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Lately Fluttershy has been acting strange. She doesn't seem to be eating properly and whenever she does eat she still feels hungry. She's also been having frequent dizzy spells and her friends are starting to notice her odd behavior. Then suddenly in one night two ponies are rushed to the Ponyville Medical Center. What has befallen Ponyville and what are these strange sightings other ponies have been reporting in the dead of night?

Special thanks to aFluffyGuy for proofreading this story for me. :twilightsmile:

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I want TO READ SOOOOO Baddd!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

UUUUUU NEED TO CONTIUE THIA ITS BEUTIFUL!!!!!!!!I :heart: IT!!!!!I NEED TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENDS NEXT!!!!!:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

All I can say is good job. I'm proud of ya :rainbowkiss:

4334540 couldn't have done it without you help. ^-^ Thank you.

4334943 Glad to help, it's great you can commit, I can't even write for about ten minutes without procrastinating.


But as Fluttershy made her way to the kitchen, she caught a glimpse of herself in a nearby mirror. Everything looked normal, except that now her eyes were glowing crimson as her hunger resurfaced.


Mama’s defiantly gotten stronger'

needs to be definitely

Did you see "let the right one in"? This matches in tone. Good chapter :)

4799406 Thank you. :twilightsmile:
I haven't heard of that, but after a quick google search I found the trailer. It does fit! :yay:

Based on the description, it sounds like Fluttershy's pregnant. :ajsmug:

4865173 lol, didn't think of that. :twilightblush:

Interesting story. Poor Pinkie Pie

5158823 Thank you! ^-^

I also have half of the next chapter for this partly done. Hoping to have it out by Halloween.

You know what, it kinda does! That was also the first thing that came to mind. Then, when I read it,tuberculosis if it weren't for the fact I knew that it was Flutterbat.

:yay: Finally a new chapter :pinkiehappy:

cant wait for the next chapter

Awesome chapter :pinkiehappy:

Interesting that Fluttershy looks kind of like the alicorns or Fluer

6529428 I was kind of going off some vampire lore where when the individual gives in to their vampiric nature, they often are enhanced to some degree in appearance. They usually look mostly the same, but flawless or more attractive or what not. I hope its not a terrible decision. Worse case scenario I can always make it more like a super form.:fluttershysad:

6529521 So being a vampire improves your looks. So is this what you have in mind minus the horn? orig09.deviantart.net/25de/f/2012/329/a/7/alicorn_fluttershy_by_lightningchaser2000-d5m4v2t.png

6529529 pretty much, was thinking something similar to fluer's body type.

6529552 I see. Interesting enough I have an idea of having Flutterbat wishing to become an alicorn in my story

6529556 oh? Interesting. Perhaps I should give it a view make sure I don't copy anything. Great minds think alike I suppose. :twilightsmile:

6529582 Indeed great minds think alike. But my Flutterbat is different from yours since she is not an actual vampire but rather a deformed freak with bat wings and sharp teeth and she was born that way too. It's an Alternate Universe story

6529589 Cool, I'll definitely need to give it a read then!

6529607 Alright. I hope you like it :twilightsmile:

So, basically the end of the chapter is and then they banged?

6530205 Gotta love that vampire charm. :raritywink:

U know Flutters' transformation kinda reminds me of Moka's in t anime version of Rosario Vampire :rainbowhuh: but, otherwise this was pretty interestin' read so far n' I can't wait to see what happens next :yay:

6644836. I'm glad you are enjoying it. :twilightsmile:

Yep, it's pretty frickin' sweet so far n' again can't wait til u post t next chapter eventually :pinkiehappy:

Of course Pinkie has split-personality... and it's ,as I can tell a dark crazy killer personality, so.... WHO CAN GUESS WHO'S THEIR CRUSHES ARE?!?! xD

6965074 I had always been a fan of that fanon. However, just because she's grim and somber, does not necessarily mean she'll be a blood thirsty psychopath. One crush may be obvious, but the other might be a surprise.

After all, in order to entertain its best to attempt to avoid overused cliches. (with the exception of mpd pinkie. It seems almost like it should be cannon IMO)

6965125 I must of read too many books, when I hear the Happy-all-the-time person has a split-pesonality it's always a psychopathic killer.... and if I had to guess the two crushes I would guess Pinkie's is Fluttershy (yes she did have super-sexy-fun-time with her but I think that was FlutterBat) and for inner-Pinkie it's... Luna!!! xD I kid, I kid (or am I:trixieshiftright:) I don't know who's Inner-Pinkie crush is.... Maybe Rainbow Dash?

6965135 close, but a little mixed up. I'd say, but I don't wanna give out spoilers. :ajsmug:

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