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I love reading Fan fiction, and sometimes, I like creating dramatic readings for them. :) http://www.youtube.com/user/thelostnarrator



There is a story that has been passed down from generation to generation. An old pony tale about a gruesome story-teller that was used to scare foals into listening to their parents.
What if I told you the story of The Lost Narrator was actually true?

A little Halloween special for you all here on FimFiction.

Dramatic Reading can be found here!

Cover artwork provided by LiiflessWolf

Special Thanks to Magpiepony, GutiuSerenade, and Obabscribbler for helping with prereading and editing.

Make sure to check out the sequel to this story: A Beloved's Curse

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Wow what a great story-- *reads last line* .................shit. xD

Dam what did I just read

Oh, very well-written story. I'm not entirely sure if you're THE The Lost Narrator or not but good job nonetheless. This gives me nostalgia with its (intentional or unintentional) allusion to I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings when Margeurite believes to have killed her mother's boyfriend with her words and forces herself to remain aphonic for a couple years... Except this was the most antipodal reaction in comparison to that I guess.

I'm glad I liked this story...

Absolutly amazing, hats off to you good sir!

Ooooooo I think the person who disliked this story might die :(

So I'm guessing this is the back story to your OC? :trollestia:
It's very good. I can't wait to hear the reading for it.

6561756 You just read a story from one of the best fic readers on youtube, that's what.

They warned each other to be leery of the the tales of “The Lost Narrator,” a mare in a mask who would damn you for not enjoying her stories of death and despair.

Well, it's a good thing I enjoyed this story...

But still, her fate is nothing compared to the loss of a Beloved.

*Clicks Like button super hard.*

The dramatic reading has arrived.

Interesting read. I like the theme of words and the power they hold, the dark setting and the tragic setting.

The thing is, I like the story being told, but not how it was being told. Too straightforward for the tale of a mythical figure. The payoff seems to be that this story is being told to me by the lost narrator character, but it's weakened by the sheer number of personal details in the narrative that only the lost narrator could possibly know, making the payoff obvious very early. This type of lore would actually improve by being vaguer.

I think the story would benefit from a different framing device, say if it presented an investigator piecing together a story from many eyewitness accounts and legends, or a distinct storyteller giving a campfire tale to a distinct listener. That way, the details given seem dubious, making the lost narrator more mysterious.

6564437 Thank you for the critique! The style that I was going for here was a creepypasta (since I'm going to be doing a reading for this piece). While I was writing it, I was struggling with the idea of leaving out certain details, but I found it might confuse people or they wouldn't be able to piece it together themselves. (I am a paranoid nut when it comes to things like this.)

But I will definitely keep that idea in mind for the next story I write. Again, thank you for even reading my story. I am a huge fan of your work. :D

Lost extra is good as well love watching lost play Twilight escape.

Good god, senpai, that was chilling! I was reading this along with the reading and I had goosebumps all over my arms! Great job, Lost!

You Lost Narrator Have Talent gg m8

- Mlg swaglord cobalt

So awesome your the best writer ever:derpyderp2:

So whatever happen to words being words.

I listened to this all working, and quite frankly, I was so sad for Curse Word. She obviously didn't do what she did on purpose, and look what happened, she's in her own twisted hell that she herself cannot get out of.

I got chills with the end and DEAR GOD is the cover art of this story nightmarish.

Are we ever gonna get like another story regarding Curse Word/The Lost Narrator?

6582214 Maybe... ;) I know I'm brainstorming for a possible sequel, but I need to work on a few other readings first.



Good story then I read the last line.... holy shit that is creepy:pinkiecrazy:

Great story, Lost. The audio reading was awesome too. Keep writing, my fellow storyteller!:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::heart:

Self insert? And it's not me?! Must hate!

Wait... this is actually good. Carry on, kind sir.

~ Chapter: 13

7319468 Sir? Lost is a lady.

7458465 Respect my pronouns.

~ Chapter: 13

That is a a story with telling around camp fires with vodka and surrounding fear. I love it! :pinkiecrazy:

i only followed you on youtube for 3 weeks now. what strings did you have to pull to get this story to show u on my feed at the home page?? I CALL HAX LOST! HAX!! -calls mag to hit you with a pillow since i'm too far away-

I want to read it, but I'm about to sleep and I don't want to have nightmares... and what's so creepy about that last line? It's not like it says that he's coming after me... right...?

An actually great OC story, well done.

I do not want to come across as a hater, but this story bored me to death.

One thing I caught before I gave up on this fic was this:

She honestly believed that words were just words; powerless little entities that only had meaning if you gave them that power.

Oh really? Words are just words? Then why did this happen:

He had shouted a phrase that Curse Word herself would dare not utter in front of them. She had been especially proud of the story she had told that day, so for that little colt to say those words… it enraged her.

In my honest opinion, the second quote contradicts the first by Curse Word letting words get her angry. If words were just words, then CW would not give a flip if the little colt hated the story. Yes, I am aware Curse Word was proud of her story, but that does not justify jack-squat.

Disliked the story; good day to you, madam.

I cried SO HARD this is a beautiful, descriptive story! Please continue making them, because they are one of my main inspirations, you are SOO SO GOOD at both writing AND reading:heart::raritystarry:

it feels similar to death note and Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion to me with a edgar allan poe twist to it love it :heart: :pinkiehappy:

This story is scary as F**c , I could not spread only on Equestria but rather the, United kingdom , Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. 😨🤤 (and I'm going to get my gun ready at night)

Best horror story I’ve ever read, it was actually scary

I listened to the audio drama for this fanfiction, and my goodness is it just brilliant?! Well done, Lost, for writing such a good story! Now I have finally discovered your fanfiction at last! Also, thanks for reading my letter on your second unboxing video!

Definitely got the same vibe.
Amazing story Lost! You've made me find empathy in a horror character. Great job. Reminds me of something you might see in Fallout Equestria rather than the Gen. 4 Show.

She honestly believed that words were just words; powerless little entities that only had meaning if you gave them that power.

Well, if you have a way with words, they can be quite the powerful thing:applejackunsure:.

All and all, this was an amazing story:scootangel:! Kudos to you TLN, major Kudos:heart:!

Comment posted by insaneof_legends deleted Dec 24th, 2018

For one I don't want any of the mane 6 to change sorry I kinda mad that there doing this because there twilight ailocorn and there changing her in a earth pony. Pinkie pie an teleporting earth pony and there change her into a Pegasus. Fluttershy a Pegasus and there changing her into a unicorn the only three that stayed the same is rarity, Applejack, Rd but they would look a little different to. 👿

Well when i read the story, i think i would actually make it Cannon in my Universe but as some kind of old Story from the Native Americans

"Curse Word began to target particular ponies along her travels; ones whose hooves were unclean and who were no strangers to the darkness within. Murderers, rapists, vile ponies who needed to be punished for their crimes but who had slipped through the hooves of the law. She made it her business to find out about them and then find them and tell them her stories. [...] She wanted to punish these ponies. And so, each time that she did this, the ponies she spoke to would fall to fates most fitting for their crimes; it was a dark justice for the pain they had caused others and it slated the burning need inside her to punish and rend and slay with her tainted powers."

So, basically, Curse Word is Kira, except her murder weapon isn't a notebook.

Words can have power even without supernatural stuff. To give an example, speeches by politicians and revolutionaries are „just words“.

That is fanfkn tastic!!!

She honestly believed that words were just words; powerless little entities that only had meaning if you gave them that power.

Wait until she discovers the N word, unless she already has and uses it regularly and at that point WTF.

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