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A group for all the adorable stories about tickle teases, tickle fights, tickle tortures, and of course, ticklish ponies!

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Tickle fics can be a delightful and playful genre of fan fiction. They often explore the lighter and more humorous side of characters' relationships, adding a touch of whimsy and laughter to the world of fan-created stories. While not for everyone, those who enjoy these stories appreciate the creativity and imagination that goes into dissertation paper writing services crafting scenarios that tickle their funny bone and warm their hearts. It's all about having fun and letting your imagination run wild!

Just found this group. Love it!

But just one question, so I have a tickle story, but, it’s not all about tickling, the main character (my OC) has a tickle fetish, she develops a crush on three of the young six (I like polygamy, ok? Don’t judge me.) and eventually tells them, two of them turn out to also have tickle fetishes, they have a lot of tickle fights, but the main character isn’t fully satisfied, so she hints at them to tickle torture her, and when they finally get the hint, they give her what she wants 😏. So, my question is, which fricking folder would that even fit into, or can I request that there is another folder made?

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