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This story is a sequel to Why I stopped watching My Little Pony

"The Diabolical sometimes assumes the aspect of the Good, or even embodies itself completely in its form. If this remains concealed from me, I am of course defeated, for this Good is more tempting than the genuine Good."
-Franz Kafka

Artwork Done by the amazingly talented Maii. Follow her on fimfic to see some of her great work and her devianArt page KKrazi-DV
Co-written with the incredible MisterNick. I suggest following him as he writes fantastic stories.

Also check out the prequel story Flutterschmooze

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This is all very surreal. It is extremely difficult to visualize the various scenes playing out and doesn't read like an actual story. It honestly feels like it was based off a dream.

Kind of reminds me of The Darkness, been around since God uttered the phrase: "Let there be light." Also reminds me a bit of The Candy Mare, can't stop eating whatsoever.

So that's the identity of our supernatural mind f***er?

7441863 I don't really want to give to much of it away. But their will be more explanation in the Halloween story "The Truth Behind My Little Pony."

7441934 Some shadow being though? Gotta be strong to be able to show itself in broad daylight, even disguised in a Fluttershy costume.

Uh... Shit, this was a pretty good read if I might say so myself. Just like the others in this read's universe. Still, pic related.

Neat story. Times like this I would ask: "What would Ashley do?"


Pinkamena giggled as she lit the fire under pot in which Tirek sat. "Sacrificing you to the Lord of Potatoes, duh."


Pinkamena giggled as she lit the fire under pot in which Tirek sat. "Sacrificing you to the Lord of Potatoes, duh."

I come up with this crap daily. :rainbowlaugh:

7442503 That's very good I like it a lot.

7442506 I actually have an entire fic based around thoughts like that. I updated it just today.

7442521 Really. I have to take a look at it.

7442600 It's all wacko-crazy, and I don't let anything into it except for ideas like those. There'll be more Pinkamena in the story soon... I just have to finish moving to my new house first.

7442603 I understand. When its ready let me see it.

7442606 I'll try to remember to PM you next time it updates. :twilightsmile:

Creepy. Not as good the first one but still made me shiver. Does this mean Anna will use herself as bait to lure bad people to their doom?

7442606 Just one question : WHERE IS THE SEQUEL ?!!!!!!

7447774 The next story "The Truth about My Little Pony" will be coming out in October.

7448256 October? WHY AREN'T WE IN OCTOBER ALREADY?!!!!


Oh my god
I want more
But not till October whyyyyy

It was glorious, I came in with a might as well mindset and was amazed at how actually interesting it is. Man, this story needs more attention, hell it, along with the previous, should be on the creepypasta wiki, 'cause damn, better than I thought it would be. (haven't read prequel yet)

7470488 Thank you very much it means a lot. It wouldn't have been as good without the help of MisterNick.

7470496 Cheers to him too then.:pinkiecrazy:

I deffinitely enjoyed this one the most of those currently released in the series, not certain if it was just the difference in format or if this one was actually better quality. But format aside, I kind of struggle to see how the previous two really tie in outside of a malevolent entity(ies) and the loosely constructed concept that the mlp show doesn't exist. The latter is where most of my concern stems from though. In "why I stopped watching mlp", hasbro says they never have nor did they have any plans to create/air an mlp show and there weren't any available plushies/toys; the prequel explained that these were not available to the public. This all leaves me to question however, why hasbro would have created the meet and greet event, or how the general population even knows about the show.

Each story in its own right is worth reading however, and I thank you for your work. Some of the things I enjoyed in this story were that I found it well paced, the characters were understandable, and the story ends with a great potential for more sick and twisted events like a horror should.

Heres hoping october comes soon.

7483955 Thank you for the compliment. Their will be more explanation that will answer that question in October.

7731736 lol thank you that means a lot. We will be seeing Anna again.

I knew I was missing a story, thought it was Flutter, but this is even better *__*

7787533 I'm glad you enjoyed it. Btw I'm linking all stories to The Truth Behind My Little Pony to keep it organized.

7804508 Anna will be coming back shortly. Not in the next one but very soon.

I've stumbled into your works, and this is beautiful. I really hope you continue on this idea in some way.

8039686 Thank you that means alot.

Jesus Christ...what the Hell is pinkie some type of demon/cannibal...hehehe

8091024 It's an ongoing series.

8091174 but still, I want to know, is she or is she not..

If she is, then we're doom, just think of it...the most notorious fourth wall breaker, but also a demon/cannibal..

'Sees pinkie in the t.v. as she slowly crawls out before looking at you with those dark eyes, Those horrible dark eyes and before you know, she disappeared and as you turn around...

I'm not going to tell you the ending because you already know what's going to happen.

8091977 I wouldn't call it a forth wall break, more of a doorway.

Hrm.,.. I likie, but the first part was best until 'meat'.

I wouldn't call her nerfed. More on a different plane of existence and talking into someone's head.

Hey, Opium4TmassS bad pitch, good idea,

I had an idea for a story in which a teenager robs a house only realizing the reason the doors and windows were unlocked were that the owner of said house is doing the how to play with ponies ritual,

so I'm asking permission to steal borrow this idea, write a story, and forward it to you as a sort of filler for the 'How to play with ponies' story you worked on.

The sounds of moaning and creaking woke Anna in the dim night


You're not killing my daydream of wanting to be a pony in Equestria dude.

Give up already :trixieshiftright:

...... Please?:twilightblush:

You can still be pony in Equestria...who just happens to enjoy feasting on living human flesh. ^^

*Hissing intensifies* :fluttershbad:

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