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Hello, my name is Yoshachu. I have been a fan of MLP: FiM ever since Season 2, and I love writing stories based on the series. My dream is to one day write the perfect grimdark story.

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Breakneck Pace, Future Sight, Strike, and Flash Fire · 2:06am Sep 21st, 2015

Here's what Breakneck Pace, Future Sight, Strike, and Flash Fire from Apocalypse look like.

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from looking in your grimdark section, having "thetale of the lost narrator" be the first one on there, my mind instaintly went here: omg, she is a lost narrator fan please tell me you are a fan of the lost narrator

Thanks for the fave of 'A Dog's Best Friend'! :)

And welcome to the site! If you need any tips or pointers, just ask away! Feel free to peruse my profile too - not just for my other stories, but for links to some extremely well done stories by some amazingly talented people. :)


1786644 Boy, that IS long.

1786627 It has. I think it was September last time

  • Viewing 11 - 15 of 15
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