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I am the Knackerman. Most of my writing deals with horror, suspense, and tragedy. And yes, there will be gore.


This story is a sequel to Knackered

Zephyr Breeze just can't seem to catch a break. After doing his best to get his degree in Mane Therapy, and continuing to keep his parents company in their golden years, he's run up against the challenge of actually finding a way to put his degree to good use and find.... a J-O-B.

When his big sister Fluttershy finds out what a difficult time he's having, she tells him about a wonderful work opportunity that perfectly fits his skill set. Short hours, lots of pay, and he has to do almost nothing himself. All he has to do is show up for the job interview and make a good impression on his would be boss. And if Zephyr is good at anything, it's making a good impression.

It sounds too good to be true. Unfortunately for Zephyr, it probably is.

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Comments ( 21 )

This is awesome Knackster. :pinkiehappy: A little blood never hurt anyone and the jackass is going to get what he wanted. :pinkiecrazy:

Wonder if he tastes better as food then he did in the personality department? :pinkiecrazy:

Fresh parchment and ink are heavenly unto themselves,

And somewhere in ponyville.


7294423 :twilightsheepish: Yeah, that was a bit of my own 'book geek' side showing through there. Nothing like the smell of a new book. One of the reasons I never went fully over to digital media, even though I have one of those little readers from a few Christmas's back.

Geez. I kept wondering if it was all fake, a scare tactic, but you didn't take the cheap way out. Not bad.

7299934 I toyed with that idea... Kind of a scared straight scenario right?

The uncertainty of the situation was very much intentional. I wanted the reader to feel kind of like Zephyr, confused and mildly disbelieving, half expecting things to just work out on their own at any moment.

Everyone would have a good laugh about it and Zephyr would learn an important lesson. That's how these kinds of stories normally go. But no, while I enjoy fake out scares as much as the next person, if the conflict of the entire story were fake then the story would feel like a waste of time. I wouldn't want to do that to the reader after promising them horror and gore.

It would be impolite.

7300688 You better believe it. Don't keep your fellow horrormen dry of the blood carnage.

The Knacermans? Candy? Putting Zephyr through unimaginable pain and agony, as well as forcing him to realize how much of a douchebag he really is? U had a lot of fun writing this, didn't u (¬‿¬) In all seriousness tho, this story was freakin awesome!! It never ceases to amaze me how great u are at writing horror stories. I mean, u get everything right down to the very last detail--the atmosphere, the descriptions, the character and plot development, the mysteriousness that causes the reader to be left curious until the very end, and especially the narration. I mean, I was in the ZONE dude. I WAS Zephyr. U did that to me, with WORDS
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
...I am actually going to go crazy one day, and it is going to be because of u.
Btw I just have a quick question, u made a reference to Rainbow Factory (which was AWESOME) as well as something about useless unicorns being sent off to a "school" or something, what story was that a reference to? Thanks, u rock (^_^)

7378932 I actually referenced three stories that involve ponies either being disposed of or put to a 'better' use. Rainbow Factory you already got, the other two are Cheerilee's Garden in which bad children (all children) are disposed like weeds, and The Experiments of Twilight Sparkle. On that last one I'm more referring to AskReasearcherTwilight which was run by an acquiescence of mine. I had the idea that Twilight must have gotten the idea to experiment on ponies from *somewhere*... It would be interesting if there was a Skull and Bones style secret society in the higher echelons of the School For Gifted Unicorns That weren't above vivisecting less gifted ponies... purely for educational purposes, of course! :twilightsheepish:

thank you for the kind words and praise. I really did have a lot of fun with this story. It was something of a guilty pleasure. If you do go crazy one day, and it's because of me, do let everyone know! :pinkiecrazy:

7379263 Thanks for the info! So much evil in one story...keep u the good work!! X)


I thought the reference to it being a wonder his number never came up was a reference to Cupcakes, not Cheerilee's Garden

7504584 That was *another* reference as well, though obviously didn't go into detail on that one. I figured it was pretty obvious.

This story is similar to Rainbow Factory in that there's an extra layer of existential horror at the revelation about the world the character lives in; a healthy serving of science fiction dystopia as an extra layer atop the typical horror, mirroring our own society through a grotesque and distorted lens that exaggerates common indifference.

Due to the setting and characters that become involved, My Little Pony horror fiction often has a little something extra going on; a sense of betrayal by those you thought you could trust most. Not to mention the extra blood lust and hopelessness that's popular with the genre, and the extra violation of innocence that comes with the territory.

It seems like MLP horror often treads through a dark forest between normal horror and H.P. Lovecraft, where normal horror is isolated incidents of supernatural mayhem and stranger danger in comparison. As scary as it might be, it's still so often just something scary that might come from "out there" or might happen on a camp ground or in an old house or the wrong part of Texas, or if you buy the wrong Good Guy doll.

MLP horror stories, instead, imply there's something deeply wrong with the world around you, with the innocence you believe exists in the everyday. It's not just one Good Guy doll in circulation with blood on it, it's all of them. It's not body snatchers or The Thing that can replace your loved ones, or a zombie virus that can change them, they could already have your number in a raffle somewhere for your turn in their torture dungeon.

MLP grimdark isn't just where innocence goes to die, it's where it goes to get knackered and turned into something else entirely.

7504651 Well said!

I think if I ever do any published works, I may use part of this as the foreword. :pinkiehappy:

7504846 Thank you!

I was actually thinking about this more today and wanted to add to my comment;

This theme of systemic horrors seems to fit with our time. We're in a time where we're more aware of what goes into our food and clothing (From health concerns to animal cruelty/environmental destruction to child labor), where we're aware that religious leaders from the catholic church to Mother Theresa as well as our government and justice system has systemic problems or dark secrets. We're increasingly aware of how corporate interests and social prejudice influence everything from which movies get awards to which medicines are given to the sick.

Like one of those undercover videos of a factory farm; popular grimdark go into the horrors of factories or food processing, but combined with historical horrors that have ingrained in our psyche like the holocaust (Rainbow Factory) or Ed Gein or torture (Cupcakes).

The past had a gallery of fears about the other, the new and the impending.

The information age has shocked us with what we already are.

This story makes me feel bad. This guy is far from being my favorite pony but damn, son. At the same time I hope someone narrates this one day.

YAY! MORE CANDY! i LOVED something sweet to bite! i even came up with my own continuation of the nightmare night rhyme before i heard the actual one it went: "nightmare night! what a fright! give me something sweet to bite! not to old, not to fresh, just a piece of your. soft... FLESH!"

I kinda want to try and draw Pa's face from that description. But I feel I lack the talent for it.:ajsleepy: but that was a good story!

This reminds me of Resident Evil 7

Something that had been bugging me, is the whole building Mama now? She died as a mortal but possessed the Knackeryard?

"We-we was jus' doin' what ya asked us to Pa. Honest," said the hulking green stallion, 'Nuke' apparently, "Bubba jus' wanted ta stop and get some more twine for his arts and crafts. We woulda been back on time if it weren't for that."


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