our songs would constantly make all of us horny.

Oh my God.

Huh, interesting. Certainly a believable explanation, I suppose.

Tragically, this user has passed away from a feels-related heart attack. The funeral will be next Tuesday.

Comment posted by jaroslav deleted Jun 14th, 2016

"I feel, like, way better now that I don't have to worry about feeding all the time! Now I can eat tacos!"

Yeah, eating food isn't feeding all the time.

Wow, very good emotional work here.

Great story! I love seeing origin stories for these three. The Sirens and sunset have to be my fave characters in the whole EQG franchise and honestly, I am crushing hard on them too. Lol! Like they are awesome and I wish Hasbro would bring them back.

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