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Yet Another Plans for 2018 Post · 8:12pm Dec 31st, 2017

Well, that was certainly a year.

First things first, the future story plans.

My plan for 2018 is to first and foremost finish the next installment of Fluttershy's Desires, then the Celestia and Daring Do stories, then whatever comes into my mind/what I get paid for.

Second, speaking of, I have a question for anyone that actually reads these things.

Are any of you guys interested in commissioning me?

Most of my commissions come from close friends or people on DA.

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Thanks for favoriting “Hole In The Wall!” I appreciate it!

That actually was helpful! Thanks!

Tips? I dunno if I'm the best for that, but...

1. Have like, some idea how the story is gonna go. If I have a commission for a 6000 word story, my process is usually something like
This story is gonna be 6000 words
1000 for the intro
500 for the setup into the bondage
1500 for this method
500 for small break and cute banter to set up for the next thing
1000 for the next thing
1000 for the final thing that happens
500 for the resolution
You don't have to follow it exactly, but it'll give you an idea on how to pace things out and what you wanna achieve.

2. Don't just fill a line with "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA". Like, do some variety in the laughter. If you're gonna have a line on a page dedicated to laughter, at least have them try to say something. If you are just gonna make them laugh, keep it short, or at least spice things up by changing up the amount of vowels you see in a row to not be so monotonous.

"Ready to talk now?" she asked, raking her fingers down his taut arch.
"No? Well, let's see if you change your answer in another hour."

3. If you're stuck on how to add detail, either show what the body is doing/reacting, or give us a glimpse into someone's inner thoughts. Are they drooling? Crying? Are they still trying to break free? Are they embarrassed, angry, confused, turned on?

4. If you're trying to think of a setup, just remember you're doing fetish work and any ties to the canon will mostly be loose. Yeah you should keep it in character, but like, you're doing fetish smut. No one's gonna cry foul if you stray from the canon. No one's gonna go "HEY THAT'S NOT WHAT APPLEJACK WOULD BE LIKE WHILE TICKLE INTERROGATING CHEERILEE!"

5. There are more verbs than 'tickling'. A brush doesn't just tickle the foot. It glides, it scrubs, it swipes. Fingers don't just tickle someone's stomach. They poke, scribble, dig in, and so on.

So what are your personal tips on creating tickle stories? Because I want to write one that involves Thorax, but I don’t have many ideas.

Thanks for the follow, you're the best! :twilightsmile:

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