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I love reading Fan fiction, and sometimes, I like creating dramatic readings for them. :) http://www.youtube.com/user/thelostnarrator



This story is a sequel to Stained Memories

It is finally time to hear from a mother's perspective, as she unwillingly divulges the events of that tragic evening in her own words.

The audio adapation for this story can be found here!

Cover art provided by UrbanQhoul

Very special thank you goes to Magpiepony for prereading and editing.

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Comments ( 14 )

Wow, I'll Admit I Hated The Colt In The 1st Story But After Reading This.. Hearing Ink Dye's Thoughts And Seeing What Really Happened.. Wow.

Beautiful Writing Lost And Dangit Cliffhanger! XD Why Do You Torture Me With These? XD


...You know, you should be credited with your storytelling skills as well. I can't believe how many angles you can use for one story, amazing work! The suspense, the twists in the end, the powerful emotions the stories have... This is just true gold.

Now, the only bad thing about this fic, is the fact I have to wait until next year before I can read the sequel :pinkiesad2:. I will once again wait patiently for the return of the glorious Losty :3

Keep up the amazing works, me and the fandom will love you, always :twilightsmile:

Damn... That wasn't expected.


Losty... You just gave me shivers there.... This is insane, and I love it!

I think if you made Ink Dye a deeply flawed pony with some flashes of good, it would make this story more horrific. Her cartoonish, unrepentant bitchery puts her in the Eli Roth style of horror protagonists. The audience can't wait for the murderer or supernatural entity to show up and make her suffer.

Her deep crimson eyes that shined like blood... in the moonlight.

I'll quote Hannibal Lecter here. Have you ever seen blood in the moonlight? It looks quite black.

Bathwater dripped down the reflection as my crimson red eyes shined back at me.

Crimson is red. A very dark shade of red. "Crimson red" is redundant.

all the while I worked endlessly for us at the ink manufacturing site. It was as though she had forgotten who I was: I am Ink Dye, and it is my royal duty to produce the ink for the Equestrian Royalty

I think this would have more versimilitude if the site had a name. "Killyou Inks Corp" or something, especially since it has the prestige of supplying the royals with ink.

Damn Losty, talk about leaving me wanting more!

Amazing work, as it's been building up so much in the series. And I honestly can't wait to see what the hell lies next for Magpie and Curse Word.


Okay, Lost. I admit I did NOT see that coming. That is a very impressive twist.

Though, God, this means EVERYTHING is Ink's fault. And she's been using Mag in the story all this time.

Though, knowing the abusive relationship of Ink and Mag is based on that bitch you left before finding Mag and knowing you based Ink on that woman... my blood honestly was boiling.

Yeah, it's my comment from your reading on YouTube.

But it's honest

Author Interviewer

Dammit, this series continues to get better by getting continually worse. XD

Not bad the story is good and the fact that Ink Dye is obsessed with getting back Magpie kinda makes her out to be some kind of yandere which is one of the reasons i liked this story. She tried to get back some sense of normalcy only to have that dashed by the fact that she has to take care of a demon spawn of a kid and to be lock away at some facility i could only assume is a insane asylum to be poked and prodded and experimented on. can't that mare ever catch a break? Anyway great story and i can't wait for what happens next

She is talking about Curse Word keeping her safe, not Ink Well, right? right?!

Wait, why is Starlight Glimmer in the picture, but there isn't a Starlight Glimmer tag?

That's not Starlight Glimmer, Nova. That's Magpie (OC of Magpiepony).

I may have underestimated Curse Word.

You most certainly did ya dumb bitch:rainbowlaugh:!

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